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  1. Lazzamore

    Interest Check Heroes of Adma - Fantasy Nation Build

    Heroes of Adma The Gist Today and yesterday I have been receiving a surprising amount of interest for Powerbolt, an RP I thought surely would never take off. So sure was I, that I went on to pitch several other RPs, and lastly I have this one for those interest in Powerbolt – since I sort of...
  2. Lazzamore

    Saving the Fringe

    The sun rose over the Western Fringe. It was autumn, and a chill in the air traveled all the way from Frostpale just to greet the people who dwelt here, from Sunu-Ra all the way to New Korum. Wanderers were they, and it seemed not a one would admit to being at all lost. A lot of glory was to be...
  3. The King Of Rats

    The Wider Galaxy Faction Sheet

    Faction name- Flag- Motto- Currency- Military- Method of space transport- yes iv nicked this from stellaris, this can be left blank if you wish to be discovered Warp Ships equipped with a warp drive are capable of traveling faster than light by creating a subspace "bubble" around the ship...
  4. MossbergShotty

    General (OOC) discussion "Lost Continent" Rp

    Alright, this thread will serve as our thread for talking rules, story, ideas, or anything RP related. While I do have my vision for this RP if you see issue or feel something needs changing or if you just have some interesting ideas, I'd really like to hear them. I would like this RP to be...