Open A dark forbidden secret!


Hello, Welcome! I am roleplaying for quite some time now. I am a detailed, descriptive, and a creative player and I wish to find the similar partners to play the female character.

After marriage, DIL, (Daughter in law) is staying with FIL (father in law) and MIL (Mother in law) at the village house. Since her husband has a job on ships, he has to be in oceans for months.

My character (FIL) was a crook when young, while his wife (MIL) was the only daughter of the richest merchant in the village. He trapped her in an affair with him for her money and they got married. But her father was against it, so MC, had had killed him. MC's wife (MIL) didn't know about it untill very recent, a few months back, just before YC's marriage, she came to know about it. She wanted to report the police but somehow MC, managed to give her sleeping drugs in her food, which got her sick and induced with sleep all the time.

After marriage YC joined us, she began to take care of her MIL but one day she caught MC giving his wife wrong drugs. Further MC manipulated YC in an affair with him. And now they both are in an affair and keep he MIL indused with drugs.... Family doctor comes and goes, other relatives come and go. Even husband is away though always worried.

One day YC gets a letters which reads, "I know what you guys are upto!" When MC reads the letter he finds a small hint in it that would lead them to the blackmailer.

So it is the story of FIL & DIL searching for their blackmailer who is unaware that they got a hint.

Interested only Pm me. Thanks.