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  1. The Impostor

    New User Hello Everyone

    The Impostor here. I chose this name because I'm never quite the same character twice. I'm hoping to find a lot of new friends to play with and write some great stories together. I'm kinda new to this writing together but it's what I want to do. Do you know how hard it is to find a good active...
  2. GhostInTheBariya

    New User Hiya!

    Hello, I'm GhostInTheBariya! You can just call me Ghost or Layla. I'm new to this site, which I'm really excited about. I'm 18 years old and I've been writing and role-playing ever since I was 11. I've been on a very long hiatus/writer's block (nearly 2 years) and I haven't been a part of an RP...
  3. Mythos

    New User Just Another Newb Saying Hello

    Hi y'all, my name is Mythos. I'm a 20-year-old student and I live in Ohio. I'm completely new to both this site and post-by-post roleplay, although I have played quite a lot of tabletop RPGs in person and online. Fun Fact: I am the biggest mythology nerd you will ever meet. Seriously...
  4. Erasmvs

    New User Hello :)

    I'm Erasmvs and I'm a beginner digital artist. I have tons of OC's that I haven't roleplayed yet but I'd love to (especially humans and furries). I'm new to the site and also roleplaying, I only roleplayed once, so I'm sorry if I'm not that good at first. I'm 19 years old, Hungarian but speak...
  5. BrookeDi

    New User This is Who I Am

    Hello, all. I'm new, obviously. Uhh, let's see. I have been writing for as long as I can remember; anything from really silly to the very serious. I didn't stumble upon role play until about five years ago on IMVU and after a rough start (I was absolutely awful) I started to figure things out...
  6. Opheliabee

    New User Hello!

    Hi, i'm really bad at introductions, but here we go. I'm Dani, i'm an incoming high school freshman (*old man voice* another pesky youngster*) from America. I wouldn't say I'm new to role playing since it's something I've done with my friends since we were kids, y'know, pretending to be...
  7. S


    Frankly, I have always been terrible at introductions. However, while I am new to this site, I am most certainly not new to role-play. All together, I have been writing for about eleven years now, I am highly motivated, and highly dedicated to the characters who I portray (to the best of my...
  8. Shinta Fukuda

    New User New to this joint!

    Hey fellow storytellers! Hope everyone is doing well! I'm new here and I love to role play and make new friends! Just looking for some fine folks to chat with, get to know, and have some fun adventures with! Y'all take care, and may the force be with you!
  9. Princess Sugar

    New User Here to make your life a little sweeter!

    Hello SC! Princess Sugar has come to sprinkle a little happiness! If I am to be a little honest here, I haven't role-played online for about (I wanna say) 2 years? Recently I have done a couple sessions of pathfinder, and suddenly, my brain roared up like on Oldsmobile that sat for 20 years...
  10. DistantDove13

    New User New to this, hello

    Hi, so im Dove. Im new to rp, but not new to writing. Im just hoping to start somewhere, and this site seemed a well enough place to do so. A little bit about me is that im a student, an artist, and an actor at the renfaire. I enjoy fantasy, ancient history and mythology, and i like o watch...
  11. MidnightStar

    New User Nice to Meet You!

    Hi my name is MidnightStar but you can call me Midnight. I have been role-playing for around 2 years maybe a little longer. I started just rping with my friend at school but then got into forum rping. I've only been rping on one main website called RPNation. I decided to try out this website so...
  12. Marcsun

    New User This is my first time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    *Maniacal Laughter* What was that? Anyways salutations;) The name's Marcsun, whats yours... you have a nice name, I like your name. I'm new to the site which is why I'm making this here obligatory introduction of myself. Actually I'm pretty new to roleplaying in general, so yeah I'm a noob...
  13. Rhonan

    New User Hey Everyone!

    I'm completely new to roleplaying (and writing threads for that matter). Honestly, I've found myself getting bored with video games and my regular time wasters (e.g. Youtube), and have wanted to do something a little more rewarding - so I decided to try this. I've been a long time fan of...
  14. Zaveria

    New User Another Noob - My Introduction

    Hmm what to say, it's apparent I don't do too well with introductions but here it goes. My real Name is TJ (or Trudie, I just prefer TJ) I'm still just a newborn in the whole roleplay world. No one in my town even knows what roleplay is, I cam across it however on a phone app, and I fell in love...
  15. 61 Argent Feathers Seal Evil

    [Horror, Modern] (Setup and Player Finder) Apartment Shenanigans

    First off, I haven't run a roleplay before; I'll try my best, but this will probably be quite messy. I'm looking for 3-6 players. I want to try linking the story to the characters, so if you're interested in joining, please tell me about a character you'd like to play. I'll probably need to ask...
  16. 61 Argent Feathers Seal Evil

    New User Introductions

    Hello. Cue mandatory introduction. Not entirely sure what you'll find relevant, so I'll just say a few things related to the site. I've never really roleplayed before, though I've read a bit about it. Mostly I have experience with Fantasy and History, but I've read a little about Science...
  17. Kozilek Butcher of Truth

    New User Hello peeps!

    Hello! I am a 26 year old male that just wants to roleplay and meet new people!
  18. SleepingInTheGardens

    New User I'm awful at titles...

    Hello! As you have probably gathered, I'm new to this wonderful site. I know nothing about it, but I'm loving how it's set up already. I'm not new to writing or roleplaying, though. I've been doing that for years >.< I've played just about anything and anyone under the sun, so I am open to any...
  19. Otomos the Crazy

    Otomos the Crazy's Omniversal Toybox

    Since I was given permission to pitch and put characters in my own little hideaway, this will be where my little cinnamon buns will be placed!
  20. Otomos the Crazy

    New User Salutations/Hello/Greetings

    I am Otomos. OTOMOS THE CRAZY!!!! HYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I've come to play with you all, and see how well I do in this new environment. I hope to see what you have, and I expect to play up to your own expectations. Anyway, I'll seeya later.