1. Crow

    Interest Check Pokemon: Stretched Through Time [Interest Check]

    Woo! Now that I'm sifting back into this site, and I see that it's gotten a lot more members, let's try hosting an RP. So, the basic plot is that during a terrible world-ending scenario lead by someone who appears to be a young girl wielding the power of Giratina, a few youngn's (maybe some...
  2. Yun Lee

    Side Story Of Ice and Ruin

    Sign-up thread is here. Prologue "Setting Out" The Melding. It was a time of crisis, a time of chaos. One moment, you were going about your normal life, then the next thing you knew, you were either thrust somewhere completely different, or found complete strangers and unfamiliar worlds...
  3. Yun Lee

    Side Story Of Ice and Ruin (Sign-ups)

    Of Ice and Ruin A Convergence Side-Story In The Melding, there was little time to figure out where to go when the robot attacks first happened. Whether you ended up somewhere safe or somewhere dangerous was a complete stroke of dumb luck or cruel misfortune, and it was up to you to survive...
  4. Sark

    Non-Canon Battle Revolution

    Prologue "To Be A Master" ****** "Skill and Spiritt… Reflect upon what it is that you lack and this child has.... Admit Defeat and Confer..." ~The Master of the Dragon Clan ***** "This is it, ladies and gentlemen!" The announcer screamed over the roar of the stadium. "The final bout of our...
  5. Sark

    Pokemon Illusion Game: Battle Dimensions!

    Illusion Game: Battle Dimensions! Plot Team Rainbow Rocket has returned to the Indigo Plaza, and have installed their own Elite Four. They've put out the call- a challenge- for trainers from across the world to participate in their New World Pokémon League. Travelling from far and wide, you and...
  6. Crow

    Pokemon RP

    Well, I just felt that this site needed a Pokemon RP, so here I am. I'll push the ideas further if I get four other people, but for now... let's see what's in my mind. Regular Roleplay Ideas: 1. Standard Issue Regiongoing. Whether it be a canon region or a made-up one for this RP depends on...
  7. Jannistory19

    A Feeling Like This

    Author's Notes Soooo..... Valentine's Day is around the corner. I've had this plot for a story simmering in my head for nearly two years, but I haven't sat down and completed it. Maybe now, I can write a little of this thing here.... Just a good sized chapter of my story. I've never written a...
  8. Neko Shogun

    1x1 Sun and Moon

    A 1x1 roleplay between @Takumi and myself featuring Pokemon Trainer Sora as she helps the mysterious girl Ilona. Logs: -----
  9. Atomic Knight

    Side Story Eden and the Forgotten People

    (This side event was hosted by @RebornRainbow) Prologue "The New Arrivals" It felt like flying. Zipping through time and space, it felt like nothing was pressing against your skin. No rush of air or water. It was like nothing was there, and no sense of heat or coldness could be felt. You felt...
  10. Crow

    TransformersXPokemon Crossover - Epic Roleplay Interest Check

    After some consideration, I have decided to initiate a TransformersXPokemon Crossover in the form of an Epic Roleplay. Continuity-wise, this will likely stem from the Aligned Continuity. It will be sometime after the Autobots & Decepticons find themselves on Earth. They hide among humans and...
  11. Alissa Ming

    Pokemon Ranger

    Someone is already doing a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon role play, so I thought I would do something else I loved doing. Pokemon Rangers are the keepers of the balance between human culture and nature. They have Ranger bases, schools, and many other ways of getting new rangers. A select few people...
  12. Glitchy Dragon

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

    Right then... You all already know what pokemon is ,hopefully, so that should be pretty explanatory, but less people know so of the Mystery Dungeon games. Mystery Dungeon takes place in the same pokemon world with everything being ultimately the same, although, humans and their technology are...
  13. Neko Shogun

    [1x1] Forging A New Beginning

    ==== Title: Forging A New Beginning {Pokémon rp} Number: 145399 Date: Jun 15, 2016 at 10:49 PM ====
  14. Neko Shogun

    Non-Canon Two Golden Hearts

    Chapter One: The Daughter of Fortune and the Daughter of Sunlight The bright, life-filled sun beamed down on the peaceful, sleeping creature. It sat immobile in its slumber as if the world must travel around its eternally restful position. Soft breaths fill its lungs, causing its plush belly to...
  15. ChelonianCommander

    Zara's Park Tournament (Pokemon RP) 5/5

    Setting Welcome to the world of Pokemon. This world is filled with amazing creatures of all size and shapes, known as Pokemon. People and Pokemon have forged a life together. They life, work, play, laugh and cry together daily and both Pokemon and people have benefited from this bond. The most...
  16. Miles

    PMD: Broken Beliefs {Out of Character Chat}

    Last but not least, here's the OOC chat for this RP. Here you can talk about whatever you want. Just remember to have fun and follow the rules. The Roleplay Character Sheet
  17. Foreigner55

    Slice of life gone Pokemon OOC

    Welcome to the world of Pokemon. A startling place full of many wonders. It consists of various regions, some unknown, that are full of Pokemon. Pokemon are strange wondrous creatures that can be captured and trained by Pokemon trainers. Let's look in on some trainers now. Ah here they are. The...
  18. ConquerorFox

    Some CF art?

    << my deviant is : neverrouge >> So for one: I love doing scenes like this. But barely ever post them. An old Oc named Feu. My deviantart was actually based around her I believe. (( it is old >.> )) My first SAI paint of a shiny spheal: Bulbasaur is my favorite Pokemon though.... As...