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  1. OmegaOS

    Interest Check [Dark Fantasy] Interest Check for "The Throne's Wish"

    OmegaOS Online. . . Engaging Information Phase. . . The Throne's Wish The Ember Throne flickered to the fatal fear of many for the flame kept within shivered to the frosted winds beckoning the flame to be rested and snuffed from existence. The world of Stryya is a dying world thrown off from...
  2. Kura Fujimura

    New User Introduction Post

    Hello, my name is Kura and I'm here looking for long term advanced lit or novella roleplay partners, preferably slow burn romance with a double up.
  3. spritelemonade

    New User new to the community

    hello! i see myself as an advanced literate / literate roleplayer as i normally write 1-5 paragraphs. when texting normally i never usually capitalize things, though when roleplaying i can assure you i have proper grammar. you can call me sugar as thats what im choosing to go by, rather than...
  4. Lucky

    Side Story The Only Hopes On Infinite Earths

    Prologue- Does The Story End- There was a red wave that passed through your world and there was absolutely nothing you could do about it. You couldn't stop it, there was no running from it. It engulfed everything that crossed its path. Maybe you got unlucky and saw one of your close friends...
  5. pandakatiefominz

    Open Looking for a partner for a realistic, slice of life RP

    Hello there (General Kenobi), I've been thinking for a few days how exactly I wanted to phrase this, because I wanted to seem interesting but not overbearing. I'm looking to do a down to earth, realistic* role play, centering around adults (aged 20 to 40, for variety), that deals with...
  6. Alissa Ming

    Back and ready to role play

    Hey, if anyone wants to rp, let me know. What I'm interested in: Fantasy Sci-Fi Science Fantasy What I will not role play Horror What I am willing to work with: Everything else, including romance If you want some potentially interesting storylines, take a look at my characters...
  7. LadyAwesome


    (Updated 12/21/23) Hey all, welcome!! It has been a while, but I am looking to get back into the RP game! My chaotic life has finally calmed down some and I'm looking for some new partners and stories. I have been RPing off and on for around 15+ years, plus I write a lot of creative short...
  8. Stormfury

    New User here goes.... everything

    Hi, My name is Kelsi, Lately ive been… very dissapointed with the amount of creative storytelling based roleplay in my life. So im looking for a little excitement in my life! Ive been a roleplayer my whole life. I started playing D&D when i was tall enough to see over the top of the kitchen...
  9. PuddingPalGal

    1941 - Fuddy-Duddy Death (1 on 1)

    Sophie Mendalin sat in her room for the third hour reading intensely. Her mind more at ease then the hours past. Her only solitude for the time is her room and her books. The children down stairs of Little Luna Orphanage were being rowdy again. They were full of excitement for the annual city...
  10. BrookeDi

    New User This is Who I Am

    Hello, all. I'm new, obviously. Uhh, let's see. I have been writing for as long as I can remember; anything from really silly to the very serious. I didn't stumble upon role play until about five years ago on IMVU and after a rough start (I was absolutely awful) I started to figure things out...
  11. Taki

    New User I'm New Here!

    Hey, my name here is Taki. I used to roleplay a lot when I was 12 or 14 years old and I'm ready to jump back in! Please take care of me~
  12. Lucky Shadow

    Sinner's Wood Recruitment (Atmospheric RP) (WIP)

    Awakening You've been in the dark for what feels like forever, floating in an abyss, void of all sensation. Your mind has been just conscious enough to wonder if you're asleep or awake, but after a while you realized it doesn't matter. You can't do anything to leave this blackness either way...
  13. Drakel

    Realm of Drageloc: Finding Our Star (IC)

    Where Heroes are Made For the past few months the Silverhearts were hiring mercenaries and anyone who'd agree to help them with their cause, but after being given menial tasks of little worth they were either let go and paid or quit where few remained. And from this few, fewer still were sought...
  14. Drakel

    Realm of Drageloc: Finding Our Star (No-longer Accepting)

    No-longer Accepting Status: 9/10 accepted Discord Room in Nilum's Server: Come Check it out and get previews, heads ups and hang out with others and discuss things about Drageloc! It's super cool! The In Character Thread: Realm Of Drageloc: Finding Our Star (In Character) The Tale of...
  15. Drakel

    A Drageloc RP: Finding Our Interest

    We are a paid adventurers, here for one purpose and one purpose only in this vast, strange land of power... We are here for a fallen star in hopes that our dreams may come true. To fix our mistakes, to save those we love or for our own personal lust for wealth. Whatever we are here for one thing...
  16. ConquerorFox

    Isn't it Grimm?

    Grim. Or, as others know their name, Grimm. As in, the brothers that so easily told many tales, some they never had the chance to have written down, others took place in a universe where the dimension was simply split. Fictional creatures and people, able to go between that mystic barrier that...
  17. LadyAwesome

    New User New to the site, not to RPing. Searching for partners!!!

    Hello one and all! I am brand new to this site, but I have been RPing for years! I am currently searching for new, LITERATE to SEMI-LITERATE, RP partners. I expect 5-6 lines a post (but feel free to post longer!), as I will do the same, with correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. though I...
  18. ArQane

    "We the Unwanted"

    We the Unwanted “I swear an oath to protect my clan, as the clans have sworn to protect me. To spill my blood for my family, and the brother families that have joined us to perish this greater evil. My duty as a Guardian grants me the strength to guard, protect, and serve— to my last breath.”...
  19. Caroline E.

    Home for the Homeless

    (I made this about two years ago. I have never read a book like this, I have never seen a role play like this, so chances of me copying you are pretty low. The only thing this is similar to is Wayward Pines, but it doesn't downright have everything from it.) By joining this role play you agree...
  20. Caroline E.

    The Reign of the Four Swords

    (First time making a role play here. So I hope I've done it correctly. Also, keep in mind that I haven't read one role play on this website, so if I have copied you it was purely coincidental and I will remove this role play or edit it.) By joining this role play you agree to follow the rules...