A Cute little darkness


Alzure was sleeping peacefully in the darkness. At his feet was decay rotten and swollen corpses. Ready to burst, their stink would’ve knocked most creatures flat on their face.

The swamps were over flowing the trees were rotting and mushrooms were in beautiful bloom. It was a disgusting and messy place for most beings and creatures to be.

Alzure was a large dragon, his scales black and helped to blend in with the gloom. This swamp and the murk around it was his. He had been abandoned as a hatchling and hated the world for it. Now he enjoyed cruelty like his father and mother before him. His horns pointed straight forward. Always ready to pierce.

This was the stage for a beautiful bloom of the rarest sort. A friendship, between two wicked and dreadful beings. Or maybe only one was evil. We’ve yet to see!