1. Crow

    School Omnitrix Club!!!

    Yeah yeah, I know, I know. In an unspecified Japanese School which hosts levels from Middle to High School, three students will be pulled together by fate. These students have two things in common - they wish to join the Paranormal Interest & Investigations Club (or the Paranormal Club for...
  2. Yun Lee

    Side Story The Devil's Carnival

    (Originally hosted by @Glostechk and can be found here.) Prologue The Carnival's Gate A group of lucky participants suddenly awoke to the distant sounds of joyful screams as each of them walked over to the strange colorful tent that glowed with beautiful colors. Children’s laughter rang...
  3. Yun Lee

    Side Story A Fragmented Reality

    (Originally a roleplay between @Gummi Bunnies, @Khan of the Mardu, and @Bomb that can also be found here.) "I'm here now... Abel..." With a smile on her face, Lapis was quite... unsure if this was really her true feelings, but she went along with it anyways. Sure, things didn't make sense with...
  4. Maluon

    School for the Enchanted OOC

    OOC thread for School for the Enchanted Roleplay
  5. Ver

    Main Event Brand of the Hawk

    For OOC talk, please see the group Discord server. OOC talk in the potential IC thread is highly ill-advised. Link to sign-ups. Prologue "Conviction" In this world, is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law? Is it like the hand of God, hovering above? At...
  6. Yun Lee

    Non-Canon The Nutcracker: Arcade Edition (Christmas Special)

    (Sign-ups can be found here!) Prologue: A Sweet Soirée Ah, Christmas. There's something truly special about the season, isn't there? A certain magic to it that you can feel even if you don't celebrate one of the many December holidays yourself. Whether it be from the time spent with loved...
  7. Yun Lee

    Illusion Illusion II: School Daze

    (Hosted by @Atomic Knight . Can also be found here.) PROLOGUE "High School Dreams" Welcome to high school, what is supposedly the greatest time of your lives. You're all members of the Midwich High School Community. Located on Midwich Street a few blocks down from Midwich Elementary, your...
  8. Neko Shogun

    Non-Canon Two Golden Hearts

    Chapter One: The Daughter of Fortune and the Daughter of Sunlight The bright, life-filled sun beamed down on the peaceful, sleeping creature. It sat immobile in its slumber as if the world must travel around its eternally restful position. Soft breaths fill its lungs, causing its plush belly to...
  9. Yun Lee

    Side Story No Serenity to be Found

    (A roleplay between @BarrenThin , @Pretentious Pineapple , @Gummi Bunnies , and Thuro 116 Pendragon. Can also be found here.) Serenity really did look like a floating piece of junk to most of the 'Verse. It wasn't very impressive in any sense. Not to people used to the sprawling colossi that...
  10. Yun Lee

    Side Story Overwatch: Tomb of Kings

    (A roleplay between Ringmaster, @CrunchyCHEEZIT , and @BarrenThin that can also be found here.) Overwatch. A mythic name for a mythic group. Invocating images of the Heroes of Ancient Greece, the crew of the Argonaut or the Fellowship of the Ring, Overwatch was everywhere. They were the...
  11. Naggrahn

    (OOC) Cackling Devils Bazaar of Wonders

    Good evening all! As of today I have been officially approved as a member of the Storyteller's Circle. I am so happy to finally be able to join the community as a roleplayer. Thus as a "celebration" of sorts, I am going to open the "Cackling Devils Bazaar of Wonders"! This is just a small RP...
  12. Archmage Jeremiah

    Non-Canon Tag-Team Trouble

    With the amalgamated beast who orchestrated the Time Crisis defeated, Blaze claimed her prize - the missing Sol Emerald - and appeared content. "The Sol Emeralds once again sing in unison, and I couldn't feel more relieved," proclaimed their guardian with a long breath in and out, "But, I cannot...
  13. Lazzamore

    The Chronicled World - OOC discussion/sign ups

    Welcome to the OOC and Sign up page for The Chronicled World NRP. Any questions regarding this roleplay should be asked here. Anyhow, let me paste the lore from the bulletin board post. The Races: Gnomes Orcs Fire Nymphs Wood Nymphs High Elves Marjari Quochezi Slimeling Rageborn...
  14. Kenico

    The Chronicles of Arktika Main OOC Thread

    Map of Known Arktika Arktika, a land fully of rivers, lakes, the Great Ocean surrounding it on alll sides, with Forests and Mountains covering her face. To the East of the massive mountain range that is known as The Great Wall lies the Staiger Empire. To the West lies what is known as the...
  15. Green Door

    Cops 'n Robbers [OOC]

    (Shameless Interest Check Copy-Paste Incoming) 'It's time. After the Glorious Revolution/Tapioca Incident a few weeks back, the parents have been away. Maybe they've been fixing up the town, maybe they're neglectful after they got that part of their brains removed, maybe they didn't make it out...
  16. slade

    They Who Slaughter Kings OOC

    -Removed for various reasons. Any mods who come across this thread may feel free to delete it-
  17. Jeremi

    Shadow over Gotham OOC

    Hello and welcome to the OOC for Shadow over Gotham! If you want more casual chat I will direct you to our Discord server. If it is questions pertaining to the rp proper I'd request that you'd post the questions here so I have an easier time finding them. Sign-ups will continue until the...
  18. PuddingPalGal

    Witches of The Damned (OOC discussion)

    Alrighty! Here is the official OOC discussion thread on my RP "Witches of The Damned". I've decided to make it open to any kind fantasy genera character that someone wants to RP with. There are some rules however. I want to make sure this RP goes smoothly so here are the rules to keep things...
  19. PuddingPalGal

    OOC Discussion (looking for 2 Fantasy RPers) Witches of The Damned

    Hey everyone! I'm going to start an RP soon but I need at least two other people to get it started. I have specific kinds of characters in mind for the RP. I don't really care if the people I choose are new to the forums here (I'm new too after all) so no need to worry about that. As long as a...