If you've seen some of my other posts, you may have seen my special interest in rps tends to be "characters who are forced to interact with each other," which I guess sums up most RPs, but I more specifically mean the characters either live or work together, and so regularly see each other and build relationships because of it. And I am back with another one.

The Plot
Our characters are on vacation, but because of inclement weather, they get stuck and do not get to enjoy the vacation as planned. This can either be a tropical vacation, but a hurricane comes and forces them to stay inside with each other, or it can be, like, a snowy wintery vacation, and a blizzard comes and forces them to stay inside with each other. Because they can't go out and do the activities they had planned, they end up interacting with each other and building this sweet little bond until the weather clears up and their lives return to normal. I intend it to be a story where very different people with very different lives create this sort of--found family for only a little while. In order for the plot to work, however, they can't be staying in a hotel, they need to be in the kind of resort where they have separate bedrooms, but there is also a common living space, because if all of their needs are met within a little hotel room, I don't imagine anyone would go out and meet each other.

Plot Modifications
Instead of already being on vacation, the characters could be on their way to their vacation, or to separate destinations entirely. For example (and I really like this one!) they're on a train and because of a blizzard (or something), they end up stuck on the tracks with nowhere to go, and so have to interact with each other for those reasons. I like this one a lot because it makes their interactions seem less contrived. Alternatively, there can be inclement weather forcing their airplane to land at an unexpected airport, and, like, the townsfolk bring them in, or something of the sort.

This plot can really be put into any genre, I think, depending on which options we decide. Most historical settings work, and I'm fine with deciding to do the 1800s or the 1970s or modern day or whatever. We can also do strict realism or add a fantasy element, and involve, like, elves and dwarves and what have you. My only request if we add magic is that we don't use magic to destroy the structure of the plot. Like, please no, "Ah, my wizard casts a spell to create light and now we can all go to the pool!" or "My fire genasi melts the snow and now the train is moving again!" because then, I mean, what's the point? But if we want it to be the 1920s but there are elves, I'm very cool with that.

1.) Be 18+ and don't write characters who are under 18 unless they have a parent or guardian (they don't always need to be in the scene with them, I just don't want a traumatized runaway in this rp, I'm in a raw emotional place right now)
2.) No smut/erotica
3.) Accept and respect triggers. If someone says, "Hey, for my sake, could you please not make this decision?" don't ignore that.
4.) No child abuse/neglect, sexual abuse, suicide, or self harm. All of these things (except for child sexual abuse) can be in a character's history, but I can't have them happening during the RP itself. I just can't have a scene where a character is making an attempt on their life, I can't do it.

A Little About Moi
I am Ghost friendly. If you're not interested in the RP anymore, you don't need to tell me, it's cool. I am also Ghost friendly. If you are a restless spirit trapped on this mortal plane, I'm okay with that. I always write at least two characters. You don't need to do this, you can only write one, but I get really bored if I can only write from one perspective. I'm also a bit interested in writing romance with another person for the first time since I was in middle school (I'm 21 now, lol), but I need it to be FxF. Writing romance between characters you write is totally fine, and you can have that romance between any genders you desire. I'm fine with pretty much any reply length, and I generally match my partner's length

So, I guess DM me if you're interested? I feel like I'm forgetting to add something important but oh well!