1. Vardoger

    Eidolon [Personal OC Gallery]

    Welcome to my character gallery. The actual one has become a pain to update, so I've moved it to this thread. Enjoy.~ Jump to: 1. Zahir Keen - A Ferift (animal/human shifter) Maned Wolf who wishes he were human. 2. Jiden Sparx - An Electrical Engineer claiming to be an inventor who just...
  2. Ver

    Fanfiction The Life of Shiki Tohno

    The Life of Shiki Tohno Premise Just a short while ago, Shiki Tohno was only a normal boy with just a quirk or two about him. If not for the vampires and demons that had abruptly entered his life at the age of 17, then it could be said that it was the Murder Games that had changed his life...
  3. Jasonchu

    Dark ROAD

    Revelations of Abounding Darkness focuses on the lives of monstrous beings living just beyond the veil of comprehension in the modern day world. While humans see the world we well know, the truth is being hidden from them, and those they see walking the streets might look drastically different...
  4. Amaria

    The Peace Busters

    Friendship is the harbinger of happiness, innocence; but the slightest shake, the slightest bruise destroys everything. Only one, one small flicker has the possibility to be the catalyst for disaster to sneak its way in and cripple the delicate threads of bonds. Friendship is fragile, just like...