1. Hollow glade

    Megabuilding H11

    Megabuilding H11 WN185 Our little burrow, only it's not so little and it looks nothing like a cozy tunnel. Not very different from the rest of NC's Megabuildings, located in the NID, Watson. We're in luxury apartment 665, on one of the top floors. "Luxury" as in marketing strategy to get...
  2. Hollow glade


    Pacifica It was supposed to be a coastal retreat filled with tourist attractions, amusement parks and white sand beaches. That is before the corporations looking to make this dream a reality, pulled their funding during economic hardships. Nomads and Haitians, who had escaped flooding in Haiti...
  3. Hollow glade

    Santo Domingo

    Santo Domingo One of Night City’s oldest districts, who avoided much of the fallout and damage of the 4th corporate war due to its location. During the crisis it was a provisional camp for Night City citizens and refugees looking for shelter. This population has since been dispersed into the...
  4. Hollow glade


    Heywood A district with a little taste of everything. The north of Heywood, closest to Corpo Plaza and city centre, features beautiful parks and modern architecture, whilst in the south the slums dominate the landscape with gangs like 6th Street and The Valentinos roaming the area. Heywood is...
  5. Hollow glade

    City centre

    City Centre Next up we have City Centre, the heart of Night City. This was the site of the seminal event of the 4th corporate war. This led to the destruction of Arasaka Towers, leaving a massive crater in this district. The rebuilding of City Centre has just recently ended with the...
  6. M

    Ame Damnee Ame Damnee: Start Here [FULL]

    THIS RP IS NO LONGER ACCEPTING NEW PLAYERS! PLEASE STAY POSTED FOR FUTURE OPENINGS! GM's: @Kian, @Revelree, @jrusso20, @Pupper & @~Nemo~ † DISCORD † (Will be removed per artists request.) In the beginning, the universe was void and without shape; but from the infinite darkness came...
  7. Lord_Deathstalker

    Ivory Citadel Wiki

    The Races Human The normal people of the realm. And the most numerous, while magic does flow through their veins like all the races they are not known for their mastery of the craft. Elves The most long-lived of all the races they are bound by laws of magic to never speak falsely. More Fair...