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  1. synthetic aesthetic

    best way to approach someone about meta-gaming or god modding?

    I think we've all been in that situation where someone is just averse to anything bad happening to their character and doesn't ever wanna acknowledge their character is flawed (in some cases a trainwreck cause I think everyone that cheats like this just puts 0 effort into everything) and never...
  2. Cornflower Returns

    Resolved/Answered What does “PG-13” mean?

    So, I know this sounds like an absurd question, but it has been bothering me. Some PG-13 movies are almost on the R-rated scale, while other movies are almost too tame to have the rating. Are we looking for a happy medium or something else? And PG-13 includes suggestive mentions, but I have a...
  3. Squid the Human

    Character age restrictions?

    I was just wondering if you can roleplay as an underage being.
  4. Lazzamore

    Resolved/Answered Blog adverts?

    Hey, so I started a blog to host my writing projects. I wanted to put them in one place from here on out to build a portfolio of sorts for later, when I try to be published someday. I was wanting to publish my stories here too, so you guys can see them as well. My question is: What I really...
  5. PuddingPalGal

    Do you join new member's RP's?

    I'm new here and haven't been able to find or start an RP with anyone. I'm worried its because I'm new to the forums and I'm being blown off because of that. So, I started this thread to see if I'm right (hopefully wrong). It's ok if you or a few more don't join new member's RP's, just be...
  6. PuddingPalGal

    True horror in a story?

    I LOVE HORROR I always have. Which always made me beg the question: What is TRUE HORROR in a story/RP??? To me, it depends on the writers/readers themselves and the content. What we all find scary is either common or subjective and we are all individually affected by our fears differently...
  7. The King Of Rats

    Favourite part of history?

    What part, timeframe or such, is your favourite? Mine would be the golden age of piracy, men of fortune and the debate if pirates where "good" people as in what they stood for, freedom or just gold. What about you?
  8. Constance Ardeth

    Which of the Following Dresses Should I Wear to My Next Formal Dance?

    Nothing like getting lot's of opinions! Be honest, and don't spare my feelings! Guys--I want your opinion too!
  9. Constance Ardeth

    What is Your Favourite Period Drama?

    Mine is probably 'Pride and Prejudice' but I also really, really like Emma.
  10. Constance Ardeth

    Resolved/Answered Is this site only for anime roleplayers?

    I don't do anime...so I was just curious if that was all you all do? Thanks!
  11. Kin no Keifu

    Favourite Songs and Genres?

    Salutations, readers. Lately I've noticed that my friends' preferred songs are headache-inducingly sweet and usually of the bubblegum pop subgenre. They seem to balk at my newest songs and generally avoid my choices. I suppose this is due to very different styles? It's hard to tell with one of...
  12. magic_spaghetti

    Resolved/Answered Notifications?

    Is there a way to have the site send me notifications (alerts) to me when I'm in another tab or playing a game or something?
  13. DxFoe

    What Do You Like or Dislike In a Character?

    After rping for a while I realize my characters tend to be a certain few groups of characters. I've also realize I've never stopped to ask what my fellow rpers like and dislike in a character that they're rping opposite of? It feels kind of inconsiderate of me considering you have to put up with...
  14. Imperatus Rex

    Open World Roleplaying

    We all enjoy to sit back and enjoy the story of the vagabonds, right? They wander and find new and exciting things, maybe even a dungeon crawler element is in place. How efficient is it to make an rp where the players aren't affected by a "Grand Plot" hanging high above their heads? Would it be...
  15. D

    Am i the only who uses canon characters over OCs?

    As many have noticed (or not yet), i prefer using canon characters from some verses because i feel more comfortable than OCs, i don't meet any canon tought.. most characters i meet are OCs, so my question is: am i the only who still using canon characters over OCs?
  16. Imperatus Rex

    If you were a Dictator...

    What would you do? What laws would you pass? We all have our ideas. Some of us would be fuhrers, some of us would be benevolent ones. Some might start wars, some might simply choose to make an invincible land of their people. Either way, the power is yours. No raised eyebrows will be made...