horror role-play

  1. Rae

    Open ~ The House of Cards Circus ~

    "Come one, come all!" "Come visit where all your wildest dreams may come true!" "Come see the magical House of Cards Circus!" "Be wary..." "For if you come see what wonders we have to offer..." "Come closer lost soul, would you like to join our Circus?" "I'm sure the ring master would...
  2. Minerva

    Open The Apocryphon of Saint Eadwald

    And the Angel pointed his sword towards the tree, which grew in the heart of the wasteland. “See that which still blooms even surrounded by death? That is the sign of The Lord’s covenant to establish a New Jerusalem.” — Apocryphon of Eadwald 5:18 This is intended to be a Cosmic Horror RP set...
  3. Capri

    Non-Canon (Sign Ups)Illusion VIII: Let’s Hit the Climax!

    ILLUSION: LET’S HIT THE CLIMAX! You are a skilled dancer, who was just recently accepted to join a well-renound dance troupe in France. You have devoted nearly your entire life to dancing, it’s your passion. You can never live without it. However, someone had spiked the sangria at the...
  4. Face Nemesis

    No Escape (OOC Thread)

    The local hospital in the small town of Green Pines, Kansas, is suddenly turned into the stage for a bloodbath organized by a twisted cult. A group of teenagers all visit the hospital to check in on a recently injured friend, unknowing of the events that are about to transpire. Now, as screams...
  5. Kian

    Disregard - Underdeveloped and abandoned.

    The prison was silent. Of the three thousand inmates and guards, only those in Cell Block D awoke to the sound of a single piercing yelp echoing through the halls before nothingness resounded through. The cells of the prisoners were left charred black whilst frozen body parts were scattered...