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[Accepted] Janice Khella/Calysa

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Lord of Twats
Keeper Name, Age:
Janice Khella (27)

Keeper Personality, Appearance, and Characteristics:
Dyed brown hair, short and ruffled. Janice is an average height and, when not working, always wears a dark blue sweater, a hand knitted hat and jeans. Has dark circles underneath her eyes from lack of sleep and pale skin.

Janice is a practical and straightforward person, although her practicality revolves around her emotions and feelings. She holds a demeanour that usually silences a room and dampens the mood. Although she is usually quiet and does not start conversations, she does enjoy speaking of subjects that interest her such as guns, politics and the occasional nostalgic TV show.

Is usually uninterested in other people and spends most of her nights staying up thinking about her past. Takes heavy doses of caffeine in the form of tea. Occasionally blanks out and doesn't pay attention to her surroundings. Until now, of course. Janice will protect her familiar in any means possible, being overly protective and is always aware of her surroundings. She will do anything to keep her familiar alive.

Keeper Backstory and Background:
Janice had a little sister whom she cherished with all her heart. She had loving parents, a nice home and a good life. Her and her sister always joked about being the brains and the brawn, due to her sister being a genius and her being physically adept. When she was drafted for the military at 18, she wrote to her everyday.

Whilst in the military, she trained vigorously; hoping to impress her younger sister and wanting to protect her from any danger. After being sent to war and serving for 6 years, she returned home. The day before she returned, her sister had gotten in an accident.

She found out her sister became paralysed waist down. Not wanting to suffer, her sister pleaded to be euthanised. As Janice watched her sister put into an eternal sleep, she cried.

After losing the person in life she loved most, Janice spiralled into depression. Dyeing her hair brown, similar to her sisters. She understood how loved by her parents and the family her sister was for being intellectual and soon Janice started to try out being her sister, wanting to replace the hole left in their hearts.

Familiar Name/Alias:

Familiar Personality, Appearance, and Characteristics:
Calysa is a spitting image of Janice's deceased sister. Representing her desire to be like her sister as well as what she wanted her sister to be like.

Long, brown hair that reaches down her back. Trapped in a wheelchair, legs are unable to move. Calysa wears a pink and white Victorian stylised dress, as well as black boots. She has soft and large eyes, depicting her as easy prey.

Calysa fears death and is frail and weak. She has quick reaction speed and suffers from paranoia, jumping at every little sound and detail. She is quiet and shy, hiding behind her long hair and stuttering as she speaks.

Familiar Skillset:
Calysa has telekinesis; the ability to move objects with her mind. As impressive as this is, it has a lot of limitations. (Nerfed Telekinesis!)
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