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  1. Atomic Knight

    [OOC] Side Story and 1x1 Plotting and Coordination

    If you want to start up some kind of RP in the Convergence universe but aren't sure who to ask or where to start, toss your idea into this thread so others can see and pitch in. Think of it almost as an Interest Check thread.
  2. Atomic Knight

    Quick and breezy FAQ to get you started

    Wait a second, where do I post? Convergence is a fandom multiverse that allows for expansion and formation by its player base. Semi-Monthly events that function as group roleplays are hosted within the In-Character Forums. The genre and style of these events vary, but they usually add to an...
  3. Atomic Knight

    Timeline of Events

    Events are listed chronologically in the order that they occurred in-universe. Events separated by | occur relatively at the same time. The Dawn of Reality The multiverse, once comprised of pure chaos, is put into balance upon the forming of the Great Spirits and the creation of the seal...
  4. Atomic Knight

    Hot Spots Plotting and Coordination

    This thread will be for the plotting out with other players what your characters could get up to in any of the sandbox/Hot Spot threads. Feel free to offer your character up for interaction and see who bites. In addition, you can plan out mini-plots where players can run more long-form or...
  5. Atomic Knight

    Main Event/General Roleplay Ideas

    Here we encourage creativity and want our members to pitch in ideas so that we can have fun! If you have any interest in GMing your own roleplay, and would like to have your idea heard, go ahead and tell it to us here! * Please see this document if you wish to submit a Main Event to GM. Also...
  6. Atomic Knight

    Ragnarok Character Directory and FAQ

    Please post a character sheet here before hopping into Ragnarok. You do not need any GM to approve your character before you begin posting! : ) Though Ragnarok is part of a crossover fandom universe, original characters can be played. Original characters can either be from a universe of the...
  7. Atomic Knight

    General Hot Spots Rules and FAQ

    What kind of characters can be played? Tons. Convergence is intended to be a crossover fandom roleplay, but both fandom and original characters can be played. Fandom characters include any character depicted in a publicly established work, including novels, graphic novels, web comics, web shows...
  8. Aman

    Deleted from Directory

    ☪ ☀ The City of the Damned – Abaddon ☀ ☪ IC Forum <><><><><><> <><><><><><> Approximately 634 years ago, around 2 centuries after the rise of New Eden, the Daemon's Cradle was discovered by The Envoys and Abaddon was built. The three Daemon Lords constructed the city in the wastelands of...
  9. A

    So... Here I am..

    Well.. Greetings. Let me introduce myself. My name is Anarien (I'm a guy, just for you to know.. the name is a little tricky) and I love roleplaying (obviously i guess.. I mean that's why I'm here) but i personally love the GM-DM roleplaying style. I tend to usually take the role of the main...