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Discussion in 'Dead/Inactive' started by WiZ, Nov 12, 2016.

  1. WiZ

    WiZ Active Member

    Biographical Info

    Name: Achilles Ryker

    Age: 19

    Sex: Male

    Family & Friends:
    - Theresa Ryker (Mother)
    - Alex Ryker (Father)

    Biography: Put up for adoption by his parents due to financial issues, Achilles quickly grew up to be an independent young man. He discovered his skins indestructible state when another orphan attacked him. The staff at the orphanage saw him as a freak and discharged him immediately. Achilles decided to join the Children of Eve, where he now holds his heart.

    Mutagens in DNA?: Yes

    Mutagens Active?: Yes
    Technical Info

    Grunt: 2 Points
    • Eagle Eye (2 Point) - Achilles has mastered his shotgun, granting him steady aim and good environmental perception (wind/moving targets, etc.)
    Grunt Equipment
    • Primary Weapon: Thunder MK-1 (Shotgun)​
    • Secondary Weapon: The Twins (Double Pistols)​
    • Personal Armour: Light Armour​
    • Additional Gear: None​

    Listener: 10 Points​
    • Bullet Proof (3 Points) - Achilles has extremely dense Skin, which cannot be penetrated by projectiles.
    • Fly Like A Hummingbird (2 Point) - Achilles' muscles have been elongated, making him capable of moving much faster then anyone else.
    • Sting Like A Bee (2 Point) - The density of Achilles' muscles has grown. Despite fighting with quick strikes and jabs, he hits very hard.​
    • Energize (3 Point) - By rapidly moving in place, Achilles can convert his frictional energy into electrical energy, effectively turning himself into a charged electric rod.​
    Random Mutations
    • Eyes of Light - While energized, Achilles' eyes are a dim glowing white. This makes his eyes a useful alternative to flashlights, but also makes him easily seen, especially at night.​
    Stages of Awakening
    • TBD
    Pilot: 0 Points

    • The Old Guard: Distrusting​
    • The Coalition: Distrusting​
    • U-ARM: Distrusting​
    • Red Star: Distrusting​
    • Children of Eve: Affiliated​

    Last edited: Dec 3, 2016
  2. Nilum

    Nilum A Curious Man Benefactor Absolutely Fabulous

    This is a post apocalyptic, near future setting. I'm not certain that this picture is entirely appropriate given the circumstances. You may want to consider looking up other pieces of artwork to use--this would likely fit better in a fantasy or wuxia setting.
    There's a lot to unpack here, so let's get to it.

    #1: There are no classes in this world, there are no schools. It's a post apocalypse.

    #2: The Coalition would need some sort of justifiable reason to commit patricide and kidnap a child for their research facilities, considering most people volunteer for them willingly. The Coalition are not generically evil goons.

    #3: The Coalition would need some sort of reason for imbuing him with significant powers at their own expense and then just letting him go. If they did seriously find some reason to kidnap him away from his parents as a test subject, they wouldn't just let him leave. Even if he escaped, he would generally be pursued.

    #4: Mutants tend to have an inherent control over their powers. It's their mental state that they start to lose control over the further away from humanity they go. It's why you'll never see a sane non-humanoid mutant: Your mental state is intrinsically tied to how human you still are.

    #5: If he had no shelter, no food, and no clean water, The Coalition's food lines would provide food and water, and he could likely work a job for shelter. This is a dystopian environment, but civilization still exists in a rudimentary form.
    Melee weapons will not generally cost you additional points, due to their limited use. Especially a staff, which will ordinarily be outperformed by a combat knife and some CQC training. You'll need to spend points on melee weapons if they have features beyond their norm--like being made out of unusual materials, being electrified, et cetera.
    This will only work with other characters and NPC's who possess mutagens--whether active or not is irrelevant. Characters and NPC's without mutagens will be unaffected. You can retrieve surface-level thoughts without triggering much of a response beyond making a person momentarily dizzy, but attempting to read for deeper thoughts will alert them to your attempts. High level mutants will know what you're doing, low level mutants and non-mutants with mutagens in their blood will not understand.
    No, mutations can't do this. Specifically, they can't alter the electromagnetic properties of other objects at a range. It's possible to do so on touch. Mutations are not like The Force from Star Wars--they have distinct limitations, namely in that they can't affect objects which they are not in contact with in some fashion.
    Teleportation is not possible in this universe with mutagens, or the current level of technology.
    Not how this works, actually. Interacting with the Children of Eve "awakens" certain levels of your mutagenic talents, which I'll determine for you after interactions with the Children of Eve. Trust me, leave this blank for now. ;)

    CS needs a great deal of work. You could reform it with some significant changes or do an entirely different character more in line with the genre, the choice is yours. Thank you for submitting nonetheless, I wish you luck regardless of what you choose to do. :)

    Sheet is denied for the time being, until sufficient edits have been made to bring it in line with the requirements and limitations of the universe.

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