1. Faiththefruitloop

    Open Lockdown at Cordova [Can you escape before being decimated.]

    Cordova was like any other normal High School. The kids complained about being bored and the teachers complained about the misbehaving students. It had been this way for eons and all assumed it would remain this way for years to come. That all changed however one autumn day when it was least...
  2. Yun Lee

    Side Story Somewhere to Belong

    Day One I still have no idea what happened. I'd gone to sleep, only to wake up in a bed that wasn't mine, in a house I'd never seen before, surrounded by people I didn't know. And by the looks of it, they were all as confused as I was. Where were we? Where did our friends go? We all asked the...
  3. Silence

    Middle of Nowhere

    Dane stepped out of the house and walked over to his work truck. With his Carhart jacket and hoodie on underneath it for extra warmth he was ready for the day out on the field. There were quite a few pieces of machinery that went down over the weekend. Of course that was when it had to break...
  4. Blue winter rose

    Open Outside of Avalon

    Outside of Avalon I am looking for about 3 to 4 role-players for an adventure roleplay. For post length I expect around 5 lines on average but, if it is shorter or longer than that is fine too. No need to write a lot of fluff to get a certain post length. The post order would be round-base. So...
  5. Yun Lee

    Open Somewhere to Belong (A Convergence Series/Smash Bros Story)

    Somewhere to Belong A Super Smash Bros. Story --- The world you once knew is gone. You don't know how or why, but no matter where you were, or what you were doing, you suddenly find yourself ripped from your homes and placed into a strange, foggy world. None of this makes any sense, but...
  6. Minerva

    Open The Apocryphon of Saint Eadwald

    And the Angel pointed his sword towards the tree, which grew in the heart of the wasteland. “See that which still blooms even surrounded by death? That is the sign of The Lord’s covenant to establish a New Jerusalem.” — Apocryphon of Eadwald 5:18 This is intended to be a Cosmic Horror RP set...
  7. Tiko

    Character Profiles

    The Elysian Vanguard Roster Script's Characters Tiko's Characters Dashmiel's Characters Taro Elante Aeryn Arrow Oriel Aliana Scarlet Rolando Rhea Rynhart Syvil Adriaan Tessa Leonis Makaya Aeldric Other People of Prominence Script's Characters Tiko's Characters...
  8. Tiko

    Lore & History of the Vanguard

  9. Tiko

    The World of Valore

    The World of Valore
  10. Kenico

    Strange Chicago

    Chicago...The Windy City...At night she's as beautiful as she is strange...well strange for the most normal of people. For guys like us? We just call it home... Louis was sitting on the sofa, reading a leatherbound book with scrollwork across its cover. It was a Monday night and that meant that...
  11. Kenico

    Interest Check Friends Based Roleplay

    Greetings again! I'm here with a new Group RP idea. Here's the basic: I've been re-watching Friends lately and got the idea of doing a slice of life roleplay where a group of friends get into various wild plots and generally have a good time. BUT with a twist, they're all Supernatural creatures...
  12. Kenico

    OOC Thread Strange Chicago (Supernatural Friends RP)

    Here is the Supernatural Friends RP OOC Board. Rules 1: Usual Site Rules apply. 2: All Fairy Tale/Supernatural creatures that can easily pass for a HUMAN (be it with magic spells, potions, or are just human looking to begin with) are permitted. Examples include but are not limited to...
  13. Jannistory19

    Silver Linings

    Warning: This Rp will explore Mature themes. Younger audiences are going to be encouraged to keep away from reading this Rp; if you read anyway, be warned - we can't be responsible for what may happen to you if you read. You have been warned. Silver Bay - a city filled with noisy cars, and even...
  14. Capri

    Illusion (Sign Ups)Illusion VIII: Let’s Hit the Climax!

    ILLUSION: LET’S HIT THE CLIMAX! You are a skilled dancer, who was just recently accepted to join a well-renound dance troupe in France. You have devoted nearly your entire life to dancing, it’s your passion. You can never live without it. However, someone had spiked the sangria at the...
  15. Raynar Saassin

    Non-Canon C&C - Melding of Alternate Futures

    Prologue - A Melding of Futures Sign-ups can be found here. Two Alternate Earths. One where a horrific history was prevented, and one where a new one was forged from space. One Earth was plagued with a alien substance; Tiberium, mutating the world and bringing about a new war between the Global...
  16. Jeremi

    1x1 This is our story

    It had been four months since the Melding and life continued on for everyone as well as it could. It had been much the same for the Greil Mercenary force, some would call them heroes of their world but here they were much like anyone else. Survivors. A lot of their forces had gone missing during...
  17. Sark

    Side Story Champions of the Arena II: Multiverse Battle Royale Sign Ups

    Champions of the Arena II- the Hunted ARCADE IS DEAD- BUT HIS LEGACY LIVES ON! 32 teenagers. One island. 5 days of bloodshed. One winner. That was the promise Arcade shared when he released 'Champions of the Arena' to the Multiverse. Millions tuned in every night to find out what their...
  18. Zul'Zae'ju'Jin

    Of Morals and Teeth

    The morning was filled with the familiar sounds of the park. Cries of children and dinosaurs filled the air with equal measure and for the little dinosaur in her paddock, the sound was tantalizing. What was out there beyond her walls!? The air was filled with the familiar stink of the two legs...
  19. Raynar Saassin

    Non-Canon C&C: Melding of Alternate Futures - Signups & Info!

    Establishing Battlefield Control, Stand By. . . Two Alternate Earths... In one Earth, the one known as Adolf Hitler was eliminated early by Professor Albert Einstein in order to prevent the horrors of World War II, but doing so caused a different war entirely. In another Earth; a meteor landed...
  20. Lucky

    Side Story The Only Hopes On Infinite Earths

    Maybe you were at home having a cup of tea when the red wave came. Perhaps you were in the middle of the battle against your big bad, No matter where you were when it happened, you watched as people you were close to were turned into dust, erased. You thought you were next. You were sure that...