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medieval fantasy

  1. Hylius

    A hero in despair

    "O Goddess, hear my prayer..." Ares was doing something that he does at least three times every day: praying to the goddess that he worshiped ever since he was just a small child. Having been taught the faith by his parents since he was just a mere boy of three years old, he became a devout...
  2. Exif

    Full Dynasty Roleplay

    Well, I think you know what's been going on in the world lately. Since I am effectively confined to my house for the foreseeable future, I think I'll be open for an additional RP slot. I've been looking to tackle a fantasy roleplay. I wanted to take a common pairing, but give it a little twist...
  3. pandakatiefominz

    The Treasure Within

    "She was off in the town again last night, chatting with the sailors by the docks," An elven woman with tied up, nut-brown hair said, while stirring the pot on the fire. She was only one of seven young women working the small, mostly-empty inn, all talking with each other as they went about...
  4. CelvestianNesy

    INT-CHECK: Looking for roleplayers!

    Hello people! How are you? You guys are great and I am here to offer you some nice plots. So what am I? I'm a 14 year old kid that comes from Sweden! A convinient place. So what am I here for? Well I am here for any genre honestly. But the specific genre I am here to share are...
  5. L

    Beauty And The Beasts RP Announcement

    Basically the first take I wanted to do in a series I am planning to call Grimm Fury which eill be takes on the Grimm's (and Other Classic) Fairy Tales. More on that later in a different thread. But for now, in Beauty And The Beasts, Belle's father is compelled to surrender his daughter to...
  6. Draco Shadowdragon


    The world of Ashogar has broke out into war. The king of Malef attempted to have the king of Eodemari murdered in cold blood, but the attempt failed. The king of Eodemari called for their allies from Ozul and Taret to help him as he declared war on Malef. Malef in response called for their...
  7. slade

    They Who Slaughter Kings

    Prologue: A Death in the 'Family' Chapter One: Lysander's Banquet “Master, you must stay here and rest. The ritual saps too much of your strength.” “There is no time. I must gather the ingredients again and get the next teardrop. Plus I have to scout for information.” “Please reconsider I beg...
  8. slade

    They Who Slaughter Kings OOC

    -Removed for various reasons. Any mods who come across this thread may feel free to delete it-
  9. slade

    (Medieval Fantasy) They Who Slaughter Kings

    Hello everybody I'm putting down an interest check to see if I can drum up interest for an RP I'm putting up in a couple of days. Writing and editing the OOC is just taking that long due to its complexities. It'll definitely be a long OOC to read but I'm going to separate everything into tabs...
  10. Neko Shogun

    Shattered Kingdom; A Tale of Two Worlds

    Shattered Kingdom; A Tale of Two Worlds A 1x1 between @Klutzy Ninja Kitty and @Pretentious Pineapple
  11. Jasonchu

    Tales of Golarion: Westpeak

    Tentatively, I'm putting this up to check interest in running a custom designed d10 system game I made using the world setting of Pathfinder (by Paizo Publishing), but with completely different rules down to fundamental levels. This means experience with Pathfinder has nothing to do with this...
  12. Monochrome

    The Broken Cage [King Lurk & Monochrome]

    [a one on one featuring @King Lurk and @Monochrome] The Story The once-peaceful kingdom of Albion finds itself in turmoil after the death of its king. With no heir in sight except for the late monarch's beloved daughter, plots begin anew and eyes turn towards claiming the throne, and...
  13. Veni-Vidi-Respondi

    The Lost and the Found [1x1 Bonnibel]

    Heavenly Father where are you... They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Esabel of the Rain had taken those steps, for land and liege – for here people. The journey had been long, more than a thousand miles - they never told her it ended in this god forsaken desert...
  14. Lazzamore

    Travelling Swords (IC)

    Stout stone walls surround Tria, the city of scum, both water and carbon-based. Tria was built on the great Porsance Delta, where the river Porsance splits into the Muzzan and Kaval rivers. The fort of the city is built east of the delta, but despite the Olginnian's best efforts, the water has...
  15. Sean E.

    Family or Fealty?

    The blades connected again, ringing out across the small courtyard. Dirt puffed around armored boots as Darian stepped back. His opponent was equally tired, the two having been at the duel for some time. Darian shifted the grip on his sword slightly, Alice following suit, making sure her gear...
  16. A


    NOT OPEN YET The year is 208 a.D. in the Roman Empire. Over two centuries have passed since the first incursions of Gaius Iulius Caesar into the Celtic lands of Britannia, yet peace is far beyond reach for its inhabitants. War has raged over the northern region of the island for almost a...
  17. Therris

    The Mistwraith

    This is just a random snippet of a story I'm writing...hope ya'll like it! They were coming. He could just barely make out the figures through the driving rain. One tall, one fat. They were on horses, hunched over in their saddles. Their hoods hung limply over their faces. Both wore swords...
  18. Rachel Rider

    Sheiwor-Land of the sword

    All small group of adventurers gather in the Meci province, waiting to start on their journey.
  19. ArQane

    "We the Unwanted"

    We the Unwanted “I swear an oath to protect my clan, as the clans have sworn to protect me. To spill my blood for my family, and the brother families that have joined us to perish this greater evil. My duty as a Guardian grants me the strength to guard, protect, and serve— to my last breath.”...
  20. M


    Intro Once upon a time… Sorry, but if you were expecting this fairytale to begin that way, you might want to find yourself another story. This will be a story of intrigue and adventure; a story of magic, dragons, chivalrous heroes, and tyrannical monarchs. A story of heartbreak and struggle...