1. Genii

    New User Hi everyone

    Hi everyone, my name is Jenny and I’m looking to get back into role playing after a long break. :emoji_grin: I really enjoy high fantasy (dark too) and magic themed RPs, with lots of character development, danger, mystery and adventure. Usually with a medieval type setting/world. Fighting to...
  2. AngeliMika

    Dance Between the Tulips | IC | AngeliMika & BlabbingGirl

    Dance Between the Tulips @AngeliMika & @BlabbingGirl HONK! Geese were like an alarm system for Rin at this point. Lifting her head up from her desk, she flicked her braid off of her shoulder sleepily. She glanced to her window briefly before flexing her wings. The geese were early today, she...
  3. AngeliMika

    Don't Let Them Fall | IC | AngeliMika & Xx MoonLight xX

    Don't Let Them Fall @AngeliMika & @Xx MoonLight xX Muffled hip-hop music and the sound of high heels clicking followed Avaline out of the strip club. Eyes low to the ground, she leaned against a wall and took a large drink from a flask she'd snuck in one way or another. What would she do...
  4. Lucky

    Open Starlight City

    Starlight City. That's it. Not Starlight Kingdom. That one is for the history books. Located on an island roughly twice the size of the combined mass of the Hawaiian islands at a halfway point between the east coast of the USA and the UK. In ancient times, it was called Atlantis. Now, it's got...
  5. Verbalim

    The nameless swordsman and the renowned warrior

    Nagushi Chiyoko "Seriously Chiyo?" groaned her younger self in the male version and less aggressive. Hiroji had always been enjoying her fights, and she knew this one was kind of feeble. Her opponent was not the best, slow and heavy. She had knocked him out with mere three steps. "Yes, I am...
  6. pandakatiefominz

    Open It's a Group Hang, a Group Hang

    Greetings, Landstrider! I want to to a slice of life story, but I find slice of life extremely difficult to begin and keep moving if it's more than a single scene, because I don't know about you, in real life if I meet somebody and talk to them at a coffee shop or out on the street, I never...
  7. Comet

    Open Looking for partner for roleplays

    About me: -I am online...A LOT. I am on almost every hour of the day, but my replies tend to be posted after dinner, 5:30. At a max I will reply after two days. If the time will be longer than that I will let you know. -My replies can be many lengths. If you enjoy writing shorter responses, such...
  8. MysticMallow

    Interest Check The Cardinal Heroes (Fantasy/Action plot idea)

    Hi to you, the person reading this!! I have had an idea for what I think will be a fun roleplay >w< though... the idea is quite generic XD so please yell at me if there is already a roleplay similar to this so I can change it up to make it more original or... just not do it. Anyways! Please let...
  9. pandakatiefominz

    Interest Check A RP a Day Keeps the Big Sad Away!

    Alright, hens, raise your hand if you're like me and your mental health is not in a good place right now. I feel you, I'm right there with you. When I'm at a point like that, which I am, I like to distract myself through Role Play, because it gives me the chance to be someone else for a little...
  10. Lazzamore

    Chronicle of the Void

    There was a time when no one knew the stars were so far away. No one knew they were host to planets not unlike yours. Certainly no one knew they would be such a vast frontier of adventure... Even still, their was never a time when society was not entranced by the night sky. As long as society...
  11. Knosis

    Private The Truth of Life Everlasting

    The country side stinks of cows, horses, farm equipment, and factory smoke. The long road leads to the city of over crowded populations, angry men, and depressed young people not sure where to find their next job. At night, the city lights up with the clubs and night life, as well as the...
  12. Lazzamore

    Heroes of Adma [sign-ups, ooc]

    So, here we will post our nations sheets for Heroes of Adma. I have a huge dump of lore on the Bulletin Board. If you like what you see below and aren't already in on it, feel free to check out the post. If you have any questions related to the Roleplay as it happens, post those here too. The...
  13. Lazzamore

    Open The Questor's Guild - Now Hiring!

    Hey guys! Here's an RP I'd like to start, but we need another player to get it off the ground, as I'd like to make it a multi-thread group RP. The Gist The Questor's Guild is a small company of merchants, adventurers and junk collectors located in the city of Sigil, from the Planscape D&D...
  14. Rudipatooty

    Romance of the White Rose

    In the days before the sun was set in its throne and the moon in its banishment, there was nought. No above, no below. The cosmos was endless and empty, devoid of light and life. The nothingness was eternal, extending into the past and future, wrapping all in its timelessness. And from the...
  15. Mai_able

    Blinded Rejection

    Blinded Trigger Warning If scenes or mentions of abuse cause you to trigger emotionally this is not the roleplay for you. And I politely ask that you Do not continue for the safety of your health. (if you need me to send you the clear picture please let me know) Name: Ayame Lupita Ruelle...
  16. Lazzamore

    A Cage of Open Doors [Sign-ups + OOC]

    Our Sign up page for this RP. I will keep a character directory here shortly, and the template sheet which I have written. A Cage of Open Doors is a Free Form RP of average lifestyles in the dangerous and fantastical city of Sigil, of Planescape Fame. I did not invent Sigil, so if you wish to...
  17. pandakatiefominz

    Full What treasure is hidden within?

    Some of you may have seen my post called something like, "Stranded in an enchanted forest." It followed two of my most played characters: they got lost, found themselves lost inside of a forest, and needed help. This is a variation on that theme. Instead of being stranded, however, it's a...
  18. Lazzamore

    Interest Check A Cage of Open Doors: a Fantastical D&D-based RP with a focus on realistic characters

    A Cage of Open Doors The Gist Hello again! New idea, same routine. I have one friend who already told me they were willing to give this a shot. I really only need one other player to pull this one off, but if it takes off I’ll go as high as taking three of you (making the group count five). A...
  19. Knosis

    The Forgotten Ring

    Ruins from an 'incident' several years ago. No one likes talking about what happened here, and the government has not issued clean up to the area yet. A few buildings still stand, although mostly boarded up and ransacked. Great place to lay low for a small time.
  20. Knosis

    Secondary & Third Rings

    The Secondary Ring is more commonly known as the shopping district. Everything can be found here. The Third Ring is the civilian residential area.