1. Yun Lee

    Main Event Rot and Rule

    The Multiverse had been saved, but save for a select few, no one truly knew it had even been in danger. Once Revan's machinations had been undone, hundreds of thousands of worlds kept right on spinning, blissfully unaware of the war for their very lives that had been building up for years and...
  2. Yun Lee

    Full Rot and Rule (Multifandom Music Roleplay)

    Across the Multiverse, stars shine within all galaxies. No, I'm not talking about the big balls of gas you see in the sky at night, I'm talking stars, man! Actors! Athletes! And the best kind of all, the star just about anyone can be...musicians! With enough hard work and determination, you can...
  3. N0X

    Open No Man's Land: Zombocalypse RP

    "Slavering, bloodthirsty hordes of infested humans almost took over the world. But the pandemic that once threatened to consume humanity whole has been halted, with the source of the infection found and a cure created. However, humanity remains on its knees as the cure became patented and...
  4. EowynWryter

    Group Apocalypse RP?

    Hello! I am EowynJade, feel free to call me Eowyn or Jade. I am in a very science fiction, group roleplaying kind of mood and I was wondering if anyone else is interested? I would love to have a bit of a medium sized group - around 5 people perhaps - who are writing for two or three different...
  5. Mira_Barnes

    GAME: On your left.

    Soooooo. I don't know if anyone got that refrence... "on your left." It's from Captain America: Winter Soilder. It was in the begining when Steve and Sam were running and steve kept passing sam saying, "On your left." lol.... just had to point that out. But. lets get back to explaining. On...

    Blind Apolypse

    No not an apocalypse for killing blind things! Ahh the apolcypse one of the most used Generes. Everyone wants to be a cool dude or struggle for survival. However you don't get that luxury here should you choice to join your in a destroyed world of danger completely blind. You can see what's...