A Second Poem by Annie


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I shared this one with Mai_able and she thought I should share it here. It was inspired by a popular book/movie. Let's see if you can figure out which one BEFORE you reach the end of the poem. ;) Please do share your thoughts on it and tell me if you figured out the inspiration.

The Lion
As I entered the cafeteria I heard one ask
"Who's he?"
I heard the thought of another
before she spoke to tell who I was,
I heard her say my name..
"Totally gorgeous obviously,
but nobody here is good enough for him."

I smiled as I read clearly her thoughts.
Then I heard her say,
"Don't waste your time."

As I sat down I glanced at their table
trying to hear the new girl's thoughts.
Maybe it's just the clamor of the other voices,
I can't hear her mind.

She was watching me.
Is that why she should not to waste her time?
I turned back, before she saw me looking,
seemingly to talk with my family.
I glanced around silently sifting through thoughts,
all was silent where she was concerned.

We came face to face in class,
she looked at me with those beautiful eyes
then the fan stirred her scent...
I nearly leaped from my seat.
It was all I could do not to attack.

Right then I decided,
I could not be near her.
I tried to get out of class, go to another,
but there were no openings.
I am stuck sitting in class with her.

I feel her presence, smell her fragrance,
she is near, I have to get away from here.
I glance up prepared to flee,
she is a tempting drug to me,
but a van threatens her life.
Before I give myself time to think,
I am there protecting her.

I need her I have discovered,
she makes me feel alive again.
A reason to live, my light in the dark.
I will die for her, I will die without her.
My Bella.

"So the Lion fell in love with the Lamb."
"Stupid lamb."
"Sick, masochistic lion."