1. Sark

    Assassin's Creed: Succession [Illusion Sign-Ups]

    ASSASSIN'S CREED: SUCCESSION SYNOPSIS January 1st, 2020 A.D., London The European Assassins' Brotherhood has been eradicated. The Bloodlines of the Sages have been erased. Order has been brought to a chaotic world. The Templar Order Rules supreme. Although the Assassins are dead, their...
  2. Capri

    Non-Canon (Sign Ups)Illusion VIII: Let’s Hit the Climax!

    ILLUSION: LET’S HIT THE CLIMAX! You are a skilled dancer, who was just recently accepted to join a well-renound dance troupe in France. You have devoted nearly your entire life to dancing, it’s your passion. You can never live without it. However, someone had spiked the sangria at the...
  3. Sark

    Non-Canon Battle Revolution

    Prologue "To Be A Master" ****** "Skill and Spiritt… Reflect upon what it is that you lack and this child has.... Admit Defeat and Confer..." ~The Master of the Dragon Clan ***** "This is it, ladies and gentlemen!" The announcer screamed over the roar of the stadium. "The final bout of our...
  4. Minerva

    Non-Canon True Goddess Metempsychosis

    It came to you in your dreams. A recurring dream that you had, a woman dressed in white, reaching her hand out towards you from a black void and calling your name. The city, on fire, covered in darkness. You were surrounded by people you had never seen before. The sound of sirens went off in...
  5. Yun Lee

    Illusion Happily Never After

    Sign-ups can be found here. Prologue "Once Upon a Time..." --- She said this will help. She said this can help. But I don't believe her. She knows how to stop this. She says she can stop this. But I can't believe her. The risks are too high, I say. The danger is too great, I say. You...
  6. Jeremi

    Illusion Prisoners of Hogwarts

    Prologue - Inscription September 1st, 2002 The train ride had been uneventful, other than of course the usual meet and greet after a long Summer. As the students started to pour out at Hogsmeade station a sense of excitement was in the air, one could almost see the sparks flaring. The...
  7. Jeremi

    Prisoners of Hogwarts (A Harry Potter inspired rp)

    Premise It has been two years since the battle of Hogwarts and Voldemort’s demise at the hand of the brazen Harry Potter and yet another year where Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry opens its doors to old and new students alike! The new students do not have much time to see the...
  8. Kin no Keifu

    Entfliehen [1/8]

    There's an utopia in the future. There's a dystopia. And finding out which is which may be harder than you think. Some people, special people, are invited into a world where their heart's greatest desires are real. It's a prototype, a first try, but it's a hope anyway, and it's got people...