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  1. Yun Lee

    1x1 Crooked Supernova

    Peace. A beautiful ideal, that. Something that can never truly be for long, but something sought after by everyone. Definitions of peace vary from person to person, but for those involved or even just aware of the recent defeat of the Arch Demon Akibahara, peace meant a few things. One...
  2. Deroc

    [OFFICIAL] Handshake Roleplay #1 : Square One

    Current Major Event : N/A Upcoming Major Event : Khaos Uprising (@LORDKHAOS) Overview We go back to time to where, the great empire of cakes — Arygos. Right at its "totally brick" palace, is where the Cakemaster Mythic runs his plans for world domination and a reality where cake is the only...
  3. Squidward Uchiha

    "One Piece | Redux Romance" (What-If/AU Idea(s)) (HELP NEEDED)

    I've been battling some writer's block for a bit and that's because I'm trying to think up a fanfiction based One Piece RP called "Redux Romance" and although I do have some ideas going in my head, none of them link up to form a concrete premise. What I mean is, as the title implies, I am...