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Illusion A Clue in the Knight

Discussion in 'Convergence In-Character Forums' started by Sark, Aug 23, 2018.

  1. Sark

    Sark Im-im-impossible!!

    Link to Sign Ups

    "Gotham City... now that shit hole is 'ardly a tourist trap. Can't take a quick jog without some loon pulling you to the side an' asking for your wallet. Kinda place where you'll get shot for sayin' 'please'. Are you sure we're talkin' about the same Gotham?"

    "I am quite certain, Byzantium, I am quite certain"

    "And of all the cities in all the worlds, you still want this one?"

    "Were my instructions not clear?"

    "As clear as a threat on my life can be. I'm just sayin' that I don't see why you want it so badly. I mean, there's gotta be somewhere else-"

    "Remember our deal, Conman! Remember our Bargain! The City for the Girl! Unless you want her to end up like another one of your little ghost stories?"

    "No... No, I won't forget. Gotham City on a platter, 'sir'. I just don't plan on enjoin' it, that's all. Don't have your taste when it comes to shit like this... And what about the Outsiders? This hasn't been a clean job so far... we have witnessed"

    "Oh, they won't be causing any trouble I'm sure... Before they know it, they'll be calling Gotham home too... And if there is one thing I'm certain of, its that Gotham City is no place for Heroes"


    Gotham City Police Headquarters

    'Just another day in the war on Crime. Just another battle in the good fight... But the day I put on that badge for the first time, I never thought that the could fight would end up becoming the Endless Fight. We put one sorry Bastard behind bars and two come to take his place. We're cleaning up Gotham with a dirty sponge, and any good we do just seems to make things worse...'

    A summer storm roared its usual wake up call across the streets of Gotham, bringing yet another wall of rain upon the sleepless city. A season without Sun had left the streets wetter than the walls of the floor of the Iceberg of a Friday night, a mighty wind casting a wave of dark slush across the pavement like a fishing line. Not a shoe was safe from its black wrath. But it places such as Gotham, anyone passing through would come to find its people too impatient to wait for brighter skies and too stubborn to change their clothes to fit the storm. A sea of jaded faces and sinking hats was enough to confirm any suspicions.

    Only 2 sounds could drown out the screaming elements: the crackling of camera flares and the croaky call of an old bird. Scrawny, featherless this bird wore a sly grin across his beak and a fine suit around his breast in a futile attempt to masquerade as a man. He had even stolen a human name for himself: Mr.Oswald Cobberpot. The Penguin.
    "Today!" He let his breath beat against the wind, his words distorted by his excited smile "Today marks a new Era for Gotham City! Gone are her days cowering in the shadows! Gone are the days she has spent hiding in the shade, too scared to be seen in the sun! From this day forward, we clean up Gotham!"

    A wave of applause screamed from the steps below him, dozens of microphones and lenses staring up their mother-bird. The Gotham City Press- the vultures picking through the trash of the streets- had taken a particular liking to the City's latest mayor. Mayor Penguin: 'Hero'! Mayor Penguin: 'Our Saviour'! He could see the headlines even now. All he had to do was feed them a little lie here, feed them a little controversy there, and soon they too would be domesticated, trained to eat from his palm and his palm alone. Soon the City's journalists would be in the same pocket as its gangs, each criminal in their own right.

    "For too long the GCPD has sat on its thumbs, biding time until its next budget cut" He shot a razor's glances towards the sea of blue coats at his right, the wet uniforms of the GCPD's finest glistening with each camera flash. "Their arrest records may be high, but their convictions are low. Too many good men are being thrown behind bars by our brash, hamfisted officers, too busy thinking about where to cash their next check to check the facts!"

    Oswald waved a raised finger, waving it through the air like a conductor's baton, commanding the song of his audience. Triumphantly, he held it above his head, calling for every eye in the crowd to follow it.

    "But no more! Today, I pledge to be the change I want to see in this city, starting with a total reform of the GCPD! Gotham will see a revolution she has been longing for for years! And the first step towards her liberation--"

    A sly grin curled his cheeks
    "Starting with the pardoning of a few good citizens..."

    From behind the great wooden doors of the Department, a caravan of prisoners emerged, lead by a bedraggled old cop. With a boisterous tug, he yacked up on the handcuffs of the leader of the chain gang, pulling him from the lips of the doorway and onto the ivory stairs. He tensed his brow. It killed him to put scum back onto the streets, no matter who's tongue the order leapt from. He didn't care if the president himself called for him to release a guilty pickpocket; he would do it, of course, but he could never enjoy it. He threw a glare towards the mayor.

    "Gentle now, Mr.Bullock. We don't want these upstanding citizens to get hurt now, do we?"

    Bullock simply growled in response, any words he had wanted to say rendered sacrifices to his resolve. Penguin would get his just deserts one day... he'd make sure that old bird would spend his twilight years behind bars, even if it killed him. But for now, he'd have to play ball. Bide his time. He would watch and wait, and soon enough, Cobblepot would show his true feathers. It was a matter of time before the scumbag screwed up, and when he did, Harvey wanted to be there to read him his Miranda Rights...

    "Now... On to the formalities" Oswald removed a crumpled sheet of paper from his blazer pocket, straighted it out the best he could with his thumbs, and placed it upon his lecturn. He cleared his throat and read. "As Mayor of Gotham City, I hereby use the rights invested in be by our great United States, God, the People... exetera exetera to pardon the following citizens:

    A Mr.Charlie Chaplin Scotts, and upstanding programmer who was merely in the wrong place at the wrong time
    A Mr.Eugene 'Gene' Terry, a former citizen of Mississippi falsely accused of a murder without evidence
    And a Ms.Rhea Kanaba, a patriotic Gothamite caught up in a case of mistaken identity!"

    The press ate it up, showing the same reverence the killers and crooks as they had done the ringleader himself. They were kings now! The new poster boys of a Free Gotham City, drinking up the bulb flashes as the Captain himself released their chains.

    "They are liberated men in a liberated city! The first of a new age of Heroes, ready to show Gotham the power of a little moxie!"

    Removing himself from the stage, a fuming Harvey Bullock sought to place as much distance between himself and the Mayor as he could, lest he found his first edging closer and closer to his face. Through the fog and rain, he gestured for a handful of his finest to follow him through the crowd. As his voice faded into a void of questions, Harvey threw his body up against his car door, lighting up the cigarette that sat between his teeth. The taste of wet tobacco made his tongue crawl.
    "Lemme tell ya..." He snapped, his thumb fumbling over the fuel lever "Someday soon, someone's gonna try to cook that bird. Someone's gonna shove a rod up his ass and roast him real slow, and there ain't a fancy title in Hell that'll save him from that" In a couple more desperate flicks, Harvey finally struck gold, sparks flickering from the lighter's cheap, plastic cap. By the time his own had caught fire, Harvey had already offered his pack and light around to all but Makoto, a jaded look in his eyes "They'll take the edge off all the shit that goes on nowadays. They kill ya slowly... which is more than can be said for half the shits that came rolled into town this morning... An apparently Birdbrain up there seems content with making things worse..."

    A stream of water licked the light from his lips, sending mashed ash spitting across his shirt and tie. With gritted teeth, he forced the paper from his lips and threw open the door of his Dodger Diplomat. He thrust his legs onto the peddles and his key into the ignition, letting the engine screech to life. With one hand on the wheel and the other on his forehead, Harvey tilted his brow towards his fellow officers.

    "I don't normally do shit like this, but get in. We're going for a drive. We're gonna go on patrol, we're gonna find some smart-ass tryin' to pull a fast one and we're gonna nab him the old-fashioned way. We're gonna nab him and charge him before that freak can stick his nose it. You with m-"

    Harvey's words were cut short by the roar of an even louder engine roaring into across the street, shattering the thin yellow barricade marking off the press zone. The scream came from what appeared to be a modified hearse, its black husk repainted with thin red streaks and the teeth of a Frankenstein engine piercing its bonnet. The cockroaches with cameras were well away from its path as it charged forward, having scurried up the ivory steps to get a better angle on their sacred mayor, but even distance couldn't protect them from the men inside the rolling tank. A tall large, mountain of a man leaned out of the boot of the car, one arm firmly wrapped around the door handle and the other around a crudely modified Tommy gun. Across his face, he wore a thick red mask, as did his two accomplices in the front seat.
    "Good morning, Gotham!" He cried over the engine "Quite the turnout today! Good show, Oswald!" He lowered his barrel "Good. Show"

    With a flex of his finger, a sea of lead roared across the crowd, narrowly missing a majority of the reporters. Some cried out in fear, others out of the pain caused by the instinctive dives. One officer clutched his chest, a red stream pouring down the steps. In his hand, he held a bullet made for the Penguin.

    "GCPD!" Bullock cried from behind his wheel, a wave of purpose having washed his self-pity away "Put the gun down!"

    As quickly as he had arrived, the 3 Red Hood burned off down the street, the gunman pulling himself back inside the vehicle as it soared around the corner and through the second blocked.

    "All units mobilise!" Harvey screamed into his radio "I repeat, all units! Gunman heading down 25th! We've got Red Hoods! I repeat I have a visual on the Red Hoods! Send all available units!" As quickly as he had grabbed it, Bullock tossed it aside, wrapping his free fingers around the leather of his wheel. He turned to his brightest best, gesturing for them to join him. "I said all units! You guys, get in here! No feet on the seats, guns at the ready! We gotta slow the Hoods down while the boys get the barricade in place! We won't get another shot at this!!"

    @Alex Azure @Lucky @MelodyMeister @Jeremi @Lucky @Crow
    A screaming pulp on the ground, Mayor Cobblepot was soon swarmed by a sea of security guards and medics, scanning him for injuries all the while stepping over the bleeding officer. Frantically checking to see is all his parts were still attached to his torso, Cobblepot screamed for space, sending his cronies away.

    "You!" He threw a dagger of a finger towards his 3 newly free associates "You're supposed to be my best! Why aren't you getting after them!!" His screaming continued, a greasy fist pounding the puddles at this side. "Why!? Why?! Why!? What the Hell are you waiting for!?"

    With a wave of will, Oswald did all he could to compose himself, his pale face turning a burning red under the strain.

    "There are bikes waiting for you in the Alley. The keys are inside. Find. Them" His eyes became two black scars on his face, thinned with all the fury that rested within him. He would not allow the Hoods to make a mockery of them. He would not let them overshadow his crowning glory. "Because if you don't... the GCPD will be the least of your worries!!"

    @Crow @Takumi @Yun Lee
    From within the hearse, the gunman ripped his mask from his face, throwing the rag into the corner of the boot. He breathed. He snarled. He gathered his senses. In a calm, focused voice, he spoke directly to Wilder "Did you see what happened back there? I couldn't tell through this damn mask... is he dead? Did I shoot the damn bird?"
    Cast List
    @Crow as Charlie Chaplin Scotts
    @Alex Azure as Shirley Homestead
    @Lucky as Liam Anderson
    @MelodyMeister as Harry Thomas Edwards
    @Yun Lee as Eugene "Gene" Terry
    @Jeremi as Clara Clover
    @Takumi as Rhea Kanaba
    @Lucky as Aurora Diaz
    @Crow as Makoto Koichi/Kid Question
    @York as Kidd Wilder
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2018
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  2. York

    York Just a newbie...

    Kidd Wilder

    Wilder also had a mask on... Except... She didn't need to take it off to see the fruits of her associate's labor, shaking her head, the look of disappointment hidden behind the mask's fabric.

    "Ya bloody hit someone alright... But it wasn't him." She hissed, palming one of her many knives as she turned to look out the back window, seeming quite tense despite the fact that they seemed to be making good distance between the scene.

    "He'll be sendin' his flock soon. 'Gotta plan?" She asked.

    Their main objective failed, but there was always a next time... For now, it was just a matter of shaking the heat, and regrouping; for now... The Penguin will live another day... ... But every day... Every hour... Is one too many.

    Next time, she was going to finish it with her own bare hands... If she could help it.

    Her gaze remained fixed on the vehicle's back window, occasionally making darting glances around the other windows. She was anticipating company, in one form or another... ... It was only a matter of who, or what would reach them first; from there, she could determine the best course of action... To make sure they were no longer being followed.​
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  3. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN


    A vow of silence as always. Charlie Scotts looks over Cobblepot with concern. Cobblepot was bleeding, leaking, he had to do something about it.

    But Cobblepot's words were absolute. If what he felt was best and what Cobblepot commanded contradicted each other, he would pick the latter choice - to follow his commands, even if it means leaving him bleeding with medics and staff he may not have the greatest of trust in.

    Charlie Scotts looks over to the Red Hoods. He knew what he had to do.


    The man gestures towards Eugene & Rhea to make a move with his gloved fingers.

    @Sark @Crow @Takumi @Yun Lee

    "Oh, Cobblepot, Cobblepot..."

    A man- or maybe boy- well, he was short. He didn't even hit the 5 foot mark. This man was decorated with a trenchcoat and a fedora. His orange-red hair was showing underneath a fedora, and underneath a fedora was the lack of any facial features.

    "... the only piece of evidence of your bloodline's corruption and devilish mannerisms - a 19th century diary written by Millie Jane Cobblepot - was burned away. It would be most foolish to make more pieces that are less disposable, now wouldn't it? Play your cards well, Cobblepot, play your cards well... otherwise, you will have to find the right answer to fit The Question."

    This odd, faceless man decides to utilise shortcuts combined with athletic running and stamina to catch up to the Red Hoods and observe and tail where they were going. Perhaps he would be able to see Penguin's cronies too - those were the true threat, yet, they were too dangerous for him. He felt it best to allow the Red Hoods & Penguin-cronies to waste each other. He had confidence in his skill - but he knew his own limits.

    It wouldn't be that hard for the Red Hoods to see a faceless, short man outside their windows as they whizzed through the streets.

    @Sark @York
  4. Takumi

    Takumi Member of the Yato Club

    Not really paying attention to Cobblepot as she was released from her cuffs, Rhea smiled happily at feeling free. Rubbing her wrist, her head whipped to the side once the roar if an engine and once the Red Hoods showed up, her eyes widened slightly. Sure, she was used to the sounds of shooting amd screaming, but man. To have someone shoot in her general area so soon after getting out of jail? That was really unlucky.

    Well, she didn't get hit so it was alright. Though getting chewed out by Cobblepot earned a sigh. "Aye aye, Mr. Birdma-I mean, Mr. Cobblepot." She spoke somewhat nonchalantly. Turning on her heel, she wasted no time going down the steps two at a time, hands resting in her pockets as she followed after Charlie.

    "Ugh, if I wanted to get yelled at I'd call my brother and tell him I like, I got drunk and threw up a bunch of nachos in a stranger's place or something." She grumbled under her breath. Deciding to quicken her pace a bit just so she could get on her bike sooner.

    "Well then boys! Let's get going before Cobblepot molts anymore feathers or something." She huffed. At least she'd get to ride a cool bike in the end of this pretty alright day.

    @Sark @Yun Lee @Crow
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2018
  5. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    This was going to be a simple, normal day. Say the friendly hellos when you walked in, grab a cup of coffee sit down at her desk and type away on her computer. That's it. But noooo, the Penguin had to come here and be all like, oh I'm the Penguin. I've got a beak and I stink of fish. Ugh, damn criminals like him...thinks he can just waltz in like that.

    And then Bullock ordered her to follow some perps. "S-Sir?" Oh boy. "Y-You know I don't..."Did she even have her gun? Oh my God where did she leave her gun??? Clara was sweating quite heavily now and pushed up her large blue glasses on her nose. "Can't I just...do the paperwork?" Despite why she had decided to join the police force, Clara Clover had...issues when it came to interact with the broader sense of what the job entailed. She was sure most of her work had nabbed the majority of the people that were being set free, that had to count for something, right?

    @Sark @Alex Azure @Lucky @MelodyMeister @Jeremi @Lucky @Crow
  6. Alex Azure

    Alex Azure Prince of the Multiverse

    Shirley Homestead

    Shirley ran her fingers through her copper-wire hair. With a deep sigh, she watched their `honorable Mayor Cobblepot` send three former inmates back into the streets with pompous bravado. She looked at each of the three 'upstanding citizens' with disdain. "The bird rubs me the wrong way," she complained to any of her colleagues who would listen, "acting like he knows what goes on down at this level. He surely didn't major in criminal law and earn a detective's badge. We're working hard to clean up this city, and setting bad people free will only add to the mess. I'm sure these people are only gonna cause more trouble. I brought Rhea in myself, and I'd bet my badge there's nothing mistaken about that conviction."

    As the Red Hoods arrived, she drew her gun, pointing at the criminals. However, they sped off before she had a clear chance to fire. Too many civilians, and too many risks. She returned the gun to her holster. Sliding over the hood of the officer's car, Shirley hopped into the passenger's seat.

    "Clover, quit worrying about the paperwork and get in the dang car!" Shirley called before slamming the passenger door shut.

    @Sark @Alex Azure @Lucky @MelodyMeister @Jeremi @Lucky @Crow
  7. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    "But..." She whimpered as she dejected got into the car. "I don't have a gun..."

    @Sark @Alex Azure @Lucky @MelodyMeister @Jeremi @Lucky @Crow
  8. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM


    A motorcycle revved to life, and a flash of yellow and black sped off in pursuit of the Red Hoods. Damn! How long had it been since Gene had seen some action? Way too long, that was for damn sure! To feel the wind in his hair after that musty prison, the crummy light of Gotham City's neon signs over the flickering prison lights...and the excitement of a fresh new hunt!

    ...okay, maybe he felt that a little bit in prison, but not nearly as much out here! Gotham was his personal playground, after all. It was fun! And with ol' Cobblepot calling the shots? Gene's life got that much better. So how else to show his gratitude than to make some Red Hoods suffer?

    He called to his fellow pardoned crooks as he sped past them. "C'mon, y'all! Let's scalp us some hoods, yeah?! Wooo!!!"

    @Sark @Crow @Takumi
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  9. Lucky

    Lucky Just A Light Snack

    Liam Anderson and Aurora Diaz

    Liam looked over at Harvey and nodded and headed for his own car. [COLOR=378e90]I'll take my own car, just so the car doesn't get too crowded," he replied, hoping into his own driver seat or would have if Aurora hadn't already taken the seat. " Aurora, I love that you want to help, but I'll do the driving and you take the passenger seat. I prefer to catch them without crashing into them."

    Aurora crossed her arms and climbed over to the opposite seat, giving her not-so secret boyfriend a glare. "
    Fine, but I get to take the wheel if you decide you need a better shot, Liam."

    Liam sighed and nodded. " Fine," . Liam looked for the fastest and quickest route to cut off the members of the Red hood.

    @Sark @Alex Azure @MelodyMeister @Jeremi @Crow

  10. Sark

    Sark Im-im-impossible!!

    As Kid Question caught up with the hearse, he would find it's tearing around the corner of 34th street, crossing 2 lanes with a clumsy drift. All around it, passager cars swerved and skidded out of its path. Some managed to regain control of their vehicles and escape the path of the madman, only to be ramed by clumsier, more terrified drivers.​

    "Fuck!" He would hear from the side of the roar, the gunman cursing with such volume it was a miracle the class by his side didn't shatter under the force of his breath "He weaselled his way out of it again! I swear... when I get my hard on him..." His metal hand closed around himself, sending an earsplitting shriek throughout the car.

    "A plan... A plan... The Bastard is gonna be in lockdown for weeks after this, and shits gonna get a lot harder for us from here on our..." He slapped his temple over and over as if he trying to force an idea through his thick skull "C'mon Butch... think... Thin--"

    Wilder whilst staring out of the back window, Widler would meet eyes with the Question, and soon, Butch followed suit.

    "Don' jus' stare at her! Shoot her!"
    @Crow @York
    The three motorcycles roared down 35th and scorched onto 34th, the traffic before them like the red sea. Did the people of Gotham fear then? Did they know what they had in store of the Red Hoods? Or were they simply unhappy with the trio speeding down the wrong side of the road? As they closed the gap between them and the hearse, the number of cars lacing the streets seemed to decrease, an order from the gods commanding the people of Gotham to cower in their homes whilst the blockade was put in place. Perhaps it was safer that way, albeit less fun. Within a handful of moments of riding, the black and red corpse-carrier danced on the horizon again, tearing down 32nd.
    "Nuff complaining, Clover, and get in the damn car. We'll need every hand we can get today, so knuckle down and grow up!"

    In a clumsy and jagged moment, Harvey reached into his jacket and threw a short, snub-nosed Glock from his breast pocket in Clara's direction, a bullet or two leaking onto the pavement below.

    "Just take mine and shut up. I'll be drivin' anyway..."
    Harvey shouted over the whirling wheels, a sudden jerk of his arms sending his car off onto the main road.
    "I trust your judgement, Shirl, but when men like the Penguin come a-knocking, you've got to dance to their tune. Right now we're living on borrowed time. Cobblepot could effectively shut us down if he felt like it. He's toying with us. He's playing with his food, but if we play our cards right we could make him choke. We play ball for now... but he's gonna screw up soon enough, just you see..."
    @Alex Azure
    "Sounds like a plan, Liam. Get into a good spot; we'll try to push them towards the docks. Something tells me these guys are gonna want to run the barricade, and I wanna take them out long before they get that chance"

    As the cops became a blur, the grey walls of 35th and 34th seemed to melt away, becoming nothing more than a glowing background to draw their eyes from the road. Even with all its modifications, the Hearse was still a Hearse, and it was hardly going to break the land speed record and outpace Harvey's Old Reliable Girl. Just a few more meters. A few more meters and they would be within shooting distance. Any second no-

    Harvey's eyes were drawn from the car in front of him and towards his window, his eyes locking with the drivers beside him. 3 Ex-cons, speeding down a domestic road and interfering with a police investigation; Penguin had screwed up already. He smiled. He couldn't wait to see how Penguin tried to spin this one. The 3 'upstanding citizens' he had freed had gone on to commit another crime mere moments after their liberation. Now this would be a story for the grandkids...

    "Scotts, Terry, Kanaba!" Harvey cried, letting his vehicle to roll closer to the bikes until his officers were riding parallel to the Penguin's cronies "Pull over... Now! To hell with the bird! You're under arrest! All three of you!"

    Harvey reached for his radio and rolled the windows down, letting his men stare the criminals in the eye. After all they had done to capture them, they deserved to see the look on their faces once they were sent back to Blakgate with their tails between their legs. With a finger over the receiver, he added to his previous message, releasing a string of codewords and authorization codes the Penguin's men didn't care for. From the radios within their own bikes, another voice called.

    "Oh...yeah... Nobody told you? Oh no..." The voice sang in disconnected, almost dreamlike sentences "The Boss didn't send you riding off empty handed now... He... wouldn't do that... would he? No... check your handlebars... He's left you a little... gift..."

    Strumming on the edges of the bike's handlebars would deploy the draw of a secret compartment beneath the ignition, revealing that an automatic pistol and 2 clips on ammunition had been hidden inside the bikes.

    "Have fun now..." The voice laughed "And be back before bed ti-me"

    @Crow @Alex Azure @Lucky @MelodyMeister @Yun Lee @Jeremi @Takumi @York
  11. MelodyMeister

    MelodyMeister Flagship Character(s): Cute Anime Girls

    Oh, how hard was it to have a simple, quiet morning in Gotham?

    Harry had attended the Penguin’s announcement, holding a cup of tea in his left hand, and a gun nearby to his right. He released ‘three upstanding citizens’, who then proceeded to continue their old dirty ways. In fact, it was kind of amazing. If he were a criminal, he would go low-profile for a little before getting back into the gang. Instead, they went straight for the gangs again. Imbeciles.

    Harry was one of the last to board the car, since he wanted to finish his drink before getting into business. And it was quite a good idea. The car was stuffed, and they were heading towards chasing criminals already. He was used to getting his schedule interrupted, but this was ridiculous. It was too early for work, much less crime-fighting.

    Still, he had a gun, and he was ready. And they had reached their destination already.
    Harry saw the three from earlier, and stared at them. These were dangerous criminals, and if Harvey would just let him, then he would have shot them and then sent them away. But alas, his boss....oh, he was allowing them to do just that. Good.

    He had his gun on the three, and if they moved, he would send a warning shot at them. They were unarmed and cornered, clearly, this would be an easy job.


    He whispered something over to Harvey.
    “Something’ wrong. I don’t know what, but them looking down at their motorbikes and that radio is not helping. What do we do, boss?”
    @Sark@Crow @Alex Azure @Lucky @MelodyMeister @Yun Lee @Jeremi @Takumi @York
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2018
  12. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    Clara looked over to the gun laying before her with a combination of shock and disdain. It was one of these that...she gulped and with a shaky hand reached out to grab it from the seat. "T-Thanks sir..." She stammered out, why didn't they need a tech person or something instead of a gun one? "Good luck shooting people...everyone."

    @Sark @Alex Azure @Lucky @MelodyMeister @Jeremi @Lucky @Crow
  13. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    Aw, did ol' Harvey think that he was gonna stop 'em that easy? Gene's lips curled into a smile as he heard his boss speak to him. "Sorry Harvey," Gene said, taking his hands off the bike, picking the pistol up and loading it. "But the only person pullin' over is YOU!"

    Cackling, Gene shot one bullet each into the two tires on his side before putting his hands back on the bike and druving off, holding the gun along as he did.

    @Sark @Crow @Alex Azure @Lucky @MelodyMeister @Yun Lee @Jeremi @Takumi @York
  14. Takumi

    Takumi Member of the Yato Club

    Did Harvey really think that all because they were having a nice joy ride he could come in and stop the fun? Man, that was whack.

    "Sorry old man, but we gotta go! Bye bye~!" Rhea laughed, grinning like a giddy child as she gave Harvey and company a two fingered salute, before snorting at Eugene specifically and shooting at one of Harvey's other tires and riding off.

    @Sark @Crow @Alex Azure @Lucky @MelodyMeister @Yun Lee @Jeremi @York
  15. York

    York Just a newbie...

    Kidd Wilder
    @Crow @Sark @Others(?)

    As soon as she locked eyes with the Question, Kidd was already reaching for a knife from her belt, gripping its hilt, nodding only after she was told to shoot the target she had in her sights.

    "Aye... Wait up for me, will ya?" She said, the smile of anticipation hidden behind her mask.

    It was going to be a risky maneuver, but she was no stranger to anything like that; to make a omelette, they were going to have to break a few eggs. Sneaking the car door open, she sought to leap out, aiming to land right on the Question's vehicle.

    As she soared through the air, a hooded figure... Like some kind of bird wearing a red cloak, something glinted in the street lights; the flash of a blade.

    It was difficult to say what she was going to do, but it didn't seem like she was too heavily armed. Was she crazy? Or just really confident in her own skills, who knows...​
  16. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    As Kid Question, having 'picked' a motorized scooter up at some point, drove and noticed Kidd maneuveuring towards him, he diverged and swerved, using the disoriented traffic as a shield and maze to evade her, before going offroad and back on to grab his own weapon of choice - a potted plant from the outside of someone's house, its trunk to handle and the pot as a bludgeon.

    "Nothing but a pawn trapped in a web of conspiracy," Kid Question says to the Red Hood Kidd as he continues to use to surrounding disoriented vehicles to and his smaller vehicle to his advantage, "if you wish to risk that life bound to a brainwashed brain, then be my guest. I'm heavily armed."

    @Sark @York @Crow @etcetcetc​


    Charlie, relying on his two allies as cover, decides to utilise the speed of his motorcycle to drive off with them. Three tires gone should be sufficient to stun them. If they could easily acquire three more, a fourth would be chicken feed. His logic dictated that he should just move.

    He does, however, take his gun out, preparing to shoot at pursuers.

    @Sark @Crow @Takumi @Alex Azure @Lucky @MelodyMeister @Yun Lee @Jeremi @PenguinGangVSHarvey​
  17. Sark

    Sark Im-im-impossible!!

    "You're right, Harry! I've got a bad feeling about this!" Harvey cried over the gunfire "But when it comes to the Penguin, I always do. Keep your guns on them! If they do anything out of the ordinary, you shoot and you keep shooting! These guys are bad news- and if they try any funny business then they need to be put down and kept down!"

    As 3 of his tired came spiralling off the side of his car, Harvey flung his arms to the side, desperately trying to compensate for his tailspin. Despite his best efforts, before they could comprehend the gravity of the situation, the cops were trapped inside a metal hurricane, their bonnet and boot switching places faster than their eyes could comprehend.

    "Hold on!"
    Harvey cried, frantically switching gears "We're in for one hell of a ride!"

    As the car's speed fell and rose, its hull was a force to the side, the wheel of Rhea's bike slamming into the trunk and joining them in their whirlwind. In a cloud a smoke and rubber, the 2 vehicles came to a sudden stop, with the passengers sustaining only mild injuries. Perhaps' Rhea's health was a testament to the quality of her prison uniform? Or perhaps it was just plain luck? Soon, she would find herself back on her feet, uninjured, and standing before her burning bike. Her cocked pistol remained in her hand.

    "Everyone out of the car!" Harvey threw his door open "Get behind the vehicle! Pretty soon the shootings gonna start up again, and I don't want to be filling out any accident reports!"

    @Sark @Crow @Alex Azure @Lucky @MelodyMeister @Yun Lee @Jeremi @Takumi @York
    "Clara!" Bullock called out from behind the car, his hat bulled down over his eyes to protect its lips from any stray led. He thick finger danced in the direction of a red pick up truck left abandoned by the side of the road. Whoever had been driving it prior to the city-wide lockdown must have been in a hurry to run inside and hide under their beds. "You think you can take a shot at hotwiring that thing? You're the brains o' the operation, so start using them. Harry, go with her. The rest of us will cover for you. Try not to get shot"

    Between their smoking wreck and the pick up lied 2 lanes worth of flat concrete... They would need to be fast if the wanted to cross the street without getting Rhea's attention. Then again, perhaps making a slower crawl would allow them to sneak past, their path disguised by Harvey's smoking engine? Decisions decsions... It was time to pick their poison
    @Jeremi @MelodyMeister
    "Jesus Christ!" Butch cried as Kidd leapt past him in a crimson blur, cascading from the Hearse like some deranged bird. The move was risky- no, the move was stupid- but right now, he was willing to take any plan he could get. Resting his Tommy gun against his hunched shoulders, Butch pulled the hearse door shut behind her. He tapped on the side of his hood, activating the radio hidden within its ear.

    "We gotta split- the Cops are looking for the Hearse, not you in particular. Get the bike, ditch the hood, and meet me at the docks in 15 minutes. With any luck, the boys will have the boat ready by then. 'Bout time we blew this town and laid low- we really don't need the whole city gunning for us..."

    As Butch signalled for his man to step on the gas, he noticed another figure edging into the corner of his vision; cyclists. Were they cops? Were they Penguin's cronies? Red filled his vision. He didn't care who they worked for. They would get their just deserts either way.

    Resting his barrel against the boot window, Butch opened fire. Attempting to riddle Gene and Charlie with bullets. Wild shots tore apart the road in front of them as they made their approach.
    @Crow @York @Yun Lee
  18. MelodyMeister

    MelodyMeister Flagship Character(s): Cute Anime Girls

    Dear god, he and his gut knew it!

    Harvey was right, the Penguin was always up to something, and this time, it was hidden guns. Harry had to close his eyes and ears when he heard the gunshots. Although considering they shot at the tyres instead of the people, it wasn’t required to duck down in his seat like he did out of instinct. But there can only be so much metal between the exterior and the interior. Staying in that car was dangerous and he knew it.

    Harry already sped out the car hugging his gun before Harvey even finished talking. He would have jumped out anyways even if the boss didn’t order it. Seriously, if those thugs actually began shooting at the more essential parts or the petrol tank...

    Anyways, now he was behind a vehicle, with a gun in his hand, facing against criminals. Harry was a detective, not a grunt! So unfortunately, he not only inappropriately dressed for the occasion with his tight clothing, but he lacked the skill of offence. He did know how to use guns, but only the basic skills like recoil and proper grip. So he was utterly unsuitable for a shoot off.

    “Hmm? Sorry, what did you say, sir? Oh, that? On it, sir.”
    Offhandingly saying it as a way of saying ‘yes I heard you’, Harry moved up from a kneeling position to a squatting-walk. Moving over to Clara, he patted her on the back lightly for reassurance.

    “Come on madam, you don’t have to do any of the shooting unless I die which the chances of it are abysmal. I’ll make sure you don’t get hurt, so let’s get going. Follow me, alright?”
    Ladies first was a gentleman’s thing, but not in this circumstance. But despite his comforting voice and words, it was just that, comfort. No real promises there. In fact, it sounded more like something from alphabet soup then someone who actually wants to protect.

    He looked upon at the imposing concrete path ahead. He had two options, and turned to Clara. He planned to Leroy Jenkins it, but it was rude to not take his partner’s opinion.
    “Actually, do you wish to run across rapidly? Or do you want to sneak among the smoke, Miss?”

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  19. Takumi

    Takumi Member of the Yato Club

    "Ah shit!" Rhea hissed as her ride was knicked. Luckily she was okay in the end, uninjured. But her ride was toast
    Groaning softly in annoyance and resisting the urge to kick the steaming hunk of metal-that probably would of been a bad idea in general-she quickly took a look around. On edge, heart racing from the excitement of the bike ride before that dumb car messed up her ride' adrenaline kicked in as sh. looked for an easy to access new ride. With all those damn cops around she wasn't taking any chances in just sitting in one spot-and if any of them even thought of shooting her she'd tear 'em a new one and leave them looking like bloody swiss cheese!

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  20. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    "Aw, shoot! Looks like we needa take a detour...hm?" Aw shit, Rhea! Ain't no way they were getting anywhere near one of his own! "Charlie! Hold 'em off! I gotta go pick up some extra cargo!"

    And with that, Gene turned around and sped to Rhea. "Howdy, little lady." He would've tipped his hat, but as he had just gotten out if prison, there was no hat to tip. "You seem to be in need of a ride."

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