fairy tales

  1. KJDarKnight

    Open KJ's searching for partners

    I apologize in advance. I am clearly new to this site. It always takes me a bit to adjust to a new RP site so please bare with me as I learn. That being said, let me tell you a little about me as a writer. Story telling has been my passion since I could speak and I have been writing since I...
  2. Yun Lee

    Illusion Happily Never After

    Sign-ups can be found here. Prologue "Once Upon a Time..." --- She said this will help. She said this can help. But I don't believe her. She knows how to stop this. She says she can stop this. But I can't believe her. The risks are too high, I say. The danger is too great, I say. You...
  3. Yun Lee

    Happily Never After

    What would you do if your entire life was already decided from birth? If you were born to fulfill a role in a story, even if it gave you an unhappy ending? Would you follow the path you were given without question, staying true to your heritage? Or would you try and fight your fate, make your...