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Side Story A Certain Bizarre Encounter

Discussion in 'Side Story Archives' started by Ver, May 21, 2018.

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  1. Ver

    Ver Endearing Misanthrope The Convergence Series GM

    A follow-up to A Certain Bizarre Affair and A Certain Golden Requiem, leading up to Right Hand of the Magic God.

    Quite a bit had happened since Giorno Giovanna survived an interdimensional anomaly, classified by some as a late example of a "Murder Game." The concept of being swept up into such a spatial anomaly, meeting such strange individuals across different dimensions... It was certainly far from a normal adventure, but little did the gangstar know that his life had hardly taken a turn for the truly bizarre until he came into contact with three unruly men from another world. Ollerus, Fiamma of the Right, and Touma Kamijou, the latter two of whom had their own personal experiences with such "Murder Games."

    It was quite a lot to take in at first, considering the seriousness of the information bestowed upon Giorno. But there was no easy way to break it to Giorno that his own father -- or at least, another incarnation of him separate from the one he'd encountered in that Murder Game -- was out there, scheming with a Magic God named Othinus in order to dominate the entire multiverse. Nor was there an easy way to say that the Arrow in Giorno's possession -- the mystical artifact that normally granted its wielder a Stand, or an upgrade with a power that they exactly needed at that moment -- had been altered; due to it being dipped into the air of other worlds, its properties and abilities had expanded, and potentially become even more unstable. And due to its alteration, it perhaps held some features that would be useful to the very villains seeking diabolical domination.

    And from there, the four got to work.

    There were many enemies to consider. There was of course DIO, but with his charisma and powers of suggestion, there was little telling how many he'd managed to recruit to his cause by himself, on top of whoever he was working alongside to begin with, one of which being "Enrico Pucci" as they later deduced. And as the three stooges (Ollerus, Fiamma, and Touma) attested, Othinus herself was the head of an organization from their world called GREMLIN, consisting of powerful magicians themselves. And to match such firepower, there came a need to recruit even more to their cause.

    The first stop was across countries to track down Jotaro Kujo, a man who had been attempting to track down Giorno for some time now, and happened to even have ties to the multiversal anomalies called Murder Games himself. Despite his gruff exterior, he agreed to the mission surprisingly easily (in Ollerus's humble opinion), not suspecting the future foretold for him.

    Next, to the three stooges, the easiest choice from their own world was one Leivinia Birdway, a powerful magician girl of 12 years old whom they were all familiar with, especially considering she was already making moves against Othinus and her GREMLIN organization. And thus, she readily joined the group. But it wasn't enough. They had to be absolutely sure, but they also couldn't just pick anyone at random. They had to be meticulous, deliberate. The fate of the multiverse depended on it after all.

    So, while Leivinia, Giorno, Touma, Jotaro, and Ollerus attempted to learn more about their foes' whereabouts and plans, Fiamma of the Right went ahead and scouted throughout the many different worlds in Giorno's and Jotaro's universe. His personal plan was simple. Just as "Jotaro Kujo" was fated to fight DIO throughout each world, there must have been someone fated to fight Enrico Pucci. And lo, Fiamma did find that person.

    And she was stuck in Green Dolphin Street Prison. And so shall the story begin there.


    The facility was rather large -- perhaps to be expected, all things considered -- but it was not a place that Fiamma couldn't navigate, considering each world he had to go through. At this point, he had practically memorized some of the layout. Fiamma had been unable to provide any finer details on who this "person" in question was who was supposedly fated to fight Pucci in most iterations of her own world, not even knowing her name. The only thing he was able to go off of was what she'd looked like, but he was confident that she was someone who could prove to be a powerful ally.

    And so, without much fanfare, once he'd told them all about it, Fiamma transported his allies to the prison in question, specifically landing in an outside court where one could assume prisoners played sport or exercised. Fortunately, it seemed that the court was empty for the most part, so they could only hope they had all gone unnoticed.

    Giorno Giovanna, Leivinia Birdway, Touma Kamijou, Jotaro Kujo, Ollerus, and Fiamma of the Right stood in the court as Fiamma's portal dissipated behind them, his right hand continuing to glow a shade of red before slowly fading away.


    "Are you sure this is the place, Fiamma? A prison isn't exactly where I'd expect to look for a hero of justice," Touma grunted, running a hand through his spiky hair, "In fact, I'd say it's pretty much the opposite! Like a hive of injustice!"

    "Oh, are you going to doubt my word, Kamijou? After all we've been through together?" Fiamma inquired back.

    Touma remembered back to that time Fiamma drowned him in black mud when he used to be evil, and gave the magician a distasteful look. He could only hope that this would be a short and sweet operation, as the boy, along with both Fiamma and Ollerus, began searching around for the mystery person in question, before eventually spotting two women in the distance, looking as though they were playing catch with each other.

    "Well... No time like the present, eh?" Ollerus said.

    @Kaykay @Jeremi @CrunchyCHEEZIT
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  2. CrunchyCHEEZIT

    CrunchyCHEEZIT The Ultimate Hope

    No time like the present, indeed.


    The time that passed after the recruitment of Jotaro Kujo didn't feel as long as it actually was, at least for the man himself. It was a kind of 'jet-lag' that Jotaro should've gotten used to by now, but the time distortion between realities wasn't the cause of his distant attitude. Of course, Jotaro knew that he was always distant, but this was a completely different beast. A situation so utterly bizarre that the man couldn't begin to vocalize any of the thoughts that bubbled over in his mind like a cauldron.

    It was a rather surreal sequence of emotions - it all made sense, yet at the same time it made no sense at all. Jotaro felt he had some sort of over-arching obligation of fate to honor, but at the same time he could've easily told the golden-haired boy to fuck off, and that would've been the end of another bizarre adventure right there. The latter option would've been exactly what a younger Jotaro would've done, especially after Egypt, Gotham, Morioh. . .

    Good grief, there really is no rest for a Joestar. The task of protecting the innocent and saving the world constantly turns to him, as if his heritage is some kind of blinking sign. Fate is a bastard like, sometimes. Something told Jotaro that this encounter was planned for him on the night he faced that century-old plague upon his bloodline. A plague that he struck down, for the good of his ancestors. And now, with some insight by Aoko Aozaki and some push by the golden-haired kid , destiny rears it's ugly head and it's come time to set things straight once more.

    But it wasn't because anybody asked him to. Of all the people to ask Jotaro Kujo, they sent the wrong kid.
    Giorno was simply sticking on to the path he started. Fate or destiny had no role to play in this endeavor - it was pure heart and spirit that motivated the boy to set things right. A deep resolve that was ultimately characteristic of him, but even he has his doubts about where this path will take him. Those questions are best left for time to answer, for the present is all that matters now.

    Giorno and Jotaro peered around the area that Fiamma's scouting had evidently lead to. It did indeed look like a prison courtyard soaked in daylight, which wasn't too out of the ordinary for Giorno, but prompted Jotaro to furrow his brow. While Touma and Fiamma had their brief exchange, Giorno side-eyed his supposed blood-relative and awkwardly stared. After a few excruciatingly long moments of this, he spoke.


    "I know I've already said this, but. . .thank you for helping us, Mr. Kujo. I know this journey means as much to you as it does to me."

    Jotaro looked out at the prison complex, not bothering to share Giorno's glance. "Don't mention it."

    ". . .I understand you may not trust me yet. Koichi never explained to me why you sent him to Italy, back then."

    "Good, that means he did what I told him to."

    "I suppose so. He's a good person. So are you. I. . .should thank you for killing my father, all those years ago. As bizarre as that may sound, I don't know how I may have ended up if he was still alive."

    "Yeah, me neither. That's why I wanted to bring you in, Haruno Shiobana."

    ". . .I do hate him as much as you do, you know."

    "I bet."

    "Do you believe that?"


    ". . .No, I don't."

    The older Joestar absconded leaving the younger to sit and stew in his 'resolve'. Jotaro shoved a hand in his pocket and approached Fiamma, looking down at him and jutting a finger over to the prison complex. "Hey. Do you know exactly where you brought us?" If Fiamma didn't know where they were, Jotaro didn't seem keen on letting the stranger direct the group based on his 'scouting'.

    Though, as he peered over at the pair of women playing ball in the distance, a very slight spark rushed up his spine.

    ". . .?"

    That wasn't normal. Giorno seemed to rub his neck as well, looking around the area for the source of this strange buzz. Trish mentioned feeling something like it whenever she was around her father before. . .which didn't bode well for what might be lurking in the area. The boy approached the rest of the group, sharing a concerned expression with Jotaro.

    "Fiamma, are you sure this is the right area?"

    "It doesn't seem like it. There's something in that prison."

    @Kaykay @Jeremi @Ver

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  3. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    While the loaded discussions were being had, the discussion between the two girls playing catch wasn't any less heavy. "What?! Pete Rose did what?" The woman with a cornrows looked shocked as she threw the ball back at the other woman.

    "Yeah, yeah! He was betting on the Reds when he was still their manager. I'm surprised you didn't know that, Ermes." She threw the ball back to the woman calling herself Ermes who caught it once again.

    "Why would I know something like that?! I don't think a lot of people know that, Jolyne." The bantered continued as Ermes threw the ball back to Jolyne.

    "You sure? Feels like something you should know about, you know? You never wonder why he never was in the baseball hall of fame or anythin'?"

    "Oh, well..." She fumbled the ball a bit but Hermes managed to catch it before it hit the ground. "I'm just not into baseball that much, i guess? But Jolyne." The ball flew back to Jolyne who caught it high in the air.


    "You sense what I sense, yeah?"

    Jolyne nodded. "Yeah, feels like someone's...looking at use from...Over there!" The fingers was pointed dramatically towards a wall.


    "Hey! Any perverts looking our way buzz off okay?"

    "Yeah! Can't two girls just play some catch in peace?"

    @Kaykay @CrunchyCHEEZIT @Ver
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  4. Kaykay

    Kaykay Mhm.

    The leader of the Dawn-Colored Sunlight had to wonder just what kind of subordinates they were gathering at a prison, but this group was not the type to gather useless help. After all, taking on Gremlin was far too serious a task to be messing around with, and they were all more than aware of that fact, but that didn't stop the young blonde from wondering in her head. Though then again, one of their number was extracted from a cramped high school apartment, so there wasn't much reason to complain.

    Leivinia Birdway didn't have her subordinates of the Dawn-Colored Sunlight with her, but even still she exuded the kind of confidence, an aura of power, one normally wouldn't have expected from a twelve year old girl. But for the sake of fighting an organization like Gremlin, anything else wouldn't do. And that applied to everyone in their group. Something that one would normally expect had little place here.

    Her magic cabal specialized in researching the leaders of the world in order to seize it, and thanks to that specialty Leivinia was able to determine that the two of their group she didn't know, namely Giorno and Jotaro, also were not "normal." With only a mere prison in the way, all she had to do was see that the one Fiamma had picked out was the same. As mentioned previously though, since Fiamma had picked her there was little chance of any other possibility

    Determining that, the haughty magician walked towards the women in the distance with purpose. Stepping in front of everyone, she spread her arms wide as though she were the boss.


    "Then we have no reason to 'buzz off!' Furthermore, you can cease your childish game of catch now. We have proper business with one of you, so let us find a proper place to sit down and talk." With that said, the twelve year old magician turned to the group from her world. "Now, which one of them is it?"

    @Jeremi @CrunchyCHEEZIT @Ver
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  5. CrunchyCHEEZIT

    CrunchyCHEEZIT The Ultimate Hope

    The gold-haired boss gave a dismissive glance to the pair of goons who had noticed them. Giorno didn't quite care about what they thought, since they were nothing but deadbeat prisoners, but something besides the group's latest acquisition, Leiviana, motivated him to explore further. With a smooth stride, he steadily approached and stood beside Leivinia, looking down at her and raising some diplomatic arms.


    "We don't know if these two are the targets we're searching for. I believe we can afford to be a bit more diplomatic - we're guests in this place, after all," Giorno reasoned, looking to the pair of women and flashing a fake, but confident smile. "Buongiorno, ladies. Excuse my associates' brashness - we're all a bit on edge today. My name is Giorno Giovanna. We had no intentions of disturbing your game, we're simply looking for a particular person that lives around here - a. . .ah, fellow prisoner, maybe. Do either of you happen to know. . .ah. . ." However, when the boss' eyes fell upon the one who had her hair tied up in those buns, another one of those 'sparks' rushed up his spine, and his smile melted into confusion. And in that same moment, Jolyne would've felt the same 'spark' when looking upon Giorno, as if she was looking at someone she should know.

    <What a strange feeling. It's our first time meeting, and yet. . .I feel like I should know who she is.>

    Giorno abruptly turned his head to look back at Fiamma, looking troubled. "Er, Fiamma, do you know the name of the person we're-- . . .looking. . ..for?" Giorno's request faded and fell to silence as his eyes drifted over to Jotaro, who's eyes were as wide as dinner plates, staring directly at the strange girl with an stunned stare.

    "Jotaro, what's wrong?"

    ". . .Jotaro?"


    Damn it.

    That hair.

    That's her hair.

    This can't be happening.

    If there is a God, or some kind of entity pulling the strings of fate, they must've had some deep grievances with Jotaro Kujo, to be pulling such a cruel joke. It was not amusing for funny in the slightest (because everyone knows Jotaro has such a colorful sense of humor). The tall man's stony exterior looked as if it just shattered like glass, revealing a shell-shocked man who looks like he's ready to melt. A tidal wave of regrets and distant memories crashed upon Jotaro's mind, prompting him to briefly stumble like a lost animal. This was the culmination of his greatest fears made manifest, from reservoir of fear that's been pooling every since a throwaway insult made by a brown-haired girl in Gotham. Coming back to haunt him, to remind him of his failures, despite all the victories.

    And again that damn feeling rushed up his spine, pooling at the nape of his neck and nagging him to ask the question.

    But he didn't need to.

    He knew exactly who he was looking at.

    Without responding to Giorno, Jotaro immediately lowered the brim of his hat and turned on a heel as soon as he felt Jolyne's gaze briefly move over to him. With his back facing the women, Jotaro walked towards Fiamma and jut a finger forward, speaking in the tone of death.


    "We need to leave, now."

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  6. Ver

    Ver Endearing Misanthrope The Convergence Series GM

    Ollerus, seemingly unfazed by everything that had transpired, simply chuckled lightly, as though amused by the whole situation, even if he didn't exactly know what was going on, between being called a "pervert," the subsequent responses from Leivinia and Giorno, and then the grave reaction from Jotaro. "My, meeting other people like this really puts it into perspective what a colorful bunch we are, eh?" He said to nobody in particular, pocketing his hands before proceeding to speak after Leivinia, "Yes, it is just as she says! If it's quite alright with you, we all would like to have a nice chat with you two!"


    "Gah, not even five minutes in and it feels like things have already become more complicated than needed. Such misfortune. And I can't even sarcastically say I'm glad Ollerus is having fun at least!" Touma exclaimed, uncomfortably scratching the back of his head, especially in response to the mixed messages that Leivinia and Giorno gave. Before long, he turned to Jotaro, also taking notice of his grave reaction to the sight of the women, and tilted his head curiously. "Eh? What's the matter, Kujo-san? You look pale..."

    While Touma was genuinely concerned for Jotaro, Fiamma seemed to be a strange mix of Touma's and Ollerus's sentiments; being both a degree of confused and amused. Either not realizing the full extent of Jotaro's mien or not caring, he only gave a benign smile and raised an eyebrow inquisitively. "Must we? But we just got here. I don't actually know the target's name, but I suppose I should have pointed her out the moment I saw her since I can remember her appearance," the magician said, idly pointing a finger at Jolyne to the side, "In every dimension I've traveled to in this universe that relates to this specific setting, as this prison is from late 2011 to early 2012, one of the more strikingly consistent features is that that girl is fated to fight her world's incarnation of Enrico Pucci. Thus, she could prove to be a valuable asset -- knowing his weaknesses and faults. Do you have an objection I should know about?"

    @Jeremi @Kaykay @CrunchyCHEEZIT
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  7. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    "Childish?!" Jolyne responded like she had just been shot. "Upper body strength and hand to eye coordination is important!"

    Whoa, whoa! Hold on for a moment! "Dad?!" Jolyne was in utter shock to see her father standing in front of her in the middle of the prison courtyard. "Is that you?!"

    "Whoa whoa! Your dad?! What's he doing here?"
    Ermes seemed to be as confused, if not even more so than Jolyne as she looked between Jotaro and Jolyne. All these other people looked super weird too.

    "Hold the fuck on, I'm not talking to everyone before I get some answers."
    Jolyne had moved up to Jotaro now, blocking his path from leaving. "What the fuck is going on? If no one's going to say anythin' I'll beat the crap out of you and then ask again."

    @Ver @CrunchyCHEEZIT @Kaykay
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  8. Kaykay

    Kaykay Mhm.

    Leivinia clicked her tongue as Giorno stepped up front with her. The way she saw it, fated to battle or not, they were dealing with prisoners here. Giving commands to them would be simple if they simply acted with confidence and displayed some power. It'd be easiest to grab one or both of these two, under the pretense of them being the one selected, and have them run around the prison like fetch dogs to find who Fiamma had really picked out. After all, an imprisoned criminal would easily do such a simple task for freedom, and a group who'd suddenly appeared inside a prison could easily promise such a thing. And of course, if one of them was the target then that would settle itself.

    Though she wasn't exactly the boss here so their choice of approach wasn't up to her. Something she still had to get used to. At the very least, she had the sense to not say anything to complicate their attempted message further. As Jolyne yelled back at her, Leivinia dug her heels in and shouted back.

    "Then you should throw the ball with more vigor, and stop chatting while you do it!"

    With the sudden revelation of someone being someone's dad and Fiamma confirming that one of them really was the one they were looking for, the magic cabal boss quickly changed gears. Whatever Jotaro was worried about in being that girl's father or whatever, Leivinia disregarded it since they'd found their target and began to speak again, taking a step forward again.

    "I already said what was going on," she said as she crossed her arms. Though she still appeared relaxed, a confident smirk on her face. "We have business with you, and we'd like to talk. We will give you the details, but it's a long story and not something that can be answered quickly. Seeing as we have your dad here, I can assume this talk would be of benefit to both our parties. You should be grateful we're here if anything, don't you think?"

    She began to bargain using their newfound information. She didn't know how the relationship between this father and daughter was, but the daughter was at least interested in what was going on. In that case, it should become easy to get her to go along with them. Really, she was more concerned about whether Jotaro was going to be more insistent about their leaving.

    @Jeremi @CrunchyCHEEZIT @Ver
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  9. CrunchyCHEEZIT

    CrunchyCHEEZIT The Ultimate Hope

    ". . .Dad?"

    Jotaro froze up like a rigid corpse, staring down at his one and only. Giorno Giovanna slowly approached, standing behind father and the daughter, looking back and forth between them, quickly putting together the pieces in his mind. He shot a glance to Jotaro and motioned to Jolyne as he spoke. "You have a daughter?"


    "Good grief, I must've made some big mistakes in the span of 9 years to let her end up in a prison. Jolyne. . .what happened to you?" Jotaro coldly remarked, staring at Jolyne as he spoke. It wasn't a comfortable feeling, seeing what was once a ten year old girl grown up to become a prisoner. The realization that Jolyne was the individual that the group was searching for, let alone the fact that they found her - Jotaro's daughter - locked up in a prison and acting like she's been there for years had Jotaro descending into a silent rage.

    The instinct of a father overrode his generally aloof disposition as he silently picked out every discrepancy, every red flag, in his daughter's clothing, attitude, situation. At least she still has the same hair, but part of Jotaro wished she didn't, so that he wouldn't have recognized her so quickly.

    Good grief, she really did grow up to be like him - a real asshole. Jotaro rose a finger, "Tch, forget about it. What's going on is none of your business, because we're leaving, and you'll forget that we were ever here."


    Giorno immediately cut in, standing between Jotaro and Jolyne and offering his reasoning. "Jotaro, wait. I don't know the relationship between you two, but I don't believe that matters. We need all the help we can get for this undertaking, and if she's related to you. . .it wouldn't surprise me if she's as strong as you are," the boy crossed his arms and shrugged. He's been following the Joestar heritage for so long, it's safe to assume that this girl is as strong as her father, if not stronger.

    She certainly has the same attitude as her dad, anyway. Giorno rolled his eyes at Jolyne's wanton threat.

    Jotaro didn't break his stare with Jolyne, but his expression seemed to indicate that there were machinations running through his head. However, he shook his head, steadfast in his parental instincts. "No, she's not getting involved with any of this, that's all there needs to be said. We're looking somewhere else for recruits, and that's it."

    "Hm. She must have a stand, if she's related to us."

    The very mention of Jotaro's daughter having a stand prompted the father to spin around on a heel, getting in Giorno's face. His eyes seethed with a tranquil fury. A faint spark of purple light appeared in his balled fist, before quickly vanishing."My daughter does -not- have a stand. Don't even think about it."

    Giorno didn't make any effort to respond, opting instead to simply stare back at Jotaro with a calm expression. And then, as if by defiance, the golden-haired boy's gaze slipped past Jotaro to meet Jolyne.


    ". . .Are you a stand user, then?"

    @Jeremi @Kaykay @Ver
    Last edited: May 27, 2018
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  10. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    "Eat a dick,"
    Jolyne was not in the mood. "I'm done talking to you." Her focus was full stop on Jotaro right now and the look she was giving him would have made a normal man burst into flames.

    The flippant way Jotaro said that made Jolyne even more angry. Or her interpretation of his words at least. "You happened, dad. Maybe if you had been home once in awhile I wouldn't have ended up here." As Jolyne continued staring daggers at Jotaro, Ermes decided to respond to Giorno.

    "Umm...isn't that kind of a personal question? Might as well ask us what color our panties are or something."
    For some it might have been like that, but not most.

    @Ver @Kaykay @CrunchyCHEEZIT
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  11. Ver

    Ver Endearing Misanthrope The Convergence Series GM


    "T-These women are seriously way too vulgar! Really, do forgive me if more and more I'm doubting if they're the grand heroes that we're supposed to be looking for, Fiamma of the Right!!" Touma exclaimed as both Jolyne and Ermes used rather colorful language, the former speaking to a twelve year old girl at that. Speaking of which...

    "If they keep talking like this, is it okay if I cover your ears, Leivinia? A little girl shouldn't be hearing stuff like this, even if you are a leader of such a cabal like the one you've got under your belt!"

    Despite the obvious grave situation, at least between Jotaro and Jolyne, Ollerus couldn't help but continue to be lightly amused by the exchange. "Ara? Are we intruding on some private family time? What a coincidence of coincidences. If I didn't know any better, I'd say it's as though your entire bloodline is fated to fight against DIO, Mr. Kujo. Misfortune of the highest caliber. My condolences," he said, not sounding sincere at all.

    To Ermes, Fiamma simply shrugged his shoulders. "Fear not. I have no interest in your undergarments. I am not a hormonal, adolescent monkey, after all."

    "Why are you looking at me when you say that?! I'm not even--!"

    "--But my associate, Mr. Giovanna, does pose an important question. Of course, if you aren't willing to answer, then I will answer it myself. I've been watching you all for quite some time -- pardon my eavesdropping on your activities -- and I've been able to gather at the very least its name, on account of how often you yell it out loud," Fiamma of the Right continued, casually brushing past the implication that made it sound like he was stalking them.

    "「Stone Free」... That was your Stand's name, wasn't it?" He said, not accounting for how Jotaro would feel about all this.

    @Jeremi @CrunchyCHEEZIT @Kaykay
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  12. Kaykay

    Kaykay Mhm.

    Leivinia deliberated what to say next. This girl wasn't listening to a word she said, and there was little she could change about that. After all, she only had the information of their side. There was nothing she could think to say to this brutish American girl. As she crossed her arms as though in thought, she heard Touma's...offer.

    "Do you really think that such things are beyond my maturity level, Kamijou Touma?" Leivinia scoffed. "No matter how much these two crude prisoners talk about the crotch area, unlike you I will not be affected. However, I do agree it's getting harder to believe in her as reliable help if she doesn't even want to hear about the situation, and instead insists on seeing her daddy. In this kind of case, wouldn't you agree that she is far more of a little girl than me?"

    As Fiamma picked up the conversation with information that she didn't have, and seemed to make a similar comment to one she had sneaked in, Leivinia instead latched onto a different part of the conversation.

    "No need to be dishonest, boy," she sneered.

    @Jeremi @CrunchyCHEEZIT @Ver
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  13. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    Not looking away from Jotaro, Jolyne replied to Fiamma with a tinge of annoyance in her voice. "Yeah? What's it to you?"

    "What's with this brat and the mouth on her?"
    Ermes asked the other people in the group. "Fine, the cat's out of the bag. Stand users, and pervert," She turned to face Fiamma. "Watching girls in prison? Is that your fetish or something?"

    @CrunchyCHEEZIT @Ver @Kaykay
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  14. CrunchyCHEEZIT

    CrunchyCHEEZIT The Ultimate Hope


    ". . .You've been stalking my daughter?"
    Jotaro abruptly started, slowly turning to look at Fiamma with a glare that could cut through solid steel.

    "Jotaro, please. If Fiamma did it with malicious intent, I would have already dealt with it by now. If your daughter does have a stand, you now understand why we're here, yes?"
    Giorno immediately cut in, calmly standing before the towering man and dashing away his rage. The professor scowled, lowering the brim of his hat and shaking his head.

    The situation seemed to only grow more confusing and irritating as it developed for Jotaro Kujo, who conjured thoughts of reason and logic to temper the anger bubbling within him like a cauldron. He hadn't been this agitated since Gotham - or even Egypt, for that matter. It isn't common for the stoic man to not go against adversity in stride, keeping a cool head at every moment and outsmarting the enemy with sharp wit and killer instincts. There was no 'enemy' in this scenario, however. This wasn't anything that DIO had done directly - this was just an increasingly uncomfortable familial situation that could only be settled by him and him alone.


    Jotaro let out a cool sigh, turning his back to Giorno in order to face his daughter. "Damn, I should've known that this was gonna happen. Ever since I came back from Morioh, I feared it was gonna happen. When a man named DIO pierced himself with the Arrow, every living member of the Joestar bloodline manifested a Stand at the same moment - me, your great-grandfather, and your grandmother. I figured, it happened to all of us, you would've eventually gotten a stand as well." Jotaro spoke, crossing his arms and sighing again. "For me, It became a question of how, and when, the stand would manifest, and if there was any way I could've stalled it. That's why I was away from home so much, Jolyne - I never wanted you to have this life. You weren't supposed to end up like me - going through all this dangerous, bizarre crap."


    "Judging by the legacy of our bloodline, however," Giorno stepped forward with an amicable smile. "That fate will find us, regardless of what we do to prevent it."

    ". . .Then, I've wasted enough time already. . .good grief, I guess there's no stopping it."

    "Jolyne, we're getting you out of here. You won't have to come back to this dump ever again, but I need you to do one thing for me, understand?"


    "I need you to show me 「Stone Free」."

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  15. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    "You're full of shit,"
    Came Jolyne's shot and scathing rebuttal of Jotaro's reasoning's. "If you really were worried about me or whatever shit you're babbling about, you would have stuck home and maybe I wouldn't be here right now." She was fuming but at the same time she knew none of them would leave until she did what they wanted.


    Behind her Stone Free emerged. "There, that's why you're here isn't it? For your damn donkey show. Now fuck off, I'm busy."

    Ermes meanwhile seemed to be slightly pouting. "No one's asking what my Stand looks like..."

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  16. CrunchyCHEEZIT

    CrunchyCHEEZIT The Ultimate Hope

    "Busy with what, community service?" Jotaro calmly shot back, lowering the brim of his hat and sighing condescendingly. "Good grief. . ."

    It was a bit stinging for him to admit that Aoko Aozaki ended up having her wish broken from all those years ago, but she was the one who was looking into his future, after all. If it wasn't for her amazing plan, Jotaro wouldn't have been so eager to hop on with Giorno Giovanna's grand plan. All Jotaro saw standing before him was a sniveling kid. A sniveling, impulsive brat.

    Not one to back down from an insult, was she?

    The sudden emergence of her stand prompted Giorno to look on with immediate interest, but Jotaro. . .Well, he shook his head. "Is that supposed to be Stone Free? Hmph," Jotaro sighed, crossing his arms. "We must've gotten the wrong girl. No way our target's Stand would look so mediocre. Sorry I ever bothered you, Jolyne. Guess you're better off fucking around in prison."

    ". . .Jotaro, you can't be serious."

    "I am. I don't see an ounce of power within that Stand. How many times has she beaten you in a fight?" Jotaro asked his daughter, while shooting a finger to Ermes. Giorno looked on in bemusement, yet he could sense some kind of grand plan uncoiling behind the older Joestar's stoic gaze. The gold-haired wielder of the Arrow looked over at Ms. Costello, putting on his best amicable tone.

    "You're a Stand user as well?"

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  17. Jeremi

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    Jotaro's words made Jolyne's face scrunch up anger. "Tch, keep talking old man and we'll see how strong my Stand really is." She knew that he was baiting her, she knew it, but even so the pent up issues she had with her father was starting to boil to the surface. "And unlike you, jackass. I don't fight with my friends."

    Ermes meanwhile grinned when Giorno asked about her Stand. "I am! Kiss!" As she said that a Stand emerged behind her.


    "See? Isn't she cool?!"

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  18. Ver

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    "Aha, would it alleviate your frustration if I said I would have told you if I'd known?" Fiamma of the Right quipped when Jotaro, in a less than friendly manner, asked if the one he'd been observing (or less delicately, stalking) had been his very daughter. Though he spoke with his usual cool-headed, collected tone, his face seemed to betray that with a hint of apprehension toward the far taller and more imposing man. Still, if he wasn't able to, it seemed that the ever-reasonable Giorno was able to quell the giant.

    While the family had their own little personal conflict in front of each other (with Ermes seeming to be able to inject herself into the exchange), Ollerus clicked his tongue. "My, my. A touching reunion. But are you so sure she's as weak as you say, Mr. Kujo? After all, Fiamma of the Right rarely makes miscalculations. And if she is indeed one destined to fight someone like that Pucci, wouldn't that mean there's indeed something more to her than meets the eye?"

    An impish smirk appears on his lips, before he crosses his arms behind his back, and leans forward, looking up at Jotaro like a mischievous cat. "Or... Are you only pretending to be disinterested in her power to convince us to feel the same and keep her here, safe from DIO's watch?"


    "You know, Ollerus, when you put it like that, it does make us sound like some sort of villains..." Touma moaned, bemoaning the misfortune of this situation that felt like it went badly way too quickly.

    How could things possibly get worse from here?

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  19. Kaykay

    Kaykay Mhm.

    "Like you're one to talk," Leivinia returned at Ermes as she was accused of having a foul mouth, though she stopped talking for a moment as the older girl revealed her Stand. Though she didn't look particularly impressed. Keeping her arms crossed, she huffed.

    "I don't get what's so impressive about either of these two myself, but judging things I don't fully understand just by looks would be a fool's method. Rather than that, there's something I else I don't get here. The need for speculation."


    Her expression suddenly turned more alive, her eyes widening as a grin spread across her face. The leader of the Dawn-Colored Sunlight placed her hands on her hips as she continued.

    "Just put Fiamma of the Right's calculations to the test. Jotaro Kujo can argue against intangible calculations for as long as he wants, but he can't argue against physical evidence. Fiamma of the Right's calculations versus Jotaro Kujo's instincts. Which one will be correct, I wonder?"

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  20. CrunchyCHEEZIT

    CrunchyCHEEZIT The Ultimate Hope


    "Kiss, huh? It does look. . .interesting."
    Giorno commented on Ermes' stand, keeping with his habitual politeness despite leaving his first impression lukewarm. The seasoned stand user has seen enough wild abilities to determine that Stands, by their very nature, cannot be logically judged off of appearance alone, since most Stand abilities betray the Stand's physical appearance, or have no correlation to their appearance until they are seen by the human eye. Which is precisely why Giorno silently nodded in agreement with Leivinia's and Ollerus' reasoning.

    Meanwhile, Jotaro Kujo calmly listened to the reasoning of his allies, and nodded, crossing his arms and holding one hand to his chin. "Hm. You're all right, Fiamma of the Right may have done his research, and I can't question hard facts. After all, it'd be embarrassing for me to question calculations without presenting any logical reasoning of my own," the accomplished marine biologist reasoned as he moved his hands into his coat pockets and began a steady approach towards his daughter.



    "I'd like to do a little test of my own. We don't have much time to waste now, so I'll make this quick."

    Just as the last few words escaped his mouth, a vibrant golden light began to coalesce around Jotaro's body. The shimmering aura grew in size and intensity until it finally projected a few inches behind his body, taking on a definitive physical form. Giorno's eyes widened slightly as the new Stand emerged.


    That must be. . .


    "Star Platinum."

    This would mark the first time Ollerus and his party would see Jotaro Kujo's supposedly powerful Stand. According to that frenchman hiding within the turtle back at Giorno's office, the stand before them is responsible for killing Dio Brando for the first time, as well as being the only Stand that rivals The World's power. They picked up this marine biologist guy on the turtle's word, as well as a hunch by Giorno Giovanna, so it might be worth something to see him in action.

    Star Platinum moved in front of Jotaro, phasing through his body like a ghost and facing towards Stone Free. It then held up it's fists in a defensive stance.

    "You hate me so much, Jolyne? Let out your anger. Stone Free's power versus Star Platinum's durability." Jotaro taunted his daughter.

    Giorno stared at the scene in utter silence, and then looked over at Ermes and her ready-to-fight Stand. ". . .I-I don't think we'll need the same requirement for Kiss." Giorno said, hopefully shooting down any split-second ideas Ermes had.

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