1. Lazzamore

    [OOC] Magic and Religion

    There has been a lot of questions thrown about as to terms and how Magic actually works in Ages Eternal. Hopefully this thread will solve any confusion that may have cropped up. 'Magic' is always a divine gift from more powerful entities; It comes in two forms, Traditional Magic and Gifted...
  2. Lazzamore

    [Lore] Available Races

    This thread's purpose is to be an easy list of Races available for playing as in Legends Eternal Threads, and all you might need to know about playing them. Table of Contents: Dragons Dru'dar Dwarves Fae Golems Hellions Humans Kobolds Orcs People of Lead Quash Sirens
  3. OmegaRai


    The Story will begin within the Sunfire tree within the land of Vrondi. The day was late, the sun was merely a few hours away from the horizon. The air was fresh for within the giant tree that made the city the cieling resembled the sky, though most knew it was an illusion, however it was a...
  4. Lazzamore

    [OOC] Global Lore

    Here is a page compilation of Lore of the world. Any Lore based questions should be asked here. Races: Quash Kobolds People of Lead Orcs Dru'dar Humans Fae Hellions Dragons Golems [/spoiler] Pantheons: Quash Pantheon M'jhudhu's pantheon Dus-Gali Faith Human Faiths...
  5. Lazzamore

    [OOC] Ages Eternal - Lore

    As we build the world IC, we can record our creations/antics on this thread here. I'll also use it to keep a world snapshot description. --- The World is coming to age. With the blessing of the Allfather himself, the world is now host to many new creatures and plants, including Human beings...
  6. Horicabu

    Manifold - Character storage

    Hello! This is where characters will be posted (as to keep the peace in the main thread). Fill out the sheet and post below. I look forward to roleplaying with you all! Link to the original post is here. - ☀ - Character sheet template: Name: Gender: Age: Axis: Fae/Homuncule Biography...
  7. Horicabu

    Manifold (DED)

    NOT OPEN! Currently running! Session one is in motion. See the Character Sheet Repository to sign up in advance. The official post-by-post thread is up, and can be found here. - ☀ - Upon a starless horizon, far stranger places lie unseen. Here begins the lonely expedition of a small group...
  8. MissMudkip


    The Story It is said that good intentions can pave the road to hell. In a small cancer research center just outside Munich, Germany experiments were underway for a new cure for an aggressive form of brain cancer. So far the formula was proving to be a success. The test on mice came back...
  9. Lazzamore

    [Old] Ages Eternal - Lore - Obsolete

    Snapshot: The air has separated, thanks to Rasti, who dwells in northern rock-outcroppings. A singing wind travels the blue sky, heralding a new era. To the east, forests are formed. The first plantlife has been cultivated by Vanos. Raxis has lifted floating islands as Roosts for his dragon...