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  1. Blue winter rose

    Open Adventure/steampunk/pirate roleplay

    Pirate Role play DMs: @Lil Proton and @Blue winter rose The great world of the Aether. A realm of floating continents submerged in the great gases(sky ocean)with mysterious creatures lurking deep below. Many people made this realm home, including dwarves, goblins, elves, fairies and a few...
  2. pandakatiefominz

    Sorcerous Dissipation

    The old stories claimed magic was, once upon a time, accessible to all, without effort, or payment, without having to source it, it was drawn from the bones of the earth as newborns drew breath and estuaries drew water. Rose believed it, somewhat. As a wood elf, her kind had lifespans twice as...
  3. Blacksmith

    [D&D 5th Ed Group Check.]

    This is a world where the Age of Gods and Magic have continued on past their time, into the year of 1914 by our reckoning. On 28 June 1914, Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand visited the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo. He will never leave that nation and perishes at the hands of assassins, a group...
  4. Gattletowne

    The Intoxicating Belligerence of Unification

    Welcome to the Parishes This Intoxicating Role-Play is Directed by Gattletowne Performed by @Shadowwell playing Giostou Krystallou a.k.a Tristan Carver @Average playing Artorius "Voltaire" Ellingsworth @SedentaryCobra playing Simulacrum @Nyx playing Sellibeth Isis Gardens @ArQane...
  5. Gattletowne

    The Intoxicating Belligerence of Unification (OOC/Discussion)

    THIS RP IS NOW CLOSED I'm not going to reiterate the details I've already gone over in my RP pitch, but I'll go ahead and link the original post for convenience sake here The classes I listed are not the limit of what can be applied to the characters. Pitch a class and we can discuss it. Same...
  6. Gattletowne

    The Intoxicating Belligerence of Unification (CLOSED)

    Treasure Hunters Wanted! Are you in need of an adventure? Do you desire a life of excitement? Do you dream of fortune and fame? Look No Further! Hermingild Inquiries is in need of adventurous men and women to quest for objects of great and rare value across the Greater Parishes. Don't have...