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low fantasy

  1. CelvestianNesy

    INT-CHECK: Looking for roleplayers!

    Hello people! How are you? You guys are great and I am here to offer you some nice plots. So what am I? I'm a 14 year old kid that comes from Sweden! A convinient place. So what am I here for? Well I am here for any genre honestly. But the specific genre I am here to share are...
  2. Knosis

    The World of Equinox - Fantasy RP Recruitment Thread

    Welcome to the world of Equinox. In this world of strife between man, there are other darker complications that go unnoticed by common folk. The magic of the world is fading at an alarming rate, creatures that require the mana to live are disappearing, and only those who are sensitive to the...
  3. Enki

    The rant stands tight; Looking for rpers of varying qualities.

    I'll keep this short. I am looking for rpers that can write from one paragraph to 3 or 4 paragraphs per reply. I can rp as males, females, you name it. I am interested in rps where the main plot revolves around either a grand plot or a meager slice-of-life. I am fine with doing small group chats...
  4. thespacekid

    Ceris - A Nationbuilding RP (OOC)

    Lore In the beginning, the first few tribes fought fierce wars and established what resembled kingdoms. Constantly warring against each other, fighting off barbarians, struggling with internal conflict, these early kingdoms started collapsing. This was until a young prince from the...
  5. Lord_Deathstalker

    The Sin's Of Sandora

    Welcome to Sandora, Sandora is a large city that hugs the coast and few islands like a passionate lover. In the city, you can find just about anything if you know the right back alley. And it is here the Thirteen Thief Lords rule the night. Conducting dashing heists and daring assassinations...