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(Originally a roleplay between @Gummi Bunnies, @Khan of the Mardu, and @Bomb that can also be found here.)

"I'm here now... Abel..."

With a smile on her face, Lapis was quite... unsure if this was really her true feelings, but she went along with it anyways. Sure, things didn't make sense with her memories... and why it was all jumbled up. It was her own memories after all. It wasn't like some sort of magic had deceived those memories, and if so, why would those memories link up to her relationship to this boy... Abel.

I'm not afraid anymore...

She had to stop worrying and questioning things so much. Not only was it a pain to think of this doubt over and over, but she wouldn't get anywhere by being afraid. There was no point to it. Lapis was trained to be a bounty hunter for a reason, to not be afraid.

... but I'm sorry that I may have forgotten a bit of our relationship... and the events intertwined with it...

Her memories were quite the mystery. She could remember sharing multiple kisses with Abel in all these places that she couldn't put her finger on where they were exactly... so many faces that she couldn't identify as well... What was she exactly doing in-between her work of killing off targets? Lapis didn't even know, but of course, she chose not to question it any further. The past couldn't be changed by her questioning.

The former bounty hunter awkwardly stood there, unsure on how he'll respond. The glimmer of the crystal birthmark on her cheek keep its radiance despite her uncertainty that she purposefully tried to hide in. She didn't realize it, but she was acting drastically different than the last time Abel had seen her.​
La... Lapis...?

In his sleeping mind, Abel could faintly hear her voice as he dreamed of the seven days of hell in Tokyo, calling out to him as he and his brother approached the tower that supposedly house the demon summoning server. Beelzebub, his demonic insect form once standing before them to block the way to the tower's entrance, dissolved away as the king's attention was taken away from it, his eyes now moving to the reddening sky. He could hear her voice once again, after so long waiting in his world. He had fantasized about this day for months now.

She was his again.

His eyes slowly opened once as he stirred from his short nap on the couch. His body slowly stretched out once again, his limbs loosening up as he sat up and stared at the woman who stood before him. His eyes took in her form once again, and a loving grin formed on his lips. He had never doubted that she would come back to be with him.

"I know this is kind of corny, but... I've missed you, Lapis!"

Though softly-spoken, the excitement in his statement was all too clear. He slowly stood up and approached her, with his arms beginning to wrap around her form. He hoped she didn't mind the sudden contact, but he couldn't go another moment without making sure she was there. Besides, he enjoyed hugging her too much not to.​
A look of genuine surprise sparked in her face once she was pulled into a sudden embrace. Who could blame her for that facial expression? It was sudden after all. Lapis was that surprised that she didn't notice her cheeks going into a shade of blushing red.

"Same here... Once I got the chance, I got myself here pronto. I don't think I'll be going on my own again any time soon," she had the exact same feeling as him, even if she couldn't understand the majority of her thoughts that were all so new to her. Taking the moment to look around, she had to remind herself that she was in another boy's house. Hoo boy. Luckily she wouldn't have to worry about frantically overprotective parents for a long time.

"Well, this is definitely a lot roomier than my own apartment..." she commented mildly, trying to make some conversation now that she was here. Even Gnar was present, and she remembered herself constantly petting and cuddling the yordle alongside Abel. For now, she refrained from doing those things to the little guy, she didn't want to bother Gnar's nap.​
After a few moments, he released her from the hug with a smile, "That's what being the king gets you, a nice, safe place to live. Too bad I can't get out of school using it," he chuckled softly as he took her hand into his. The warmth of his hand spread to hers, warming the half-living body with what Abel imagined to be his love for her.

"Bad attempts at humor aside, I'm glad you finally came back to me. Naoya was getting annoying, wanting to hunt you down instead of just wait," Before the Murder Game, Abel might have agreed with his brother's idea. However, he had known Lapis would come to him eventually and didn't want to rush her through. He had learned the punishment for doing so during the event, and it had nearly broken both of their hearts. That was a pain he didn't wish to ever experience again.

"So... I'm guessing you're hungry and tired after traveling, huh? I could whip something up quick while you rest a little, if you want."
"Glad to be done with that, and now that I think about it... I think I technically dropped out of college or something," Lapis mumbled. Well, not so important when her line of work was basically hunting down people. Not to mention that she was a freelance bounty hunter now.

Another look of surprise came up briefly on her face. She couldn't remember much about Naoya, but she tried not to stress her poor mind too much.

"Well then. Never thought that Naoya wanted me over so quickly. I do need my time to get here and all... Actually, not really, I was kind of in a rush getting here, but I'm here," she knew exactly what made her rush, and it was a close call considering that she resigned from her employer only what seemed to be an hour ago.

Though, for now, some relaxation sounds great.

"I don't really need to eat... remember? But... I guess it shouldn't hurt to eat up."
Now it was his turn to blush in embarrassment, though due to a case of forgetfulness rather than her being affectionate, "Oh right, sorry. It's just been awhile, you know? Plus it's still kind of weird you don't have to eat... or sleep... or do anything really..." He began to trail off as something occurred to him. Now that he was fully awake and walking to the kitchen, he realized that Lapis was acting rather strange compared to how she had acted at the end of the Murder Game.

He paused mid-step in the hall. No, it wasn't just strange, it was completely awkward how she was acting. She wasn't at all comfortable here nor as confidant as she had been when they went their separate ways. It hadn't been that long since they had seen each other, so she shouldn't have changed that much. Yet it seemed as though she didn't know what to do anymore, as if...

She doesn't know who I am...

"Hey, Lapis... You feeling okay? You're acting pretty weird, you know?"
A tinge of worry dawned on Lapis. She clearly was acting different than how Abel last saw her. She couldn't explain it herself other than how her memories about the Murder Game were in fragments. As much as a voice that was literally her conscience yelling at her to tell Abel what was going on, she didn't seem to follow suit with that decision.

"I-I'm fine, really. It's just been... disorienting since I managed to settle business back home... and now that I'm here... Actually, I'll just stop right there. Not the type of person to keep on talking about things again and again...."

Unless he really wanted to know, Lapis wasn't so sure if she should say anything, which was ironic considering that she said in her head that she wouldn't be afraid anymore.​
Yep, there's something very wrong here.

Abel frowned as she replied, noting the oddity of her trying to explain herself as a type of person. She wouldn't normally say something like that to someone she knows and especially to me. "Diamond, please, just tell me the truth," though it seemed he was begging her, his tone was firm, ready to press harder with his questioning.

"Are you uncomfortable here? Is it something I've done... Or did something happen while we were separated?"
"I... I don't... know."

Lapis wasn't sure how else to phrase it, and for a moment she felt a mild migraine coming in... the glimmer on her crystal birthmark dimming. Though, she said something else out of the pure instinct of it... and she didn't realize it.

"... my head's all messed up... I don't know which memories are which... I don't know... why..."
"W-W-What...?" His eyes opened wide in surprise as the glimmer in her crystal dimmed and she revealed the truth. In an instant, he was next to her once again, this time gently cupping her cheek to look her in the eye. In his eyes were a pained worry for the half-alive woman, unable to be hidden from the love of his life.

"Are you okay? Maybe Naoya can help or something, he always knows what to do!"Fear, that was the only word to describe the emotion he felt as he spoke those words. He was afraid of seeing her break, of losing her again, of her being in pain, mental or physical. He was supposed to protect her, not let her be hurt. That's what a good boyfriend would do, and he knew he was failing at that moment.

Can't we ever have a perfect day, where we don't have to worry about pain or anything?
"Why... why can't I remember things... that clearly? ... I can remember us together... hugging... kissing... talking... crying... fighting alongside each other... but I can't remember why it all... happened... its all a blur..."

Calming down... the luster in her birthmark was slowly coming back, the migraine fading away... However, her mind remained jumbled up, and it wasn't her fault. Something had done this to her... but she can't figure it out either. She wasn't even sure if Naoya could help.

"To think that I somehow... forgot those important moments, Abel. Yet... I can remember your name and your face anyways. Why... is that?"

It's not fair...
"Lapis..." His arms wrapped her once again, though this time in a comforting manner, "Don't worry, okay? The reason it all happened... Is because it was supposed to happen. We'll figure out a way to return your memories, but until then..." With a gentle press, his lips laid a loving kiss on her head before nuzzling her hair, "Just know I love you, and that I'll always be here to protect you."
Due to her memory mess, this was technically the first time she felt someone actually care for her... other than her brother, but that was a different story. There wasn't much that she could do about this at the moment, and its clear that this would even take years and years to restore her memory. So for now... she'll let Abel take this role of the protecting boyfriend.

"Usually I would say that the bounty hunter doesn't need the protection... buuuut I'm different. So, I'm sure that we can watch out for each other. Right... Abel?" she managed to work out a smile while looking at Abel straight to his eyes.​
"Why wouldn't I look out for you? You're my precious gem, and nothing's going to take you away from me," Abel knew that if Lapis was still like her old self, he should expect a punch to the gut right after his pun. However, he couldn't resist the chance to use a classic once again, and it was a true statement. She was his most precious person, and he was very possessive of her if the look in his eyes were any indication, "Plus, how could I give up that smile of yours that shines bright like a diamond?"

Yep, he was going to get punched.​
"E-Eh...? Did you just..."

She meant to respond with something a bit more serious, but instead gave her confusion towards this. Usually he would be receiving a punch to the face the second the pun is spoken out, but that hasn't happened yet. Though, maybe her old instincts were still intact as soon as he pulled another pun out there.

Yep, the punch came along towards Abel. At least it wasn't as hard as usual, since you know... her fist is covered in diamond-hard crystals for her punches. For this one, she didn't do that. Still, she does hit pretty hard for someone that appeared a bit young for her age.

"I think I remember the puns, and jeez you have a lot of them. I kinda... just punched you without realizing it... didn't I?"
"Heh, don't worry," Abel grinned as he shrugged off the punch with barely a wince, "Usually, you punch with crystals covering your fists when I make a stupid pun. Plus I'm actually pretty durable, no matter how cute and delicate I look." It seemed the punch was just a joke to the demon king as he placed another kiss on her head before releasing her, "As feisty and beautiful as ever, Lapis..." He paused for a moment, as if thinking over something serious.

Knowing he would have to ask to find the answer, he sighed before meeting her eyes again, "Hey, when it's just us and there's no one around... Do you mind if I can call you by your real name? It feels like I'm lying by calling you Lapis in private..."
Jeez... I punched Abel with that kind of thing going with crystals... I must've been some violent person outside the killing job...

While she did have the same personality traits as she was with those memories, Lapis was definitely a lot more calmer than her rowdy loudmouth self. Probably because she hasn't gotten used to things yet, but she was getting there.

Then he mentioned about calling her by her real name in private. Her name that she threw away for a few years due to a certain incident... While that dreadful memory remains, she felt as if it was fine for Abel to do that.

"It's fine, Abel. Wait... you know what my name was, right?" she wasn't so sure if he knew it due to her memories, but her name was... ironic.

If she remembered her name's translation correctly, "Rinato" was Latin for "reborn," and "Dormi" was Italian for "lies." Well, it was just name symbolism that eerily mimicked her past... Not that Abel would point that out right away.​
Abel nodded with a confidant smirk, "Yeah, I remember, Rinato... Like I could forget your name." He took her hand into his and gently pulled her towards the kitchen, obviously having something in mind. "Come on, I've been wanting to have a date with you that doesn't involve us running from death around every corner. Anything that you used to eat that you would want?" The almost puppy-like expression on his face would hopefully seal the deal, his desire for a simple date clear as could be.​
"If you forget, then I'll be sure as all hell to make you remember my name again," Lapis let out a simple chuckle when it came to joke around a bit, trying to ease up from her earlier distress. Surely it'll be better to do something else rather than think about her messed up memories over time.

Now here comes the case of a date.

... oh god. When was the last time I had a date? Like... never?

Lapis had a feeling that she had some dates with Abel, but she had no damn idea on when she had a date before then. What were you supposed to do in dates again? ... well, er... she guessed that she'll try to be herself, because that was the best that she could do at the moment.

"Anything that I used to eat... ?"

This was a hard decision, since it's been some time since she last ate. Living alone and out of public sight during her bounty hunter career allowed her to go through life without the need to sleep or eat. Now that this comes up, she was unsure on what she would want to eat. Though, a single thought came to mind, and a dazed look appeared on her face.



Abel tilted his head at the strange request, having to think of what she meant. After a moment, he realized what she had meant and nodded. It wasn't often he ate muffins, especially after all the rationing that had occurred after the lockdown and the war with Heaven. However, the idea seemed oddly enticing for some reason, as if it was the perfect way to start his life with Lapis, "Definitely, let's get to work together!"

Without even asking if she wanted to help out, Abel was dragging her to the kitchen, his thoughts filled with blueberry muffins. Good job, Lapis, you just got roped into helping your boyfriend make pastries.​
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