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mature themes

  1. Machina Somnium


    Pacifica It was supposed to be a coastal retreat filled with tourist attractions, amusement parks and white sand beaches. That is before the corporations looking to make this dream a reality, pulled their funding during economic hardships. Nomads and Haitians, who had escaped flooding in Haiti...
  2. Machina Somnium

    Santo Domingo

    Santo Domingo One of Night City’s oldest districts, who avoided much of the fallout and damage of the 4th corporate war due to its location. During the crisis it was a provisional camp for Night City citizens and refugees looking for shelter. This population has since been dispersed into the...
  3. Machina Somnium


    Heywood A district with a little taste of everything. The north of Heywood, closest to Corpo Plaza and city centre, features beautiful parks and modern architecture, whilst in the south the slums dominate the landscape with gangs like 6th Street and The Valentinos roaming the area. Heywood is...
  4. Machina Somnium

    City centre

    City Centre Next up we have City Centre, the heart of Night City. This was the site of the seminal event of the 4th corporate war. This led to the destruction of Arasaka Towers, leaving a massive crater in this district. The rebuilding of City Centre has just recently ended with the...
  5. Machina Somnium


    WATSON The district of Watson used to be the go to locale in Night City featuring everything from Nightclubs to skyscrapers, to corporate offices to a top end med center and even the biggest black market in Night City. After the Unification War and the subsequent return of Saburo Arasaka and...
  6. SacredWarrior


    For those who are unaware, there's a petition going around to shut down the popular website PornHub due to them having videos of certain activities and their mistreatment of the victims involved. There's way, way more that goes into this (and the GirlsDoPorn controversy) but for the sake of...
  7. Cornflower Returns

    Open Omegaverse and Vampires

    Just think about it for a second. Just the title. Okay, I’ve had this idea stuck in my head ever since I discovered the universe: what about Alpha/Beta/Omega vampires? And humans too of course. But really. I haven’t fully formed the idea, but I think there’s a lot of discrimination against Omega...
  8. KJDarKnight

    Open KJ's searching for partners

    Ok so about me as an rper Pretty much any genre, the only exceptions being Sci-fi (I just super suck at tech talk to make it realistic), slice of life, Romance (I like it to be there but not the focus, everyone needs some fluff! Just not a lot of it) and angel/demon stuff. I don't do novel...
  9. Cornflower Returns

    Open I Don’t Dance (I Say You Can)

    Hello lovelies! My (user)name is Angel and I’m a roleplayer! I have about a year and a half (almost two years by now) experience of roleplaying and have been writing hardcore for about seven years. I don’t have an age requirement, but anything dark I’d prefer 13+. Anyway, onto my fandoms! Me...
  10. Knosis

    Private The Truth of Life Everlasting

    The country side stinks of cows, horses, farm equipment, and factory smoke. The long road leads to the city of over crowded populations, angry men, and depressed young people not sure where to find their next job. At night, the city lights up with the clubs and night life, as well as the...
  11. Blitz

    Crystal Hollows -main

    The City of Crystal Purge stood like a timeless masterpiece against the cliff edge the water below in the cove gently slapped the cliff side. The city was busy with the daily lives of those who have lived peaceful lives for centuries. The echo of bells sounded the entire city only every so...
  12. Blitz

    Full Crystal Hollows (Mature Themed Roleplay) More opening may happen later

    This Role-play is mature Themed; as it will have hints of death, theft, possibly smoking ,Etc. (Multiple adult themes) Werewolves, Vampires, Witches, Warlocks, demons, and Shifters, are all types of Supernatural or magical beings, They are in reality a minority in this world. This Type of...

    The Mad Man’s Lair

    @Mai_able for you!) Felix was out on the prowl, he’d had to have his big Oaf of a brother come save him from the Chinese government and the worst part was, They killed his last body guard seized his work, and stolen all his assests! Back to square one. The United States were to hot to try and...
  14. Mai_able

    Blinded Rejection

    Blinded Trigger Warning If scenes or mentions of abuse cause you to trigger emotionally this is not the roleplay for you. And I politely ask that you Do not continue for the safety of your health. Name: Ayame Lupita Ruelle Age: 19 Gender: Female Race: Werewolf Eyes: Clear blue, or white...
  15. Saiko

    Open Hell's Finest (Romance, R)

    Ah, yes. Such chaos within Hell. Many sinful souls arriving. Druggies, killers, and seducers (I'm going to avoid that other word because of triggers). But oh, all so boring for old Lucifer. Always wandering when he would be entertained. Until he saw you. Something ached within his chest. Could...
  16. Mai_able

    Blinded Rejection

    Blinded Trigger Warning If scenes or mentions of abuse cause you to trigger emotionally this is not the roleplay for you. And I politely ask that you Do not continue for the safety of your health. (if you need me to send you the clear picture please let me know) Name: Ayame Lupita Ruelle...
  17. Knosis

    The Forgotten Ring

    Ruins from an 'incident' several years ago. No one likes talking about what happened here, and the government has not issued clean up to the area yet. A few buildings still stand, although mostly boarded up and ransacked. Great place to lay low for a small time.
  18. Knosis

    Secondary & Third Rings

    The Secondary Ring is more commonly known as the shopping district. Everything can be found here. The Third Ring is the civilian residential area.
  19. Knosis

    The Inner Circle

    The military and governmental district. In the center, Military Command bustles with activity. Towards the edges are the military apartments for the militants and collared alike. Several research facilities are mixed in, ranging from science, to advancing technology. The area is walled off from...
  20. Knosis

    Character Sheets and Notable NPC's

    This is the area to post your character sheets from now on.