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    Intro Once upon a time… Sorry, but if you were expecting this fairytale to begin that way, you might want to find yourself another story. This will be a story of intrigue and adventure; a story of magic, dragons, chivalrous heroes, and tyrannical monarchs. A story of heartbreak and struggle...
  2. T

    Lost Mines of Phandelver Meta/Rules/OOC Discussion

    Ok. If you didn't see the rules on the character sheet forum, here they are again. 1. Absolutely NO rape or sexual assault of any kind. If this happens, you will be kicked from the game without a warning. 2. No NSFW content of any kind. I don't care if two characters end up sleeping with each...
  3. T

    Lost Mines of Phandelver Sign-Ups/OOC Discussion

    So I am looking for players here. This is the official sign up. 4-5 players would be best, but I am going to allow up to 6 at most
  4. Lord_Deathstalker

    Ivory Citadel OOC Chat.

    Should be self explanatory what this is for.
  5. Lord_Deathstalker

    Ivory Citadel Wiki

    The Races Human The normal people of the realm. And the most numerous, while magic does flow through their veins like all the races they are not known for their mastery of the craft. Elves The most long-lived of all the races they are bound by laws of magic to never speak falsely. More Fair...
  6. Otomos the Crazy

    The Merged (OOC/Discussion/Character Creation)

    There used to be many different pantheons. The Greeks. The Romans. The Egyptians. The Norse. The Aztec. The Hindu. The Japanese. And many more. Now, with the peace created between them, there is a new pantheon. The Merged. For many years, the gods and deities of myth and legends were...
  7. Nilum

    The Legend of Renalta (OOC/Sign-Ups)

    Status: Full and started. (14/12 Player Slots taken.) (Player Slots do not equate to number of characters.) (Preference will be given to older players.) The IC can be found here! Chapter 1: The Premise Come one, come all, for you are about to hear of a tale, passed through the ages, spoken...
  8. Tiko

    Darkness Resurgent

    A band of retired heroes and veterans take to the saddle once more as the ghosts of their past come back to haunt them. Note: Darkness Resurgent isn't currently accepting new players. We may be opening this to roleplay to new players in the future, but due to time-constraints of current players...
  9. Tiko

    Tapestry of the Ages

    The world is an intricate tapestry of pure artistry, beyond the scope of mortal imagination or comprehension. Each soul needs to be carefully nurtured and incubated before being reborn to the world. Each one requires generations of planning to ensure they grow into their destinies at the proper...
  10. Kadaeux

    Overlords and Guardians: OOC Thread and Signup.

    Welcome supplicant. Welcome to the world of Kroniki Arkadyiskis. If you are here you are one of the chosen, selected by the fates since time immemorial to renew the struggle between good and evil, the rise of the Guardians who protect the world and the good folk within it heroically...