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resident evil

  1. nico

    Open Resident Evil Rp -- In search of 5-9 people

    The S.T.A.R.S. department of the RPD was used to dealing with its fair share of odd crimes and situations, but they usually went to the scene. This time, however, the scene came to them, and the whole RPD became involved in this case. Chief Irons had locked himself in his office and seemed to...
  2. Atomic Knight

    Main Event Dead or Lie

    Prologue "Penal Colony" There's no memory of what happened, no matter how hard one thought on it. There had just been one moment and then the next. Barely even a moment even, for it could have been described as blinking and finding oneself in a new world entirely. It felt like nothing at all...
  3. Atomic Knight

    Dead or Lie [Multifandom Villain Roleplay]

    This RP has started. The IC is here: https://www.storytellerscircle.com/threads/dead-or-lie.6894/ There's absolutely no denying it. In some way, in some manner, you've been naughty. Maybe you're a criminal, maybe you're just a bad guy, or maybe you're someone who was simply in the wrong...
  4. Atomic Knight

    Fanfiction Before the Sickness

    Originally written by Chewy Rabbits Raccoon City, 1998. With how much suffering Raccoon City had been put through, one could make an argument that the city itself had been condemned by God and the forces that be. In all honesty, it was less God and more the Devil himself. Or so the...
  5. Atomic Knight

    Side Story Slowly Dead

    The Coalition was in shambles, and yet the multiverse moved on like nothing had happened. One of its greatest defenders put out of commission for the time, and yet the status quo stayed the same. There was always a darkness lurking in some corner of universes, slowly encroaching on the rest of...