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  1. pandakatiefominz

    Open Looking for a partner for a realistic, slice of life RP

    Hello there (General Kenobi), I've been thinking for a few days how exactly I wanted to phrase this, because I wanted to seem interesting but not overbearing. I'm looking to do a down to earth, realistic* role play, centering around adults (aged 20 to 40, for variety), that deals with...
  2. Silence

    Middle of Nowhere

    Dane stepped out of the house and walked over to his work truck. With his Carhart jacket and hoodie on underneath it for extra warmth he was ready for the day out on the field. There were quite a few pieces of machinery that went down over the weekend. Of course that was when it had to break...
  3. Jannistory19

    Silver Linings

    Warning: This Rp will explore Mature themes. Younger audiences are going to be encouraged to keep away from reading this Rp; if you read anyway, be warned - we can't be responsible for what may happen to you if you read. You have been warned. Silver Bay - a city filled with noisy cars, and even...
  4. BlabbingGirl

    Inconvenient Convenience

    1 PRENUPTIAL It was a couple of hours before midday on a rainy September morning. The British sky, just as usual, was cloudy and gray while droplets of water already started to pour over the windows of the ancient state; the large Tudorish casements had a view of the pristine garden. Inside...
  5. Faodaile

    The Wall {OOC}

    General thread for OOC chatter. Feel free to throw questions at me as well, as I will be adding a little Q&A below! I imagine that it is a sort of sandy beach but with larger grains- basically very small pebbles like {this}! The lake itself would be quite frigid, as fog tends to roll down...
  6. Rorshach's Journal

    Autumn (OOC/Discussion)

    AUTUMN Do you remember when we were kids, and the leaves used to fall so beautifully? Ten years ago, you left the town of Churchbend, Tennessee, a graduate (or drop out) of high school there. How you left the school, the town, is up to you. This story is about how you returned. The...