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Yun Lee

The Sculptor
The Convergence Series GM
(This event was hosted by @Jeremi and can be found here.)

Prologue - A stop at nowhere

The ringing of a fire alarm would stir you from your current position. Eyes fluttering up you found yourself somewhere unfamiliar.

You found yourself inside what seemed to be a derelict bus station. How you had gotten there was anyone’s guess. Quickly however you realize that whatever predicament you found yourself in you weren’t alone. Many people were strewn about the floor and were starting to wake up. Anyone that usually carried a weapon or had supernatural abilities found them gone.

One of the people, a short haired blond girl was first to speak up.

“Everyone remain calm.” She managed to slur out as she got up on shaky legs and looked around the gathered group. “My name is Sherry Birkin; I’m a DSO agent. Does anyone have any idea how we ended up here?”

Despite the situation Sherry sounded rather optimistic in her tone, albeit rather to the point. Probably not to alarm any of the gathered people and that they understood her. As she waited for a response Sherry made her way to the window to see if she could figure out where they were.

Whatever this place was it seemed to be deader than disco. How had you even gotten here? Strangely enough you didn't quite remember what you had been doing before waking up either. Perhaps for now your best course of action was to figure out where here actually was. Strangely enough that fire alarm that had woken you had quickly gone silent as well.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Cast list:

@Archmage Jeremiah as Rottytops
@Atomyk as Robert Small
@BarrenThin as Vlad Von Carstein
@Bomb as Kuro
@Crow as Jack the Ripper
@CrunchyCHEEZIT as Trevor Belmont
@dark as Delsin Rowe
@Darkseide as William 'Penny' Adiyoi
@EternalInfinity as Kel'thuzad
@Gummi Bunnies as Kyle Knock
@J A Y F R OM T H E 6 I X as King
@Josh M as Bray Wyatt
@Kaykay as Numahime Tenma
@Khan of the Mardu as Akira Kurusu
@Klutzy Ninja Kitty as Makoto Niijima
@Lissamel as Sammy Lawrence
@LuckycoolHawk9 as Theo Raeken
@Midnight Maiden as Tarlotte
@Minerva as Yuri
@Otto as Varus
@Sen as Saeran Choi
@Takumi as Seishin Muroi
@ThatAverageGuy as The Devil
@thatguyinthestore as Chucky
@Verite as Ethan Chandler
@York as Simon Henriksson
@Yun Lee as Grell Sutcliff​