A Wholesome Olihiki RP


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Kazehiki‘s hands glide over his rosary beads as he prays. He does this every morning, but today he’s also praying for a special reason.

Kaze has a new neighbor! From what he’s heard, it’s a kid who’s around his age, and nobody he talks to is his age.

Finishing his prayers, the boy leaves the rosary on his bed and rushes over to the house next door. He’s excited, but also a bit nervous. What if things don’t work out and they don’t become friends? What if what he’s heard is false?

Kazehiki, finally in front of the neighbor’s house, fidgets nervously. The simple act of knocking on his new neighbor’s door fills him with dread.

Summoning up the courage to say hello, Kazehiki knocks rapidly on the door. A lump forms in his throat as he finishes, as he stands pigeon-toed in front of the door, waiting for a response.​


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Oliver got quite the culture shock when they first moved to Japan; it was scary, almost, but he was determined to situate himself in this new country no matter what. After months of searching for a new house, one better than the dingy little apartment they first moved into, his parents finally found one that would be perfect for their nuclear family of three.

He was hoping to get to befriend the kids in his new neighborhood, having seen a few playing around outside as he sat by the windowsill of his bedroom, feeding bread crumbs to his pet bird.

Though he had a fair grasp of Japanese, there was still a lingering language barrier whenever he tried to interact with the people there. Would the kids laugh at him? Gosh, he hoped not. He was about to start school soon, too.

Then he heard the knock at the door, and he all but bounded down the stairs, jumping over the last step. "I'll get it!" he shouted.

He opened the door. Smiling wide, he greeted the boy that looked like he was seconds away from an anxiety attack. "Hello!"

He looked about his age, he noticed; maybe he wanted to be friends?!


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Kazehiki was startled when the door opened but he tried to gain composure.

“H-hi! Uh... M-my name is K-Kazehiki... uh... I‘m y-your neighbor... I live next d-door. I-I came to say wel-w-welcome...”

Kaze ducked his head but still retained eye contact with Oliver. A nervous and wavy smile crossed his face, which was reddening by the second.​


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"Thanks for the welcome," Oliver said, shrinking back a bit as he saw how shocked Kazehiki looked.

He stuck a hand out for a handshake, nodding at Kazehiki in an encouraging way. He would've found his shyness a bit cute, if he didn't feel so sorry for the poor boy.

"I'm Oliver!" he chirped, "It's nice to meet you... Kaze... hiki...!"


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“Nice to meet you, O-Oliver” said Kazehiki, accepting his handshake.

Kaze still continued to blush as he shook Oliver’s hand. He took a look at Oliver, getting a good look at the boy’s bandaged face.

“Wh-what happened? A-are you hurt?” Kazehiki said, somewhat concerned about his cute neighbor’s health.​


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"T-This—?" Oliver blurted out, subconsciously covering his bandaged eye. He shook his head, his smile turning wry and forced. "It's... nothing. Don't worry about it," he said, waving a dismissive hand.

"A-Anyway! How old are you? You seem to be around my age. And which school do you go to?"

Oliver had suddenly become more frantic. He was worried that his new neighbour might treat or see him differently. Like how the kids at his old school did.

He gulped and tried to calm himself down. He was not about to panic over a simple question.


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“Uh... th-that doesn’t look like nothing...” Kazehiki says, “b-but if you’re n-not comfortable that’s okay...”

He was concerned for Oliver, but still wanting to not lose a potential friend, he didn’t ask any further.

“Uhh... u-um...”

Kaze was taken aback by Oliver’s questions, a blush forms on his face again.

“I-I’m twelve... a-and... uh”

Kaze takes a step back before taking a deep breath.

“D-do you wanna c-come over to my house? My parents aren’t home,” Kazehiki says, twiddling his fingers in nervousness.​