1. MadPinacolada

    The nameless swordsman and the renowned warrior

    Nagushi Chiyoko "Seriously Chiyo?" groaned her younger self in the male version and less aggressive. Hiroji had always been enjoying her fights, and she knew this one was kind of feeble. Her opponent was not the best, slow and heavy. She had knocked him out with mere three steps. "Yes, I am...
  2. comic

    Open Halo: Crucible (OOC)

    April 23, 2552 - 0952 Hours "It's done, Captain." Captain Baltair MacAilein sat at his seat on the bridge of his Argo-class Assault Carrier, 'The Venerable Ruby', rubbing his temple with his index and middle finger, eyes closed. Fumirole had been a disaster. Three Spartan casualties based on...
  3. comic

    Halo: Crucible (Character Sheet)

    Greetings. Welcome to Telira, Reclaimers. My name is 5505 Sacred Vagrant, a lower-class Monitor. I oversee this outpost and all of its duties. I can assure you that all systems are functional and ready for deployment on-demand. I'll admit, your arrival was unexpected, as was the arrival of your...
  4. Orion's Nebular

    Journey to the Other Side

    Years ago mythicals were discovered by the humans. From the moment they met all knew it end in war. And they were right. Months after the discovery a war between the two dies had broken out and raged for years. No one knows why it ended, they just know it did. As an agreement to keep the peace...
  5. Sark

    The Goddess Act II: Fate of the Old Gods [Sign-Ups]

    The Goddess Act II- Emerald Noon FATE OF THE OLD GODS The War for the Fellowship is over! The Secularists have been eradicated and the Goddess Reigns supreme! From the Ashes of the Fellowship, the Emerald Empire rises! Empowered by the Goddess, oppressed peoples across the multiverse are...
  6. Xelian

    The Horrors of War

    The sounds of the medieval swords clashing against one another, the fear that they will find your family, the constant panic that the day will be your last, the pride that you are one of many to protect your kingdom, these are some of the conflicts that go through a fighters head. Blood soaked...
  7. ChelonianCommander

    The War for the New World (Nation RP) 6/6

    Overview This is a nation RP where there are two factions, the Alliance and the Exodites. The Alliance, who left their old home of Durna, when a great war ended with a magical cataclysm that transformed the once fertile continent into a barren wasteland of elemental taint and have a more...
  8. Loxius

    The Grand Tournament of Asanora

    Asanora is a planet in the outer reaches of the universe. Here they live off scraps of whatever they can find. Most people earn their money by selling fighters to the Grand Tournament which is held monthly. The winner gets to go free. Fighters will be set against each other to compete to KO or...
  9. Ailis

    Aorki's School for the Especially Gifted

    In the early 1900s, a virus was created and introduced to the world as a way to control the ever-growing population. It had adverse affects… depending on who you talk to. The virus interfered with the protein synthesis of select individuals, causing drastic mutations in their genes, while the...
  10. MJK2431

    Rebellion Rising

    The city of Karseth, place of plenty, magic and thriving society, was almost destroyed in the Great War. When the foreigners came from Valoria with their fleets of ships, soldiers clad in steel, powerful sorcery and war horses the people of Karseth had been caught completely unaware. The...
  11. Blacksmith

    [D&D 5th Ed Group Check.]

    This is a world where the Age of Gods and Magic have continued on past their time, into the year of 1914 by our reckoning. On 28 June 1914, Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand visited the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo. He will never leave that nation and perishes at the hands of assassins, a group...
  12. MJK2431

    The knocking of War on the city gates.

    Azra stood back from the table, nimble fingers brushing across her eyebrows before she flicked wheat-coloured locks from her tanned face. She bit her lip, groaning once again before throwing her hands into the air. This isn't going to work! How am I meant to even pull this off! The female...
  13. Lazzamore

    A Chronicled War, a prequel (Lazzamore and ChelonianCommander)

    Clog the Immortal marched with 100,000 Orcish troops south. With bloodthirst in their hearts and the propaganda-born dreams of easy living in their minds, the traipsed through the ashes and smog. There was a smell of the sea in the air, almost drowned out by the smell of volcanic sulfur, but the...
  14. Influenced Conscience

    Oil and Tears

    On February 3, 2059, the WGO (World Government Organization) placed a fully-functioning Artificial Intelligence into a robotic body, they called her T.O.R.I. (Technologically Optimizing Robot Interface). On March 24, 2059, less than half the human population had been wiped out and replaced with...
  15. Influenced Conscience

    An Iced-Over War

    [Removed due to personal reasons.]
  16. Atomic Knight

    Sandbox Ragnarok: Phase Two

    The character directory can be found here. For Ragnarok, please post a character sheet before posting here in the IC! To be a graduate of the Torch, is to do so in the knowledge that in doing so you become another ember. A spark that sets aflame all dark things and brings light where light...
  17. JD

    The Rise.

  18. Deroc

    [OFFICIAL] Handshake Roleplay #1 : Square One

    Current Major Event : N/A Upcoming Major Event : Khaos Uprising (@LORDKHAOS) Overview We go back to time to where, the great empire of cakes — Arygos. Right at its "totally brick" palace, is where the Cakemaster Mythic runs his plans for world domination and a reality where cake is the only...
  19. Draco Red

    Mobile Suit Gundam: Final Wars

    In the Future Century or (F.C) Gundam's have evolve more than just mobile suits but now the pilot and Gundam have fuse into sentient beings called (F.G) or Final Gundam the ultimate form of Gundam's. But some people opposed the final Gundam as murder because the final Gundam when not trained...
  20. Apex

    Blood Of Olympus!

    Hello! I am extremely thankful for the opportunity and founding of this site, and I hope to bring many great games to the table! My first installment will be the forums title "Blood Of Olympus". This role play will take place in the year 2025, it's a post apocalyptic setting about the offspring...