1. Sark

    Side Story V: The Great Crusade

    PROLOGUE: The Shadow of War War: The First Crusade// Battle: The Battle for Minas Morgul Mercy. By the grace of the Matati, you and your people were rescued from oblivion. He came you as your world crumbled. He offered you a second chance. A second home. You took it. With his support, your city...
  2. Sark

    Side Story V: THE GREAT CRUSADE [Sign Ups]

    V The Great Crusade Crusaders of the Arena I found the Crown of France lying in the Gutter... and I picked it up- Napoleon Bonaparte , 1804 The Sun sets upon all Empires. Egypt. Rome. Mongolia. France. Britain. Where are they now? Their dreams of conquest are as dead as their Great Kings. All...
  3. Sark

    Side Story The Goddess II: Fate of the Old Gods

    PRELUDE The War we're fighting? It's been going on for a while. Longer than any of us would care to admit. Some say it started with the Battle for the Tomb, the last Battle in the Godless War. Some say it started with the Blackheart and the Attack on the Citadel. But I know the truth. It started...
  4. Sark

    The Goddess Act II: Fate of the Old Gods [Sign-Ups]

    The Goddess Act II- Emerald Noon FATE OF THE OLD GODS The War for the Fellowship is over! The Secularists have been eradicated and the Goddess Reigns supreme! From the Ashes of the Fellowship, the Emerald Empire rises! Empowered by the Goddess, oppressed peoples across the multiverse are...