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modern fantasy

  1. pandakatiefominz

    Sorcerous Dissipation

    The old stories claimed magic was, once upon a time, accessible to all, without effort, or payment, without having to source it, it was drawn from the bones of the earth as newborns drew breath and estuaries drew water. Rose believed it, somewhat. As a wood elf, her kind had lifespans twice as...
  2. KJDarKnight

    Open KJ's searching for partners

    Ok so about me as an rper Pretty much any genre, the only exceptions being Sci-fi (I just super suck at tech talk to make it realistic), slice of life, Romance (I like it to be there but not the focus, everyone needs some fluff! Just not a lot of it) and angel/demon stuff. I don't do novel...
  3. Rachel Rider

    Open Dreams of Armageddon.

    Every Night, certain children, around the globe, meet in their dreams. Each pulled, when they fall asleep, into a dream world of death. Each night, in their dreams, the world is destroyed. Each morning, they wake up, not knowing what it means. How is this possible? How could people, asleep at...
  4. Vague o3

    Chalice Bearer - World Building

    Note: Usually updated when ideas pop up Bague City Brief Introduction Cradled by the harsh mountains, this small city has been a haven for weary travelers and excited explorers. It is a place of retreat and education, or honing one's craft and showing those mastered. Tourists rarely visits the...

    The Six Paths that lead to One

    Yello Story teller’s circle! Please read this took lots of time effort and some research to put together! Sorry if my style is gruff in the first few paragraphs ! I’m here to offer you yet Another High school super power setting. However I’ve got several twists on the formula. A proper...
  6. Wintergreen

    [Modern Fantasy] [Mage] The Inner Circle

    The Inner Circle The Knight of the Occult…..Extinct The Order of Dragons…...Endangered In this world…. There is a thriving community of mages. Who have duels for honor, respect, and prestige. Those with enough skill can earn high status in the circle…. Some dual till tap out Some dual to the...
  7. L

    The Soul Of Vegas: The Western Quadrant

    It's cold. So cold. My denim jacket isn't thick enough to keep the cold from sneaking through the holes in my tee-shirt and brushing against my skin, a caress of ice that wanders wherever it wants chilling my veins with every breath I take. But the I'm used to being touched, being...
  8. L

    Broken Bond: Beauty And The Beast

    Isabelle squinted through the fog on her glasses at the time displayed on her laptop. Almost three in the morning and she was just over halfway done with her online presentation, If it was just displaying her designs and talking about them, she could float through, a butterfly dancing on...
  9. L

    The Soul Of Vegas

    So I'm new here but I have had this idea burning in my head and need to get it out there. It's still very much in the early devlopment stages and I am looking, in addition to Rpers, for people interested in helping to development and refine the idea. The basic idea is an alternate Earth (or...
  10. Crow

    Princess Cronus | Arc I

    Out-of-Character It has been a while since that fateful day. The fateful day where the two met. "That nightmare again..." The little lady who went by Saturn rose from her bed, looking about before unleashing a great yawn, a sign that she had discarded her slumber for the physical world...
  11. Crow

    Princess Cronus | Arc I | OoC

    Interest Check "Hey, hey, sister, tell me that story again?" "Which one, Chimera?" "You know, the one you always tell me." "You sure you don't want the fifth book of the Odyssey?" "Nope." "Alright alright. A long time ago, there was a great king of the Golden Age. His name was Cronus. A...
  12. Crow

    Princess Cronus | Int. Check

    yea yea i know Let's move on to the meat & cheese of the thing. Princess Cronus is an anime-themed, Greek Mythology-inspired Modern Fantasy Roleplay. So, basically, the story starts off in a small Japanese town known as Kuri-shi. There are a few Roman Deity statues here and there, and the...
  13. Alissa Ming

    Tale of Hunters

    The night was dark. Very dark. The year is 2018, present day. The white haired woman, with the black stripe in her hair, walked down the dark streets, about blending in and very hard to see in her black leather jacket, black leather shirt, and black leather pants. At her hip was a gun. She...
  14. ChojiYume

    World Tripping Prophecy

    Miandra Lucosia was a normal teen, well, except for the fact that she was a geeky nerd that loved games, anime and the like. She had very plain looks, brown hair, and brown eyes, with square rimmed glasses and a small frame, with super pale skin. Like any other teen, Miandra was bored with life...
  15. Crow

    Thread No Longer In Use.

    "Hey, hey, sister, tell me that story again?" "Which one, Chimera?" "You know, the one you always tell me." "You sure you don't want the fifth book of the Odyssey?" "Nope." "Alright alright. Here we go. A long time ago, there was a great king of the Golden Age. His name was Cronus. A...
  16. Neko Shogun

    Once Upon a Star

    By Midnight Maiden, thatguyinthestore, and Klutzy Ninja Kitty A little longer than a year after the events of The Infinity Parable, Star makes her way to Storybrooke, along with some of her friends, to visit Emma and Killian. Somewhere in the multiverse was a town called Storybrooke. Like...
  17. Neko Shogun

    Shattered Kingdom; A Tale of Two Worlds

    Shattered Kingdom; A Tale of Two Worlds A 1x1 between @Klutzy Ninja Kitty and @Pretentious Pineapple
  18. Kin no Keifu

    (OOC Thread) Aiuto, Prego

    In which a lonely, large city is haunted during the night, within the dreams of many, and to leave the creatures there means death. In which a group of children are forced to fight them night after night. In which the death toll is exorbitantly high. Aiuto, prego. A cry for help.