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  1. Purplemeeks

    New User Introduction

    Hello there! My name is Purplemeeks, though you can call me meeks for short. I am a literate roleplayer, who writes in 3rd person for my characters. Though that being said, I'm not too picky with how you like to send your reply, all I care about is that we're both having fun! I have been...
  2. Lazzamore

    Ages Eternal [OOC] (Announcement!) Impending time skip

    Hello all! We are going to be going through a Time skip of about 3,000 years. Currently we are at the Bronze age; this will bring us to an Early-Mid Medieval period of technology. We plan to do this in 10 hours after this posting or sooner if everyone lets me know they are ready. However, we...
  3. Lazzamore

    Ages Eternal [Lore] Available Races

    This thread's purpose is to be an easy list of Races available for playing as in Legends Eternal Threads, and all you might need to know about playing them. Table of Contents: Dragons Dru'dar Dwarves Fae Golems Hellions Humans Kobolds Orcs People of Lead Quash Sirens
  4. ConquerorFox

    Isn't It Grimm? Rules (For Storage)

    Few simple rules, nothing much! 1. One topic per a person, unless you are a co gm or myself, we have major NPCs that will be in their own topic. 2. If you want another new character, please message me or my co gm (Monster the VamelFaer) 3. Follow all STC rules (again...) 4. Like this if...
  5. Drakel

    Realm of Drageloc: Finding Our Star (No-longer Accepting)

    No-longer Accepting Status: 9/10 accepted Discord Room in Nilum's Server: Come Check it out and get previews, heads ups and hang out with others and discuss things about Drageloc! It's super cool! The In Character Thread: Realm Of Drageloc: Finding Our Star (In Character) The Tale of...