1. Yun Lee

    Main Event Rot and Rule

    The Multiverse had been saved, but save for a select few, no one truly knew it had even been in danger. Once Revan's machinations had been undone, hundreds of thousands of worlds kept right on spinning, blissfully unaware of the war for their very lives that had been building up for years and...
  2. Yun Lee

    Full Rot and Rule (Multifandom Music Roleplay)

    Across the Multiverse, stars shine within all galaxies. No, I'm not talking about the big balls of gas you see in the sky at night, I'm talking stars, man! Actors! Athletes! And the best kind of all, the star just about anyone can be...musicians! With enough hard work and determination, you can...
  3. mama scoots

    jus curious

    what's your favorite song at the moment and why do you like it? my personal favorite, at the moment, is "you're at the party" by Lemon Demon! it's honestly really, really catchy and you cannot get it out of your head once you finish "Spirit Phone (the album it came from)." also, verse two hits...
  4. Kian

    In case you want to jam

    Just a friendly reminder that Earth, Wind & Fire exists for u guys out there. Personally, these songs are perfect to jam to for some good old fashioned fun. But what do you guys like to listen to? I haven't seen any music threads around so...
  5. Mr. Wade & Watch

    Songs of the Multiverse

    Idea suggested by Hahli Nuva Play some Fun-ky music, white boooy~ Play some Funk-ky music, riiight! Lay down the funky, and play the fun-ky music 'till you die~....... TILL YOU DIIIIE!!~ (Bet no one gets that.) Anyway, songs! Here you can suggest songs for the RP. Whether it be for a...
  6. Erasmvs

    Any songs/artists/genres you're ashamed that you listen to sometimes?

    I mean, there's no such thing as bad taste or good taste, but people generally tend to label and have strong opinions about some artists or genres. Not like I care, but I also kinda wish my taste was more clean and mature (I tend to listen to literally anything). I'm kinda curious if it's only...
  7. Constance Ardeth

    Tell Me Music You Like, and I'll Guess What Decade You Were Born In!

    We'll see how well I do!
  8. Kin no Keifu

    Yume no Gakuen

    In an unspecified part of the world, there's a school. It's a big one, big enough that all the students have dorms, and it boasts one thing and one thing only above all. It's a school where special people go to learn. Everyone at this school has an anime plot surrounding them. Just last year a...
  9. Kin no Keifu

    Favourite Songs and Genres?

    Salutations, readers. Lately I've noticed that my friends' preferred songs are headache-inducingly sweet and usually of the bubblegum pop subgenre. They seem to balk at my newest songs and generally avoid my choices. I suppose this is due to very different styles? It's hard to tell with one of...
  10. wild-cryptid

    8tracks? spotify?

    does anyone have any playlists they listen to while they write/rp? I have a few I listen to but I'd like a few more to add!
  11. Yui

    Memorable Soundtracks in Games

    One of things I try to look for in a game in a good soundtrack. While most people I know don't really care for that, in my opinion it makes a good game even better. Some examples of good games with good soundtracks are: Kirby - I grew up with Nintendo and Kirby is my all-time favorite franchise...
  12. M

    King & Lionheart [Photo]

    "But these problems aside, I think I taught you well." [Hey guys! I'm new here. Just thought I'd share this drawing I did for a close friend of mine of two characters I designed. It was inspire by our close bond and the song: King and Lionheart by Of Monsters and Men. I do hope you enjoy it...
  13. feverurie

    anybody wanna discuss brendon urie

    i'm trying to find more people here with the same interests as me and my idol is brendon urie so if u like this dude to hmu i'm adakias
  14. Ignition

    Looking for a partner for a musically-inclined roleplay!

    Hey party people! So I'm putting up this post as a request for a very specific one-on-one role-play. There are basic supporting details below. Before you read any further though, I'd like to make it clear that I'm looking for a partner to play a female character that I've already created in...
  15. Ignition

    Igniton's Art

    I haven't drawn anything new in the last few months, but some recent digital stuff of mine is below. Apologies for the huge image sizes, I always make them big like this. [A cute summer pic of Denny, a character from my own personal Music Masters series.] [Two characters from my own...
  16. TheZanta

    I do music sometimes too.

    Yeah, unfortunately, you've got to endure that from me. Sorry, lol. But this is a remix (sorta) of In The Year 2525 by Zagar And Evans that I'm currently working on. I'm not the best at mixing so that is also a WIP.
  17. Lord_Deathstalker

    Character's Ipod

    Here is where you post the song(s) that you feel personify a character of yours. Along what would be on their Ipod. Thought it would be a fun little game.