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Adventure Role Play

Lil Proton

Liàng Proton
"Oh, it varies a lot. You see those two youngsters?" the old man pointed to the officers within the tents. They looked like brothers with very blond hair tied in the same ponytail. These two men were currently writing in their journals, not so much engaged with the scene yet. "They're just brains. Memorised every popular war within the last 200 years, never heard them fighting anyone yet."

Then the man pointed to another guy, who was with other knights. This guy was on the shorter side, and quite skinny. "But that one's more likeable. Reports said he put down a peasant's uprising and burnt two revolting villages and a third for good measure. Reported to be too violent and must be put on leach before he burns down even more villages."

"So either glorified librarians or maniacs," Moonfall remarked.

"Not all gloom, that gentleman right there is from Aberia. Five years of experience during their civil war against Bouria. He's led 50 battles and won 46." the old knight motioned to another officer, "He wants to speak with every experienced knight before the battle if possible."

This guy was in his early 30s at best. He had a slightly tanned complexion with notably long braided hair. He was looking over a map with some other knights and officers.


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"Experienced you say?" while he wasn't as experienced as he'd like to be, Sigvald was no newbie. And the same could be said for Gin. "I suppose a talk with him is a good measure. And I suppose it could be interesting. Wouldn't you agree?" he looked at the purple knight next to him.

For a moment Gin was hesitant, not from distrust or a lack of confidence, but rather lack of willingness to have a long conversation. In simple terms; he couldn't be bothered. Despite this, he agreed. "I suppose it couldn't hurt. I'm just hoping it won't drag on."

And with that, they approached the gentlemen. He was in the middle of a conversation with a handful of other officers and knights. But the more Sigvald observed, the more it sounded like just another debriefing. With focused eyes, the man glanced at the two knights approaching them and motioned the resto of them for dismissal. With proper posture and a focused gaze he looked at the two knights. The one on his right was clad in black steel and trimmed with gold, but not much. He also wore black and gray colors. The knight to his left was slightly shorter, his armor resembling the other knights but was complimented with dark and mellow shades of purple. Before he knew it, they were standing in front of him.

"Greetings sir, We've been informed that you would like to talk with every experienced knight available." Sigvald spoke first with confidence "I am Sir Sigvald Von Hobb."

Gin was second to speak "And I am Sir Gin Inigo."

Lil Proton

Liàng Proton
The young man turned to the knights. "Thank you for agreeing to speak with me on such short notice. I am Sidi Aabid, Commander of . We're very pressed for time so let me start by saying that I am confident we can completely halt Sjerlandic's expansion with this battle here." he immediately started. "This map here shows the continent-wide conflict. Sjerland is at war with every nation in red while allied in green. They've expanded too quickly so their logistics are straining, the food they're dependent on food stolen from villages, and ammunition is running low. They're planning a major attack here, in Nestad and Silsoyrar but they cannot get any reinforcements. When they're defeated, they cannot afford to mount another attack due to internal limitations, they may not be able to properly retreat leaving us with prisoners."

"Sir Aabid believes that the enemy had depended too much on their new technology ignoring to maintain a proper supply of food and resources. If we win the battles here and in the two other cities, we've won the war."

"Looks like the Sjerlandic Theoracy were overconfident then. I can only imagine the headaches their generals must be having now," Vorsen said, "But this means that the three battles are the most important for the war. We cannot lose this city else they would be able to restock on food."

"I need every experienced knight to keep a close eye on the officers, don't let them give any orders without your approval. The officers are more here to offer technical advice," Aabid added