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  1. Machina Somnium

    Closed Old West RP (RED DEAD REDEMPTION2 inspired)

    Hi!, I've recently been playing the videogame Red Dead Redemption 2 and fallen in love with its general concept and idea. I'd like to do a roleplay in the game's setting or similar, a bit earlier so it's not the actual end of the old west era. It doesn't matter if you haven't played this game or...
  2. RebornRainbow

    Relic Chronicles: A World of Creation

    You feel like your floating, but not as if your roaring through the air, or dancing on the winds as they rush against massive buildings made of gemstones and earth. No, its more as if you have nothing around you; not wind nor earth, you cant appear to even feel the presence of time. You try to...
  3. RebornRainbow

    Season two: Los' Worlds

    Premise: The year is 3087. Virtual reality video games have finally hit their climax; and Los Worlds knows that. The newest game of virtual reality has finally allowed the players almost complete freedom. With a world of six continents; and billions of skills, spells and other forms of passive...
  4. Mira_Barnes

    GAME: On your left.

    Soooooo. I don't know if anyone got that refrence... "on your left." It's from Captain America: Winter Soilder. It was in the begining when Steve and Sam were running and steve kept passing sam saying, "On your left." lol.... just had to point that out. But. lets get back to explaining. On...
  5. Kiki Zapatos

    A Pre - School Roleplay

    Wanna be a little kid and play with other tiny humans? Roleplay here! I will be Teacher but I'll neeed a TA and students. Anyone interested? Character sheets only need: Name, Age, Personality, Appearance, Likes and Dislikes, and perhaps some Trivia. So what are you waiting for? Rules: No...
  6. Machina Somnium

    Monster Camp 2.0

    This roleplay would tell the story of some unsuspecting kids, ages from 12 to 16, who are sent to a Summer camp by their parents to spend there the whole summer among friends!, Some of them might've been coming for a few years already and know each other. The summer camp will have plenty of...
  7. link8304

    New User A Wild Roleplayer appears!

    Helloooo, my name is Link. I'm a literate, if silly, roleplayer that joined this site in search of fun roleplays to pass my time. IDK what else I can put here, really. My RP Interests: - Most Video Game Roleplays - Fantasy/RPG Roleplays - Post-Apocalypse Roleplays
  8. Constance Ardeth

    Tell Me Music You Like, and I'll Guess What Decade You Were Born In!

    We'll see how well I do!
  9. Constance Ardeth

    Ask Me Anything

    Come at me bros!
  10. Caw-caw man

    Character Meet Club (=0w0=) <3

    SO then, we all know that every good story needs a protagonist, and an antagonist, but what if we wanted to compare them? well, so thats why i am here~! ive always had the troubles of not really having someone to talk to about character ideas, so if you feel up to it, you can come on here and...
  11. LadyAwesome

    New User New to the site, not to RPing. Searching for partners!!!

    Hello one and all! I am brand new to this site, but I have been RPing for years! I am currently searching for new, LITERATE to SEMI-LITERATE, RP partners. I expect 5-6 lines a post (but feel free to post longer!), as I will do the same, with correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. though I...
  12. Rachel Rider

    The official Smol Snuggle Turtle page!

    This is a place where everyone can come and post about troubles and a certified smol snuggle buddy will help you! As of now, there is only one certified smol snuggle buddy, me. If you want to apply to be a smol snuggle buddy please contact me! All smol snuggle buddies will be listed on a tab as...
  13. Gypsy

    The worst genie ever

    So the game goes like this. You make a wish. The next poster grants it but in a way you didn't really want. Then they post their wish and it continues. Example: I wish for a million dollars :) Next poster: Granted, a million dollars in monopoly money. I wish for tacos...
  14. Tamara


    Hey folks, I'm going to start a small game of Mafia! If it goes well, I'll think of some more roles for future games so more people can play at a time. Here's how it works: There are two groups- Mafia and Civilian. The Mafia tries to kill everyone before the Inspector figures out who they are...
  15. Drakel

    The Ban Game

    Everyone knows this game rather well and probably played it many times before with others. The whole point is that you ban the person who posted above you for silly reasons. Whatever reason you can think of, you get to 'ban' them for it. For Example: Person 1: I ban @Drakel for being a dragon...