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Adventure Role Play

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It's been several years of a hard, vicious war with a very little victory against the enemy. Sjerland has been steamrolling through the region for the last four years with complete ease. The honourable knights of Hovlnes prove to be too slow and inefficient against the Sjerlandic troops. Their powerful armour and skills with the swords proved to be ineffective against the cannon fire and newly developed firearms. Now, they've won the war, a treat ceasefire has been announced and they would now be arranging the terms of defeat. Now land would now be handed over to them.

Word of the cease-fire had finally made it to a military camp in the middle of the forest. There were about 50 knights there, with the job of just patrolling the area and keeping a close eye on Boboma city. Each of the 50 knights was experienced in battle. Seeing the battle first hand for at least a moment. The camp consisted of a couple of tends and a main fireplace at the centre. It was starting to get a little late, the sun was beginning to set just when the message eagle had flown into the camp. In battle, eagles were a great way to transfer messages, especially at long distances to military areas. This one had been flying for several days with messages from the king. Their official seal was in the small letter it was carrying. It landed on the camp's birdcage and squawked a few times, getting the attention of the knights.


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With the camp finally set up, Sigvald could only anticipate the sweet embrace of sleep. He didn't even bother taking his armor off, not even his helmet - which spent most of it's time on his thick skull anyway. With a casual pep in his step, he walked towards his assigned tent, one that he shared with several other knights of the same renown as him. He fell onto his bed -which was just a pillow along with a blanket of questionable origin- with no interest in anything other than sleep. For it had been a long day, same as the days before this one. Traveling on a horse all day will wear on anyones mind and spirit, let alone when battle comes to greet them.

"Oh dear, how I have longed for this." Sigvald whispered quietly. He crossed his legs and put his hands on his stomach. "Sometimes I wonder why I'm still doing this. It honestly makes the prospect of going out and experiencing the world more enjoyable. Maybe an adventure, or something less cliché." the thoughts of a very early retirement from the army began to seem more and more atractive.

Sigvald's eyes began to slowly close as he drifted into the dreamworld, but before it could take him, a voice yelled out. "The eagle has come!" notified a voice from beyond the tent. "Come on gentlemen, you know the drill! Form a cyrcle around me!" metal clanking and the rush of steel boots could be heard moving from one side to the other.

"Darn it!" Sigvald spoke out in annoyance as he stood up and walked to the campfire where all of the other knights have gathered. A halfcyrcle formed around one knight, whose armor shined a bright silver, the visor of his helmet lifted above his forehead - showing a somewhat softly squished face under his coif. He held a rolled peice of paper with a seal that every knight could recognize.

"It's from the king!?" a voice in the crowd of knights questioned. The group slowly fell silent in anticipation of hearing the contents of the letter.

"This ought to be interesting." Sigvald thought to himself as the silver knight began to read the letter.

Lil Proton

Liàng Proton
Messages directly from the king were rare since matters of the military was usually handled by the Generals. Anytime the king had to personally write one, it usually meant an important promotion or demotion, or a crucial matter needing urgent attention. Everyone knew this. The letter was written in a military code; usually, the highest troops knew, which is why the silver knight was the only one who was authorized to read it.
"Quite men, this one looks important." The silver knight said. His name was Vorsen, he was an experienced warrior, just hitting 54 soon. Having survived from skill and a lot of luck.

He read through the letter for a few seconds then fed the eagle a piece of meat. His expression was more focussed on it, sort of board, then he became extremely surprised around the end. "We have quite a big mission, men. We need to head to the Innercy Church immediately and recover the relics and return them to the capital. The city is expecting a surprise attack in only a few days and we need to get there before the battle."

Most of the men groaned, Innercy was just next-door but getting there in a few days means nonstop travel. It's days away by horse. Luckily, there was a road directly connecting Innercy to Boboma city. So the trip shouldn't be too long and bothersome.
"Pack up boys, it's a good 5 hours trip until we read the road. We'll camp there then head to the Innercy Churchy at daybreak. GO!" he shouted to the men.

The knights immediately began to take apart their camp. The fire was outed and the tents were slowly taken down. Knights quickly began to pack up their belongings and place them on the horses. Vorsen took the time writing a letter to the king then placed it on the eagle and sent it flying.


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Sigvald stared at the eagle as it flew away, thoughts of battle crawled back into his mind. For some reason it made him feel uneasy for the first time in a long while. Knights rushed past him as he akwardly stood staring at the sky.

"You alright?" an unfamiliar voice caught his attention. He looked to his right to see a knight in silver armor. Making him think that it was Vorsen, but after a better observation there was a very clear distinction. His armor was much more worn out than Vorsen's, and the cloth around his waste and back were violet with a yellow crosses all over it. Unlike Vorsen's signature crimson. "You seem absent." the knight spoke again.

Sigvald took in the sight of this strange looking knight before opening his mouth to speak. "I'm just tired, like everyone else." his thick accent stood out "Not only that, but we must travel at this late hour..." his sentence trailed off as he turned around to get his horse. The sight of knights rushing to pack the tents made him chuckle as he passed by them.

"I must say, that's some nice armor you're wearing." Sigvald heard the violet knight. "I bet it cost a lot." the knight was now walking right next to Sigvald, but he didn't mind one bit. He liked the company.

"It did." he stated "It was made specifically for me, - and to be honest, most of the coin went into the gold trim, and not the black steel." he spoke as if he had said this once before.

The two knights were now aproaching their horses, and by some coincidence they were right next to one another. "Interesting." said the violet knight as he climed his horse. "What's your name, fellow knight?" his voice had a friendly tone to it.

The man in black and gold trimmed armor gave him a stoic look and replied "My name is Sigvald Von Hobb!" his voice flawless and full of zeal. "And who might you be?" he asked while mounting his horse.

The Viloet knight squared his shoulders and spoke "My name is Gin de Malphur!" he said, trying to imitate Sigvald.

Sigvald chuckled at the harmless jest "You should clear your throat next time. You sounded ill." at this, they both laughed. But it was quickly interrupted by none other than Vorsen himself.

"Having a fun time are we?" the old dog asked inquisitively "Follow me, we're hitting the road. The rest will follow behind us." his vioce faded into the distance. Sigvald and Gin just shrugged and followed suit, and soon the whole platoon did too.

Lil Proton

Liàng Proton
Luckily, the moon provided a crisp light and the night was peaceful. Some of the knights spoke chatted among themselves, a few of them weren't very experienced. The frontlines of battle don't usually have many survivors and even fewer victories. "The sooner we get there the better," one of the men would say while he placed the packed stuff on his horse.

"Same, the battles are either painfully long or an immediate defeat." another one said while he got on top of his horse.

"Enough chatting." Another one interrupted.

The whole platoon was right behind Vorsen, all riding in a strict formation. Vorsen rode ahead on his horse and the rest of the platoon rode right behind two on each side. The trip towards the street would take a while, but once there it would be an easy journey to the church.

"Captain Vorsen von Dume, how did you survive this long in the war?" One of the knights asked while riding the horse. He was just behind Sgvalid, just near enough for Vorsen to hear, and the men that were right behind him.

"There's no solid answers boy. Sometimes it's just a wave of a chance to see who survives to fight another battle." Vorsen would respond immediately.

They would ride for quite a while until a faint light was observed at the distance. It was the street. Lanterns were lit around the street usually lasting for the whole night before dying out. A good way for travellers to find the streets. Thes treat itself was nicely paved. It's a pretty active one so there's always constant maintenance. Once they had gotten near the road, Vorsen decided that they should stop for now. The lights and clear land would make it a bit easier to see any incoming people..


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The 50 knights all sat mounted on their horses. The silent chirping of crickets stood out in the silent night, with ocasional panting of the horses and clanking of hardened steel. In front of them all -like the peak of a piramid- Vorsen sat on his horse with a questionable look on his face. They were all positioned in the middle of the road, and the old silver knight just stared on into the expanding road. Sigvald and Gin silently gave eachother puzzled looks. Sigvald looked behind him to see what the other knights were doing. Unsurprisingly, very few of them really seemed to care enough to notice. They were either too tired to spare any scrap of attention, or were too busy watching the flank. But the ones that did notice, only shrugged at Sigvald as if to say "How should I know what that old dog is dreaming about?".

Just as Gin was about to ask the commander what their next course of action was, Vorsen spoke out in a wisper "We're setting up camp. Spread the word."

"Next to the road?" Gin asked, puzzled.

"Yes. Now." Vorsen replied with slight iritation showing.

The word spread quick and quiet. They all tied their horses to trees and quickly went to assembling the tents. To Sigvald's amusement, it was funny to see some of the knigts stumble over themselves as they did so. And some didn't even bother with the tents and just took some blankets and went to sleep. It really showed how exausted these men were. The probably havent slept for 18 or 20 hours, it wouldn't be good for their spirit. Realizing this, Sigvald quickly went on to work on his own tent.

"Hey Sigvald! Mind if I make my tent next to yours?"

"I don't mind at all, feel free to do as you like. I only ask that you don't snore." they both laughed. This was going to be a short night if everything went well.
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Lil Proton

Liàng Proton
Being out in the open, the cool breeze was a bit stronger, sending a shiver through the small camp. But it bothered no one, everyone was already completely used to the chilling air. The guy's sighed in gentle relief, finally able to get some sleep. Many of them didn't care to make camps. But they had at least started a decent campfire. A few of them had quite a few drinks before going to be, a good beer always eased the nerves to help sleep at night.
"I've heard rumours, many said that because of the war, witches were able to flourish in total openness. Some may have even betrayed the country" one of the knights had casually said.

"Shut up Edward," another knight said immediately, "You shouldn't listen to everything you hear when at the pub."

It didn't take long for most of the men to fall into a deep slumber. They snored throughout the night, with only one remaining awake every few hours to keep watch. Luckily, the night remained peaceful. The sun soon peaked from the horizon around 5 am, and the birds began to chirp and sing. It was still very cold, but at least the sun's rays were soothing.

Vorsen was wide awake before the sun was up. He had taken the liberty of doing some minor packing and preparing eggs and bacon for the men. Time was sensitive and it wanted to get things done as quickly as possible. "Wake up men, daybreak. You got 30 minutes to eat breakfast then pack up." He said out loud.

The knights immediately say sat up, and the smell of fresh eggs and bacon certainly helped. Each one of them knew the drill, take an exact serving, no more, no less.


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And in no time, the knights were taking their servings as told. The smell of eggs melted their souls as it proved to be the perfect follow up to a good nights sleep. They would have to cherish this moment and take their time, or at least try.

With nowhere better to go, Sigvald and his new found friend went back to their tents with their servings. They casually sad down -leaning against a tree- and began to eat. "Wow, I never knew our commander was such a good chef." Gin said as he chewed on a strip of bacon. Making all manner of sounds as he did so.

"I would hardly call him a chef." Sigvald retorted.

"Why is that? Don't fancy the beacon?"

Sigvald chuckled a little "Preparing a dish like this is no hard feat."

"Well it works for me." the purple knight spoke with his mouth full. His words could barely be understood.

"Your standards aren't high, I take it?" Sigvald asked, but got no real response. Instead, he heard intense chewing.

They continued to eat their breakfast for the moment. Only ocasionally shifting their gaze towards the rest of the group. And before long, they were joining them. They put their plates back where from where they took them. But wile the rest were taking apart their tents, Sigvald went to relieve himself.

Lil Proton

Liàng Proton
The town they were supposed to go was just a couple of hours away, they'll get there before the morning end if they move fast enough. It didn't take long for the knights to pack things up again and get themselves ready for the next trip. One of the knights were just cleaning the sword when he noticed some smoke at the far distance. It came from behind the trees, just where the Innercy city is supposed to be. He frowned immediately.

"Looks like there's trouble," the knight said immediately.

"Dang it, okay men hurry we need to get thee now!" Vorsen shouted to his men once he noticed the smoke. Hopefully, the smoke would be nothing. But then it would mean they were too late. However, failure would not be an option for Vorsen. It was just a little bit of smoke, but clearly enough to be visible for a long distance.

Everyone else really began to hurry when they saw the smoke.
"Hurry men!" Vorsen said and he immediately got on top of his horse. He waited for everyone else before riding right to town again. It would still take two hours at most to travel, unfortunately.


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"By the Gods..." Gin thought to himself. "If we don't make haste, the whole citty will be overrun!" his thoughts ran rampant.

Sigvald said nothing - his gut only warning him of the battle that was soon to come.He pushed his horse as fast as it could go. The blowing wing slithering through the holes in his armor. He looked over at Gin, and then the rest of the men. For some reason expecting to see faces. But all he saw was the iron helms of determined warriors. Marching with zeal in the face of battle.

"May the Gods bless our steel..." Sigvald hoped in silence.

Lil Proton

Liàng Proton
The Innercy City is one of the oldest in the entire Kingdom, stationed at a vital part of the Kingdom near a river. It was also home to one of the oldest churches in the entire continent. Named after the ancient religious order and there was a thick wall made of red sandstone that surrounded it. Many legends were centred near and around the city. And of course, some of the most important and powerful people were allowed within its wall.

The knights had to rush to the city, the horses galloped for as quickly as possible. As they travelled, much of the forest began to change. Trees were cut down and entire areas looked scorched. However, there were no bodies or any sign of abandoned equipment within the area. Eventually, they finally made it. The walls looked intact enough, though the entire area was scorched and parts of the wall looked like it almost collapsed. The entire area was full of stationed knights and peasants who had their swords. The church was the largest construction in the entire city, towering over the wall. The top of the church was broken off though, a small fire had been started.
"Looks like the city managed to resist the first attack," one of the knights commented.

The gatekeepers immediately proceeded to open the metal get to let the knights in.


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Sigvald observed the scene that surounded him as they passed through the gates and into the embrace of the sturdy walls of the city. And while he could not see it, the smell was ever present in the area. Making all of the knights uneasy. But it was this same unease that always followed their tracks no matter where they traveled.

The soldiers dismounted their steeds and proceeded to get a bearing on what was actually happening around them. Sigvald hoped to find someone who could tell them what happened before they had arrived. He quickly rushed to the firs knight he spotted - which happened to be one of the few knights that greeted them at the gates. The knight was visibly spacing out, making it clear that this was happening for some time.

"What has happened? Can you tell me?" he asked as he aproached the knight - who upon closer inspection was much shorter that he had first thought, easily a full head shorter than Sigvald.

The knight turned to him, with little energy and said "Those bastards had been playing with our heads all night!"

"What do you mean? Did they cast some spells?" he asked, puzzled by the knight's answer.

"No, just fire arrows." the knight trailed off "Just volley after volley. At first we thought they would try to burn the city down. But it never happened." he said in disbelief "All they did was burn down the field and some of the forest. Not to mention they kept us awake all night. They just kept on firing..."

"Fire arrows are not cheap, and for someone to fire so many...." Sigvald trailed off "Who could have that much coin to spare to just burn a field?"

"We don't know, but our garrison commander suspects the attack was to clear the field so that their first wave of infantry could begin their attack." the knights voice cracked slightly "But it is only a guess." the knight spaced out again.

As for Sigvald, he had never seen anything like this, making his next course of action uncertain. His thoughts immediately went to Vorsen - who could be seen speaking to the garrison commander.

Lil Proton

Liàng Proton
The city's been at high alert for an enemy that hasn't even revealed themselves yet. The deforestation within the area had forced many peasants to retreat to inside the walls. Many of them had lost their farms in the fire and most of them had taken arms in preparation for the attack.

Vorsen was speaking to Grand Priest in charge of the church, hearing just about the exact same story. And it did not sound good. He's seen this kind of thing before. The enemy seemed to sometimes clear the area for the attack since they worked best at far distances with a clear aim. He then turned to his own men immediately.
"Clearing the area was a deliberate strategy. The enemy likes to strike at a distance, and avoid close combat the trees makes it more difficult for them." Vorsen said to his men, "We should begin collecting the relics as quickly as possible."

Just then, one of the clergy members rushed out of the church, looking for the Priest. He looked very panicked and his robe looks like a piece of it was ripped. Of course, he was bleeding.
"The church has been infiltrated, someone is trying to rob the church!" he said loudly. The person looked quite young. "Five other people laid dead, they had stab wounds and some holy items are gone!"

"There's an underground shrine right under the church, it's where the holiest of relics are located." the Grand Priest told the knights immediately, "You must make sure they're fine."

Voren nodded and looked to his men, "I need all of you to secure every possible exit, every hidden tunnel, sewage line. No one leaves the city." he said to them. "Sigvald, you're coming with me, we're going to hunt down the thief," he told him.


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Sigvald grunted in response, following the silver knight into the church. They both moved with purpose - the echoes of their boots bounced off the walls of the church.

The black knight couldn't help but feel a cold walll of unease wash over him as he stared at the countless empty seats. He would have much prefered to see them in use. But as he observed further - he couldn't help but admire the preplexing beauty of the architecture that surrounded him.

"Where do you think they could be hiding?" he whispered as his grip on Merodach tightened.

Lil Proton

Liàng Proton
Being one of the grandest churches in the entire continent, Innercy Church has lived through centuries and seen things forgotten in time. It has undergone massive change depending on which church took control. A strong magical essence radiated through the church, and it grew stronger near to the idol.

There were the bodies of some of the members. Young men laid dead on the ground with sharp knife wounds on their backs There didn't seem to be any sign of righting or resistance, nothing else was misplaced and everywhere else was spotless.

"You can feel the magic coming from the alter right? There's a secret passage behind the altar that leads to the underground shrine. " Vorsen told Sigvald. He walked just a little closer, looking around, listening very closely.

The Church was designed to keep all outside sound out, only heavy footsteps from the metal boots could be heard. Then, Vorsen heard something else, very light footsteps. Soft like some kind of leather. "Listen, up in the balcony," he said again, then drew his sword.


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Sigvald turned around away from the altar and faced the balcony. He strained his eyes trying to see the perpetrator, but to no avail. It was too dark for him to see anyone. Not to mention the fact that he simply couldn't tell which balcony the footsteps were comming fom.

Slowly getting annoyed as well as nervous - he shouted "We know you are here! Reveal yourself you vile wretch!"

Vorsen gave him a wierd look and nothing more.

Silence was all they got.

Lil Proton

Liàng Proton
Vorsen continued to walk slowly, he took some deep breaths and began to look around. He had his sword out, listening very carefully. Then, the sounds of the footsteps stopped. Vorsen stopped for a moment. Just when turned around, a knife was flung towards him. The knife scratched he armour, almost penetrating but just barely missed. Very sharp

Three cloaked figured lept from the balcony. Two in front of them and the third one behind. Their cloaks were black and very loosely fitting, they had small daggers in their hand.
"Careful, they're fast, and the knives can penetrate metal," Vorsen warned Sigvald.

Two of the assassins tossed their knives at the knights. Vorsen swung his sword, blocking the knives that were thrown at him. The third assassin ran towards the altar instead.


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Caught off guard by the sudden attack - Sigvald was forced to pick his targets carefully. His first instinct was to attack one of the first two that attacked Vorsen. But in his peripheral vision, he noticed that there was a third one, and that he was running for the altar. In a quick motion he turned towards him, and charged towards him at full speed.

With his spiked shoulder guard, he colided with the assasin at full force. With a heavy thud -and a sudden crack- the purpetrator crashed straight into the altar. And while he was still on the ground, Sigvald quickly followed up with a boot to the head. Slamming the assasin straight into the cold hard ground.

Lil Proton

Liàng Proton
The third assassin died in an instant, injured when smashed into the altar, then their skull cracked when Sigvald's boot smashed their head. There was not a sound while blood leaked from his body. It wasn't over though, in death the blood leaked into the cloaked. The cloak suddenly engulfed in a powerful magic flame, burning the body The fire was abnormally hot and seemed to burn through the metal alter.

The flames had caught the attention of Vorsen who turned to see where the heat was coming from. The other two assassins noticed as well. They were very unphased. They both jumped back, dashing into the opposite directions and returning to the darkness. Vorsen couldn't chase them both so he just ran towards Sigvald, "Don't let the flames touch you."


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Surprised by Vorsens sudden warning, Sigvald threw himself backwards just before the flames reached his face. He crashed into a table behind him - breaking it in half. "What in blazes was that!?" he shouted. "It nearly burned my face off!" he spoke rappidly as he looked for any burns on his armor.

He quickly got on his feet, brushing any dust or debris off himself. "Wait, where did the other two go?" he asked as he quickly assumed his fighting stance. Pointing his sword in the direction of the balcony. Looking around for any sign of movemen. "And what was with that flame?"