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  1. Knosis

    The Forgotten Ring

    Ruins from an 'incident' several years ago. No one likes talking about what happened here, and the government has not issued clean up to the area yet. A few buildings still stand, although mostly boarded up and ransacked. Great place to lay low for a small time.
  2. Knosis

    Secondary & Third Rings

    The Secondary Ring is more commonly known as the shopping district. Everything can be found here. The Third Ring is the civilian residential area.
  3. Knosis

    The Inner Circle

    The military and governmental district. In the center, Military Command bustles with activity. Towards the edges are the military apartments for the militants and collared alike. Several research facilities are mixed in, ranging from science, to advancing technology. The area is walled off from...
  4. Knosis

    Character Sheets and Notable NPC's

    This is the area to post your character sheets from now on.
  5. Jannistory19

    Silver Linings

    Warning: This Rp will explore Mature themes. Younger audiences are going to be encouraged to keep away from reading this Rp; if you read anyway, be warned - we can't be responsible for what may happen to you if you read. You have been warned. Silver Bay - a city filled with noisy cars, and even...
  6. Bartholomew

    New Here

    Hello, I hope everyone is well. I'm new here and I only wish to dip my toes in before I fully submerge myself into this site. I'm looking for a 1x1 to see what this site has to have offer.I ac his name is Bartholomew, but he is known as The Demon in the Shadows. He's a man with a curse who...
  7. Skagosi

    Our Dead Drink the Sea [1x1]

    ♚ ♚ ♚ NINETEEN (19) ❧ MALE Fourth year racing and has yet to be defeated; rides a dapple gray aughisky named Falcon
  8. Jannistory19

    As the Light Vanishes

    Warning! This Rp is between two people who are older than 18. Mature subjects and language are likely to be seen/mentioned here. Nothing is absolute - anything is possible. If you aren't of age, turn back please. Otherwise, read at your own risk. Thank you :) Sundown. It was always nice to...
  9. Hawke

    Blackhaven: Fractured Faerie Tales

    DISCLAIMER: This RP is an adult RP, there will be some things in it that are not suitable for anyone under 18 (or 21 in some cases)...
  10. Jannistory19

    In the Wake of Giants

    Warning! This Rp is between two people who are older than 18. Mature subjects and language are likely to be seen/mentioned here. Nothing is absolute - anything is possible. If you aren't of age, turn back please. Otherwise, read at your own risk. Thank you :) The bustling dirt roads of...
  11. L

    Distorted Dimensions

    The genre is a blend of sci-fi/sci-fantasy and historical fantasy. The idea is that your character is an operative for a secret UN Research And Bevelopment Agency that detects and repairs anomalies in the time/space continuum . Usually this is is a simple task but it can me more challenging...
  12. L

    VR Goes Live (FXF, MXF)

    Sort of a Princess ant the Pauper kind of RP for our times, or perhaps a bit in the futire, up to you. Vanessa Rayond seems to have it all, her mom is a Governor, her father a doctor. They live in the Governor's mansion and she attends one of the most prestigious prep schools in the...
  13. L

    The Soul Of Vegas: The Western Quadrant

    It's cold. So cold. My denim jacket isn't thick enough to keep the cold from sneaking through the holes in my tee-shirt and brushing against my skin, a caress of ice that wanders wherever it wants chilling my veins with every breath I take. But the I'm used to being touched, being...
  14. L

    Broken Bond: Beauty And The Beast

    Isabelle squinted through the fog on her glasses at the time displayed on her laptop. Almost three in the morning and she was just over halfway done with her online presentation, If it was just displaying her designs and talking about them, she could float through, a butterfly dancing on...
  15. L

    Beauty And The Beasts RP Announcement

    Basically the first take I wanted to do in a series I am planning to call Grimm Fury which eill be takes on the Grimm's (and Other Classic) Fairy Tales. More on that later in a different thread. But for now, in Beauty And The Beasts, Belle's father is compelled to surrender his daughter to...
  16. L

    The Soul Of Vegas

    So I'm new here but I have had this idea burning in my head and need to get it out there. It's still very much in the early devlopment stages and I am looking, in addition to Rpers, for people interested in helping to development and refine the idea. The basic idea is an alternate Earth (or...
  17. hadesthealien

    Hades' Kiddos

    Hello~ This is where I'll be placing all the characters I've made, well, almost all of them. Some of them are just for fun. Just a quick warning, there may be some triggering topics in the backstories of my characters, though I will never go too in depth, mostly mention that it happened and the...
  18. Yun Lee

    Main Event House of M

    (This event was hosted by @Atomic Knight and can be found here.) Prologue "Behind Closed Doors" At a time indeterminate... Blood dripped down on to the stairwell and loud footsteps slammed against the floor. A primal scream of anger rang out as Edmond Honda closed the door. He'd tried to put...
  19. Yun Lee

    Main Event Welcome to Silent Hill

    A Note from the Exporter Hello, Yun Lee here! As I'm sure you've noticed while browsing these archives, we've been slowly transferring over old rps to this site, since this site is our new home. Now, usually I do it in a certain way where it's post by post in order to keep the original feel of...
  20. slade

    They Who Slaughter Kings

    Prologue: A Death in the 'Family' Chapter One: Lysander's Banquet “Master, you must stay here and rest. The ritual saps too much of your strength.” “There is no time. I must gather the ingredients again and get the next teardrop. Plus I have to scout for information.” “Please reconsider I beg...