Interest Check A Unique Twist to the Depths of Hell (Seeking help with setting as well as roleplay in it)


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(If there's any ways you think I might be able to format this large block of text to be more digestible to read, let me know. I've never been much good with BBcoding or anything like that so I wouldn't know what to do.)

So to get right to it I am searching for someone, either one individual person or possibly a few others, to rp out and help develop the world of a rather unique, in my opinion, concept to one of the settings in my own extended Lore for a novel I'm going to write one day. I will detail it here soon, but as for what I'm looking for it isn't so much a character-driven roleplay as it is a roleplay to develop the overall world and factions involved within the main cities, and give those factions certain characters. So the focus will be spread out over multiple things, rather than purely individuals. Entire towns or factions within a city, rather than one member of said faction or citizen of said town. However once all that is developed, playing inside this world as said individuals will be much more satisfying I feel.
Anywho! To begin with describing the concept. (I'm leaving out most of the names to leave room to develop. I have a few essential characters, but otherwise everything will be ambiguous to be developed on more.)

The story dates back to creation of this world, when it all began. The gods which have been creating this world finally convened and worked until all was good, the mortal realm shaped to their perfect image. The animals, the races that made up the planet, and the hosts of angels that served the gods and served to help maintain order throughout their creations. Worship was organized to their creators. Everyone on the planet created was kept in line. But, as seen with every Eden, things were destined to fall.

The gods' creations eventually began to question why they served so blindly to their every whim. Why they were deigned so worthy of worship when in fact, the hosts that were created to do their bidding were even more numerous then the gods themselves. Questions began to circulate through the hosts of angels and factions sprung up that questioned the omnipotence of their creators. To make matters worse? One of the gods began to see it fit to call themselves the one with the right to rule it all. The right to call all the creations his.

Dissent spread, and that was the trigger to a massive rebellion within heaven. The mortals, for once, were left with a sense of free will as the gods fought each other, their hosts of angels rebelling to try and overthrow their own chosen master, or more often than not, formed together to try and gain independence and godhood for themselves. This heavenly war lasted for centuries of time, and there was nothing but chaos. Neither side seeming to win out over another. The mortals were left to their own devices and began fighting amongst each other to establish their own nations. Proclaiming their own independence and taking influence further away from the heavens. Naming deities that didn't exist, or were fabricated by some of the angels to give them more power to be the one god in charge of it all.

The realm itself was failing, and with all this infighting within the forces that created this existence to begin with, eventually would fail. Leaving to the complete collapse of this world in its entirety. Forces outside of this realm, namely, the keepers of balance, sought fit to intervene. To prevent the cycle from breaking itself apart. To keep order and chaos in check, perfect balance was necessary to restore this realm to functionality. Agents infiltrated the heavens, and tipped the battle to conclude naturally with a randomly decided winner. Coincidentally, the 'One True God' as he called himself, won the natural selection.

Another century of war and things finally managed to settle. The One True God and His supporters began to discuss what to do with the gods and angels that saw fit to defy His will. At first, execution was to be decided, to restore order, but the agents of balance devised a way to convince Him that destroying his rival gods and the rebellious angels was not to be done. Chaos, needed its place within this realm after-all. Too much order would lead to its doom as well they did believe. Instead, they suggested that a curse be put upon the rebellious angels. A hell would be created where they would be sealed away. Let them have their independence and freedom as beasts, demons.

For the rival gods something else was to be done. If they wanted to rule as much as He, then they could do so over the depths of hell. Curse them to be the overlords. The one to shepherd that flock of demons. Let them create devils and fiends and war amongst each other even, whatever they wish. Lock them from the domain of order and be done with them. Something that He seemed to find Ironic and satisfactory enough to declare it good. Thus, it was done.

However, after all that was done The One True God looked down to see that his mortal slaves were slaves no longer. They had broken from Him and developed free will. At first, this angered Him but that was quickly pacified at the realization that they gave more power. Rather than being mindless animals, they now had souls to collect. Something that He could create, but never really harness the power of to its full potential. Thus, he began to develop religion again, using his power over the world to start spreading ideas. To give birth to Clerical orders that used His power to purify souls and give them a place in heaven should they be faithful.

The results were successful... To an extent. Many remained to their paganistic or atheistic ways, despite the clear evidence put forth. The holy power that was given to them. Even more to His surprise, thanks to agents of balance once more working on the surface and in the depths of the new hell unknown to Him, over the years worship to demons and deals with devils, secret cults had begun to also form. This brought back the outrage, and due to the convening agents to keep a sense of balance to the world, something was offered again that He couldn't refuse. Let the ones that choose to ignore go down to be with the demons in hell. Those that give their praise to the right sources are the only ones allowed in Heaven. And it was so.

Millenia past, time just kept ticking. All this was right until... Agents from a different source convened with a Tiefling under hell's influence. One that wanted to free the absolute torture that awaited everyone in hell. The people who would be turned to demons and those that already were. A revolutionary for freedom, someone to give them the free will that everyone on the surface had. More importantly, a game was being played against all the work that Balance had done to save the integrity of this realm to give him the ability to do just that. To usurp the cursed demon overlords through forbidden rituals and become a new ruler of hell... One that would give all these tortured souls their free will once more, no longer having to live in eternity of torture. Royan, is this Tiefling's name. Elona is the one conspiring to give him the technology and ability to overthrow hell.

The One True God of course is unaware of what is happening in his sealed away prison where he lets them do whatever they want, and things are keeping Balance from intervening. Creating a nation down inside the very burning depths that seeks to finally free them all from this curse. But first the different overlords must be dealt with, to give every claimed soul in hell its freedom. There is a lot more war to come in the chaos of hell.

The rp will take place in different points. I'd like to develop the surface a lot more than I have been, and also get some lore behind the different now demonic overlords and what their heavenly courts use to be. Royan's capital down in Hell is pretty much established with all its laws and culture. How the demons are re-adapting to being given free will again and what measures are taken against those that still wish to continue their evil ways. Play within that part and going through the war to free everyone is also something I'd be looking to do.

So I figured I'd also edit in a bit of my roleplaying preferences as well. As to how I tend to run things, thanks to someone for reminding me that!
  • Post size: Completely flexible. I tend to just go with the flow. Anywhere from 3-5 lines for short-reply needing moments to paragraphs of roleplay depending on the quality I'm given. I tend to give what I get! And do as is needed to help keep the flow going
  • Posting perspective: I generally write in 3rd person, but I can go first person if the scene allows it.
  • As a last general note to state is that I'm typically free to do whatever the scene needs as far as romance or sex or anything like that goes. I don't actively seek it out or seek to roleplay things like that, but I'm very inclusive of it for character developement and world building reasons. I'm a fairly open roleplayer and work with whatever people give me!
Any other questions or things to put in here just ask! I'll reply as I can. I'm generally very open to everything, and try to facilitate the person I am playing with, more than myself.

This is also just a rough idea, and I'm seeking criticism on how I might be able to change it to be better. Or, any other ideas on how the writing is displayed or if this doesn't particularly belong in this section of the forums. Feel free to give whatever opinions you have!
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