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  1. Saiko

    Open Island of the Dark

    Introduction: Hello. This is a horror themed roleplay where it is the characters goals is to survive long enough to get off the cursed island. Generally, this is a roleplay where everyone's characters eventually get killed off. However, if you get lucky dice roles, and depending on the current...
  2. N0X

    Open No Man's Land: Zombocalypse RP

    "Slavering, bloodthirsty hordes of infested humans almost took over the world. But the pandemic that once threatened to consume humanity whole has been halted, with the source of the infection found and a cure created. However, humanity remains on its knees as the cure became patented and...
  3. Sharkyshark

    Where There's Smoke, There's Fire

    Where There's Smoke, There's Fire It takes a special kind of person to sign up to be a fire lookout. Being airlifted into a remote South Dakota forest to live alone in a tiny tower with all the comforts of an early 1800s log cabin isn't for everyone, but it has to be done. Someone has to live in...
  4. Saiko

    Soul Survivors Chapter 1

    Chapter 1 Survival Game I wake up in a desolate, dark room. An empty chill fills the room, causing me to slightly shudder. Only the bed I was lying on and a desk was in its wake. My head is aching, causing me to grab it and groan slightly. My heart pounds heavily against my chest, as it...
  5. Sark

    Side Story The Goddess II: Fate of the Old Gods

    PRELUDE The War we're fighting? It's been going on for a while. Longer than any of us would care to admit. Some say it started with the Battle for the Tomb, the last Battle in the Godless War. Some say it started with the Blackheart and the Attack on the Citadel. But I know the truth. It started...
  6. Sark

    Side Story Champions of the Arena: Convergence Battle Royale

    Day 1-- 6:05am Prologue: The Dice are Rolling You wake up. Your eyelids are heavy. Your cheeks are numb. You wish to scream, but every word you cry simply crackles away into silence. You gasp for air, your skin burning under the heat of the magma bellow. You want to survey your surroundings...
  7. Sark

    Champions of the Arena: Multiverse Royale Sign-Ups

    Convergence Battle Royale 2019 "Life is a big game, when it's over, you're done for I'm taking aim at the maximum high score Only the toughest will survive in this Arcade So follow me and you'll see just how the game's played..." Plot From across the multiverse, students have been taken...
  8. Minerva

    The Pandora System: Signups and OoC

    Once, it was heaven. Now it's hell. Artemisia, the Jewel of the Pacific, the place where anyone could be anything they wanted to be. Run efficiently by computer systems and large megacorporations,it was meant to be a place where dreams came true. A utopia where everyone was catered to. Then...
  9. Kian

    Frostpunk: Southbound Trek

    The year is 1986, a century since the beginning of The Endless Winter. Triggered by the eruptions of Krakatoa and Mount Tambora as well as a dimming of the sun, the Earth was plunged into an abrupt volcanic winter. Millions died. Crops failed. No hope was in sight. Our forefathers built the...
  10. Maluon

    Law of the Desert

    It has been two hundred and fifty years since the planet was found, eighty seven years since the first colonies were established, and fifty years since the those colonies began to somewhat govern themselves. Its been 4 days since the supply runs stopped. Now, the towns and villages are dealing...
  11. Vardoger

    Eidolon [Personal OC Gallery]

    Welcome to my character gallery. The actual one has become a pain to update, so I've moved it to this thread. Enjoy.~ Jump to: 1. Zahir Keen - A Ferift (animal/human shifter) Maned Wolf who wishes he were human. 2. Jiden Sparx - An Electrical Engineer claiming to be an inventor who just...
  12. Dorian

    Post Apocalypse

    Hello everyone! I am looking for an partner for a very specific style of roleplay/writing. The genre and setting are essentially based on the Fallout universe, but not necessarily identical. I like using the Fallout setting as a template, but do not mind deviating here and there as suits the...
  13. TheGreenerGrey

    The Prison World

    So I made a plot while bored, and I thought it was kind of decent. Wanted to see if you guys would be interested. TL;DR It's the 32nd millenium, where FTL travel is common and aliens are a known and common factor. Humanity has spread from a small, underdeveloped faction on the galactic scale...
  14. Machina Somnium

    Neo Eden

    I'm looking for roleplay partners to develop ideas that I might use in the future for bigger roleplays. Of course if you help me and we develop the idea together you'll be a co-gm. However the first steps are to shape it and discover it as a small roleplay of sorts, perhaps 3 to four people. The...
  15. Enki

    Small group rps! Newcomers welcome!

    EHH HEYO! I will be making two group rps in the inbox conversations. If interested send a message here! But for now, let's get straight to the point, shall we? So, I am looking for people ranging from 2 persons to a horde of 8 rpers. I am more than willing to be the Dungeonmaster/Gamemaster of...
  16. midorino

    Science Fiction Survival-Type RP (and some 1x1 ideas)

    Hi! I'm Mido. I'm new-ish here and I'm still looking around for an RP partner or group to join. Although I'm most used to roleplays that are 1x1, I'd also enjoy writing alongside a small group. I'll put my plot ideas down here. If you're interested in a 1x1, please leave a PM so we can work...
  17. JD

    The Rise.

  18. The Taleweaver

    Cognoscenti :: An Otherworldly Dystopia

    Throughout history, man has ever been the most self-destructive of creatures. No species in all of Creation has ever refined the art of killing their brethren quite like Mankind. From ballistae to bombs, rifles to artillery rounds, man is eternally seeking a 'better death'. A better killer. So...
  19. TheZanta

    Evanescam (OOC + Signups)

    You don't remember waking up here. That's strange, because you remember everything else. You don't have amnesia, you can recall your name, your hometown, your first pet. Hell, you can remember what you had for breakfast yesterday. In fact, wherever "here" is doesn't seem to be too odd. It looks...
  20. Frost

    We're on our own [OOC]

    This is where we'll keep ooc discussions about the "we're on our own" roleplay! :D