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  1. Atomic Knight

    School of Power | In-Character

    OOC thread here. Character Directory here. Tuesday, October 14, 2042 Ever since Arthur Gray’s School of Power began to usher out graduates, it has worked closely with the New Guard, a Seattle-based and government-sponsored superhero group, in order to train promising students to be defenders...
  2. Atomic Knight

    Open School of Power | You Guessed It, A Super Power School RP

    This RP will be starting on the 27th! Welcome to the Out-Of-Character thread for “School of Power,” an RP set in an academy dedicated to teaching students who have superpowers. In this RP, players will be making students who are in their final year at this school. Much of the focus will be on...
  3. pandakatiefominz

    Open It's a Group Hang, a Group Hang

    Greetings, Landstrider! I want to to a slice of life story, but I find slice of life extremely difficult to begin and keep moving if it's more than a single scene, because I don't know about you, in real life if I meet somebody and talk to them at a coffee shop or out on the street, I never...