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  1. Danny089 Eridmius Odeoron

    Open [High Sci-Fantasy | Cyber-Magic RPG] The Eoderm Union Systems

    Looking for a minimum of 3-4 players to start the game but the post will stay open until 7 join max. Theme ->Talamasca - Astral Projection / Rectifire - Blindfold The gentle ripples that dance across the surface of this algae-rich lake never cease to relax my mind as I register my records...
  2. Lucky

    Side Story Euphoria

    Euphoria- A feeling or state of intense happiness and Excitement. You have died. It doesn't matter how it happen, those details are unimportant. Especially after you see our video. Congrats, you are in the Good Place, and have earned enough points to be here. Welcome to Neighborhood...
  3. Wintergreen

    The Grey's Enlightened Truth

    A direct passage from the story 'Murder of a Crow' I am currently writing. This story is still a work in progress. I felt very proud and enjoyed this small bit. So I thought I'd share. Please enjoy...