1. Geck0

    Open Beyond the Ark

    A science fantasy set within a boat-shaped construct of cosmic proportions, Beyond the Ark features ubiquitous hard magic, the understanding of which has received centuries of scientific research and now has space-age application; with body modification and space-ready vessels being a readily...
  2. Alissa Ming

    Land of the Three Worlds

    Welcome to Mobius, land of myth and legend, fun and danger. The world is full of toils and trouble, fear and hatred, chaos and hurt. But it is also a place of love and courage, friendship and loyalty. But it isn't the only world with all these elements. There are so many places to explore and...
  3. Saarai

    Cassandra and The Liars: A Post-Apocalyptic Epic

    A Mysterious Letter No one knows the details behind the war that lead to the end of the world, they just know that this is the world now. Some say the Gods came down and fought alongside their chosen followers. Others say there were no Gods, that we're just trying to justify dooming our own...
  4. Neko Shogun

    Shattered Kingdom; A Tale of Two Worlds

    Shattered Kingdom; A Tale of Two Worlds A 1x1 between @Klutzy Ninja Kitty and @Pretentious Pineapple
  5. Lazzamore

    Looking for players for Ages Eternal (again)

    Hello all! I always felt bad that - although I was given dedicated forum space with no questions asked - I was never able to keep Ages Eternal running. I have decided that it makes no sense to have space on this fine site that does nothing, and that I want to revive Ages Eternal. Ages Eternal...
  6. Sean E.

    Legends of Eberron

    Khorvaire, a continent rich with resources, nations, and magic. Cities with towers soaring in the sky dot the horizon as a lightning rail car zooms past, electricity zapping everywhere. Flying fortresses slowly travel in the sky, casting massive shadows on the land below. Elemental-powered...
  7. Otomos the Crazy

    Otomos' Picture Book of Characters

    The Real Name: Mauricio Episcopo Alias(es): The Driver Allegiance: False Face Society (Black Mask) Sex: Male Race: Human Age: 42 Height: 5'9" Weight: 219 lbs. Appearance: He has the look of a middle-aged man, but can look intimidating as well. Wearing a suit is not necessary, but he usually...
  8. Lazzamore

    [Epic] Ages Eternal - Transient RP - Interest Check

    Hello all, new idea now, just wanting to see if I could drum up at least five people interested again. The Gist I call it a 'Transient' rp because the Nature of it is that it will span over long periods of time. Rather then grow out, we will attempt to follow a single planets history from start...
  9. Lazzamore

    [Warhammer 40K] Atlantis 40,000 - Interest Check

    I have an idea for a 40k Epic RP, but I need to gauge interest before I pursue it. I will need atleast five active people, not just because that's the minimum for starting an Epic, but because the idea requires that or more to work. Basic Idea More or less, the basic premise of the game is...
  10. Saarai

    Gods Among Men

    "These people, these superheroes, are exactly who we needed to defend our weak and innocent from the terrors that this world and the universe at large will throw at us. Superman is our Hercules, Batman is our Odysseus. They're legendary, larger-than-life, and they are the defenders of our...