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"Some kind of magic flame called hell flame, it burns everything, stone, metal, water, everything," Vorsen said to Sigvald. The fire slowly crept, seeming to burn through the stone floor and climbed up the walls. The flames ate through the stone and seemed to cause an entire section of the wall to crumble down. There was some kind of stairway going underground, likely towards the shrine.
"I need you to find the priest, he must know how to kill the flames. I'll get save the shrine's relics." Vorsen, "Go!"

Vorsen made sure to walk down the stairs, being very careful to not touch the flames. He ran downstairs towards the shrine.


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Seeing Vorsen descend towards the shrine, a part of him wanted to follow. But the quickly spreading flames could not be pushed aside. The flames slowly but surely grew in size. He had to act fast. If not - the whole church would be eaten by the hell flame, and Vorsen with it.

Sigvald crashed through the front doors of the chruch - recieving odd looks from the surrounding crowd. He looked around the crowd, the problem was that he didn't know what the priest looked like. He had never seen one in person. "Where is the priest of this here church! His assistance is gravely needed?" he yelled out.

"Why do ye need of the priest?" asked an old pheasant woman. Her gray hair dangling in front of her sunken eyes.

"The church is being engulfed by hell flame! And we need a priest that can undo it!"

"Hold on, why in blazes is the church on fire? Ye wouldn't have anything to do with that would ya?" spoke another pheasant with disgusting buck teeth. "And what the fuck is a hell flame?"

"Hold your tongue you inbred fool! Let the man speak." said one of the garrison troops.

"Da fuck did ya just call me?" said the man, and soon the pheasants and troops began to randombly insult each other while Sigvald stood in disbelief - as the church slowly burned on the inside.

But among the crowd came out a man in robes, "People, please collect yourselves." his voice was smooth and peacefull, yet also loud enough to be heard. "This is no time for mockery or questions. If this knight requires the help of a man of the cloth. Then I have no choice but to oblige."

Sigvald stood firmly, looking at the priest from head to toe. "Are you the priest which I seek?" he asked, but before the man could answer, the knight spoke once more "But more importantly, do you know how to kill the flame?"

The priest calmly chuckled "I believe I can safely say yes to both."

"The follow me into the church, priest."

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A few other clergy members were right around the area when Sigvald had run out of the church. The night had certainly attracted quite a crowd who were interested in what he had to say. Bits of smoke was observed from the church, it seemed clear that the fire was starting to burn a bit faster. It's still not too late, however. The heat, however, was radiating outwards.
"There's a simple blessing that can hold the flames in place, but destroying it would take a while," The priest followed the knight to the church. The hearing was especially unbearable when near the church's entrance.

The other clergy members certainly followed the priest towards the church, some of them walked inside but most just remained on the outside. The priest began saying a blessing with the other clergy members repeating the chant after him. Nothing seemed to be happening at first, but the flames stopped in its place, unable to grow. Parts of the flame was still dying out. But it was still a long process The church was still just as hot.

"While we deal with the church, there's something I need to ask you. We arrested a sorceress for witchcraft in the prison. She has a spell that can kill the flames faster. Bring her here." the priest said to him


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Sigvald stared at the ever expanding flame with a odd temptation to throw himself in. He was hoping to assist Vorsen but the flame had blocked the path towards the shrine. The only thing left for him to do was wait for them to kill the fire and/or stay alert because of the two assassins that had escaped them earlier.

"So you had a witch in your prisson this whole time?" Sigvald asked, puzzled.

"Yes." the priest answered plainly.

A moment of silence passed between the two, then the knight spoke again "And for how long has she been held here?" he asked, awaiting a response.
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"Only a few days ago, we arrested her for witchcraft. A trial was supposed to happen but we got news of an impending invasion. If she saves the church, we may not have to burn her alive." He said to the knight.

"INCOMING!" a watcher from the wall screamed out.

Just there, a chunk of the top of the wall blew apart. Chunks of the wall flew through the nearby buildings and collapsed some of the few homes. A chunk of the wall had smashed into the small jail, leaving a large hole in it. Knights and peasants crambled to the area of impact, some of them attempted to help the people who were buried under the rubble. Luckily, it was only a tiny chunk of the wall broke, it still held up strong. c

"It would take much more than that to bring this wall down." a knight commented.

"How does a dozen cannons sound then?" the watcher added, "They're here!"


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The events transpiring outside began to shake the church itself. It was either that or the ever expanding fire. And it was beginning to become no mere inconvenience - but a serious threat to the whole building and potentially the city.

"Where is that witch? Why haven't they brought her yet?" the knight asked the priest, but got a worried expression in response. He stared at the priest for a moment through his helmet before deciding to see what all of the commotion was outside. As soon as the church doors opened - Sigvald was greeted by the definition of "Stirring chaos". The pheasants panicked whilst the soldiers tried their best to keep a half-sound mind. Meantime, Sigvald overheard several sentences and warnings regarding cannons.

Just as he was about to return to the church, a familiar voice called out for him. Turning around to see, he was greeted by none other than Gin. "Gin, what in the heavens is happening?" his voice was soaked in confusion.

"The siege has begun! They are going to be assaulting us with cannon fire!" Gin spoke with a tone of utmost urgency. "Where is Vorsen? The men need orders!"

Sigvald was speechless, first the hell-flame, now this. "H-he is in the church. He went down for some shrine or something. But the path is blocked by a magical flame - to put it bluntly."

"Are you trying to tell me that our commander is trapped under the bloody church!?"

"Calm yourself!" he put his hand on Gin's shoulder plate "There is a way to kill the flame, a priest is currently suppressing it, but that won't be enough. A few guards went to escort a witch out of her jail cell - but hey never returned." his voice was stern and focused "Gin, I need you to go to that same jail and bring me that witch." his stature was unmoving as he spoke "It is the only hope Vorsen has of getting out alive!" he finished.

Gin stared at him with a worried expression "I hope you know what you're doing..." he said before departing. Determined to bring back this witch.

As he did, Sigvald ran back inside. Brushing past the priest and towards where Vorsen went, but was quickly stopped by the flames. Seeing that this was as close as he was going to get, he called out for his commander several times - but received no response. Weather that was because he couldn't hear him or because he perished, was unknown.
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In the smog of chaos, the witch was within her jail cell. Part of the building had been destroyed with most people just attempting to help others out the rubble, but she remained pretty calm. Her cell had one big, and a chair with a table. At the moment, the witch was drinking tea and just watching the destruction. She was expecting to be free, and her calm attitude hinted she expected to be freed right now.

Gin did not like seeing a relaxed person while, especially from a watch. It just felt suspicious. Gin looked and noticed that she looked just a little bit different. The witch did have a much darker, chocolatey complexion and her hair was a bit puffy. Not someone anywhere near here for that matter.

"You're the witch?" Gin asked her immediately.

"I prefer being called a shamaness." she corrected.

"Doesn't matter, the priest needs you to help stop the church from burning down."

"That's fine, I have the potion right here. You just need to throw it at the flams and it would devour the whole thing."

Gin wanted to know why such a witch had a potion already premade. But he had to time for interrogation. The knight busted the lock and swung the door open. He then grabbed her arm and pulled her right to the church.

Just then, another part of the wall was destroyed, this time, the aim was much more accurate. The entrance was blown open. Pieces of the metal gate flung into the air and crashed unto the ground. The knights and peasants rushed to the entrance. Ready to face the invading force.

In the meantime, the witch just handed the priest the potion.
"Just throw it."


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"Throw it?" the black knight asked. "And here I thought you were going to cast a spell."

It was then that the priest made his move. Looking at the bottle one last time before hurling it at the center of the flame. The potion exploded in a rain of blue and green liquid. It quickly spread through the fire before the whole flame - which was once red - was now the same color as the potion. The now blue flame quickly dispersed; leaving only the messy aftermath.

Everyone except the witch stood mesmerized at the sight. It was Gin that broke the silence first "I must say, that was quite a satisfying sight. It almost makes me want to see it happen again." he finished as Sigvald brushed past him.

"Come, we must find Vorsen before the situation gets worse. By the sound of things it seems like we have a breach!" he spoke bluntly as he descended towards the shrine.

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The flames had burnt much of the church, but luckily it was saved in time. The structure was still there luckily but the valuable stuff was destroyed though. The tunnel to the shrine looked mostly unburnt except for the scorches. Gin followed Sgvald and ran deep into the church. He made his way into the tunnels, taking slower steps when he began walking down the stairs.

The walls were dusty and the top of the ceiling was full of ash from several years of a candle fire. Gin coughed a bit and walked a little bit lower. It got really dark, dark and silent. And a long way down to go. But eventually, there was a faint light at the bottom of the stairs. Gin walked a bit faster when he saw the light. And at last, he found the shrine.

It was more of a small catacomb, there were very polished coffins stored in large shelves across the walls. And old armour of past knights was polished. Some areas had bookshelves that held really old books. And there were old relics including some staffs, a golden chest, some gold helmet and more.
"There must be all of history in this place." Gin commented. Really careful to not touch.

Coughing echoed through the shine. Gin had immediately drawn his sword, but he soon found where the sound came from. Vorsen sitting on the ground. He had a stab wound on his left shoulder. The knife had stabbed through the armour. Beside him was another assassin. Though the assassin had a sword through his stomach. He was dead.


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Upon seeing Vorsen, Gin quickly ran to his aid - not even giving a second glance at the dead assassin. Sigvald however, stood silently with a glare burning through his helmet. "How dishonorable..." he trailed off, the rest of the sentence likely finished in his head. "How is he?" he asked Gin.

Gin took his time to inspect his commanders state of health before giving a proper answer. He was very hesitant to pull out the knife lodged in his shoulder. Mainly because of the downpour of blood that would follow. Hell, there was enough blood as it were. Gin couldn't tell how much of the red robes was dye and how much was blood. Regardless, for all he could tell Vorsen was still breathing, so that meant he was alive - for the time being. "He's still alive, but I don't know for how long. I can't tell how much blood he has lost, but I would wager it was enough to knock him out. And if the blade was poisoned, that makes it even worse."

"Should we wake him? If we did, could he even walk?" Sigvald asked with urgency in his voice. Partly because he didn't want to spend another second in the church's glorified basement, and because there was an ongoing siege on the topside.

Gin stopped for a moment to think before replying, taking in the full scope of the situation "Not in this state, I reckon that would be a fast way to kill him."

Silence filled the room. Almost as if no one knew what action to take next. It was at this moment that the priest -who for the most part spent his time in the background- turned to the shaman. He spoke in a low tone, for whatever reason "Could there be anything you could do?" he hesitated before speaking with his smooth voice once more "You've more than earned your freedom by saving our church - and we will forever be in your debt for doing so. But saving this knight could possibly save hundreds more lives." his eyes not breaking away from hers for even a second "Can you find it in your heart to forgive us?"

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The lady looked at the priest for a moment and nodded, "It's fine, I don't hold a grudge." the lady said to the guy. She took some deep breaths. The lady could feel the life force slowly fading from the knight. But it's not too late to help. "I can save his life." She said to him immediately. The shamaness made her way to the Vorsen and took a close look. The knife was at the shoulder, that's good. Could be much worse.

"Try removing the armour." she instructed the two knights, "I need to inspect the injury directly."

The shamaness always had some potions or herbs, but usually in very tiny amounts. But it's fine, she usually had just the thing needed at just the right amount. She went into her bag and looked around. The lady took out a small position that was in a leather bottle. Once the knights had removed the armour. She was able to take a direct look at the injury.

The knife wasn't very deep, much of the blade stuck out so it seemed the metal amour helped a little. She ripped the shirt that was around the round and took her potion. She poured just a tiny bit on the wound. Then she used a rag to spread it around. With the area clean, she took out a very tiny needle. She dipped the needle into another potion then stabbed Vorsen just around the chest. The immediate effect had around his skin turn a brown colour. With that, she pulled the knife out of him. She dipped the needle in a third potion and stabbed him one final time, the brown colour soon disappeared.

There was no more blood. But the injury needed to be patched up. The round looked clear and deep. She just poured the liquid from the first potion directly into the wound. Then she proceeded to bandage his shoulder with fabric from his shirt. "You can wake him up now." she stood up. "He'll be fine, just a little tired maybe," she added. Then, she slowly placed her stuff back in her bag.

A lot of fighting could be heard, the sounds of cannon fire rocked the area. Getting very noisy up there.


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Loud canon fire erupted once more, this time shaking even the subterranean hideout the group found themselves in. Specs of dust flew as the ceiling shook, even pieces of rock fell off the ancient walls.

"Gin, we cannot delay this any longer! We'll be dead men if we continue at this pace!" Sigvald proclaimed openly. In response, Gin shook his unconscious commander, desperately trying to wake him.

"Wake up you old bag of sand!" Gin shouted at him, quickly following it with stern and swift backhand.

Vorsen slowly opened his eyes, he looked around and could faintly see someone in front of him. After blinking a few more times, his vision returned and he could see his comrades as clear as day. He looked to his side and saw the dead corpse of the assassin that nearly killed him - his sword still lodged in the killers gut. He let out a confused grunt as he sat up. "I thought I was dead..." he spoke in a shallow voice.

"Be thankful that you are not! You still have a battle to win!" Gin said as he quickly pulled Vorsen up on his feat. The commander stumbled for a few steps before regaining his balance by leaning his back against a wall. Gin then began to help Vorsen put on his armor, while Sigvald casually pulled out his sword from the dead body.

SIgvald presented the blade to his leader. It was elegantly placed in his palms while being offered to it's owner. "I know you have more than a few questions." the black knight spoke "But so do I, - I mean we." he corrected himself. "We will deal with them later, but for now only one thing matters." Vorsen slowly took his sword from Sigvald, whilst still keeping eye contact "The enemy has most likely breached the city, and is engaging the city garrison and our comrades in combat. You must direct them. If not, then the city is lost."

"I can't help but wonder, will you be joining us?" Gin said to the shaman curiously. The rest of the group -including the priest- looked at her.

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"I'll help any way I can," she said to the group. The shaman knows she'll likely die if the city gets taken and she strongly prefers if that doesn't happen.
Vorsen nodded to the lady's response and tightened his grip on his sword. There's no time to waste. He made his way upstairs in a hurry. There is much to do and there's still a good chance the city can survive such a lig attack. "Come on men, the more time we waste, the less advantage we have," he said to the two knights.

Just above ground, the battle was going quite chaotic, knights who were standing by the entrance laid dead or almost dead. Most of the enemy soldiers had slightly curved swords with small metal shields. But they weren't much of a problem. Just behind them were even more of the enemy but they were quite different hey had metal helmets but they wore leather armour. And they seemed to be holding unique weapons that fired iron projectiles. The projectiles managed to hit both peasants and knights, penetrating their armour from a distance.
"Men, take cover, they have muskets," Vorsen called out to them. The other soldiers did so and hid behind broken rubble and debris. "I need archers in position focus on taking out as many men with muskets."

A few archers grabbed their bow and arrows. Most got to the rooftops of the taller buildings while others returned to the wall. For a moment the arches seemed to slow down the assault just a little bit.
"Slgvald, make sure you keep an eye on the lady and don't let anyone in the city."

Another cannon smashed a part of the wall, didn't break through this time. Though up ahead, there were more soldiers waiting for another entrance point


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Gin observed between the two knights. Trying to decide who to join. With a frustrated sigh, he made his choice. "Then I guess I'm sticking with you, commander." he told Vorsen, who seemed to welcome the purple knight into his company.

"Very well then, we'll make our way to the walls. I would fully expect them to try using ladders. Unless they have siege towers. In which case I don't know what we can do." the black knight said to the two knights before departing. And just before he did, he noticed someone was missing. It was the priest. That was odd, but he probably went to seek shelter. There was little the man could do at this moment regardless.

Sigvald rushed to the walls, climbing the stone staircases that were slowly coming apart. The sight of wounded men laying on top of each other made him sick to his stomach. "Quickly shaman! To the walls!" he yelled just before being nearly pushed off by someone. That someone being another wounded soldier. The right side of his face almost entirely blown off. But before Sigvald could to anything to help, the soldier well off the staircase and down several meters. Hitting headfirst onto the cold stone ground.

Witnessing this, the two charged to the top as fast as they could. Once there, Sigvald shot his horrified gaze at the field that stood to face the city.

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It looked like there was a lot, and a lot of people, a lot. There was a camp at the distance where most soldiers seemed to be gathering. A little too much to necessarily take out the city. The shaman tried to look closely though she couldn't see much in a distance. Most of them weren't even near enough city to fight They were just waiting or preparing for something. There were quite a lot of tents all set up here and there. Looks like this city was a very big deal for such large numbers.
"I guess at least around 2,000 people are waiting at the camp." The shaman said to the knight. She looked on for a bit, "If we can maybe destroy the camp we can force everyone else to retreat. I bet most resources are there." She added.

It looks like the archers were doing good to keep the invading force back. Extremely skilled men. The enemy had to pull their cannons a little bit further back in order to avoid being targeted. They were quickly adjusting though. Another wave had metal shields that we. The shields were rectangular and very wide but curved around the left side. The shielded men went down to the musketeers. The curved area allowed the musketeers to see and aim with their weapons while the wide shields had better protection against the arrows. Between the camp and the siege looked to be one person transferring orders between the two sides.

More of these shielded men seemed to escort two siege towers towards the tower. Their wide shields mostly protected the soldiers who were pushing them to it. The siege tower itself had metal platings around its side. But there were open gaps that were clearly made of wood


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"2000 thousand men on standby, a volley of cannon fire assaulting our walls, two medium siege towers -with unknown numbers inside waiting to storm the walls- and a formation of defenders and musketeers suppressing our archers..." Sigvald said as he stared on into the distance, letting it all sink in. This wasn't just an regular attack. This was a full scale invasion meant to destroy and occupy. Just who were they being attacked by? "If we let those towers latch onto our walls, we stand no chance of repelling the enemy fore awaiting us at their camps." the black knight looked to his right to see the walls defenders as shocked as he was. Probably even more so than him.

"What do we do now?" asked one of the men, their voice sounding defeated. All but ready to throw down their swords. But not while there was still a chance, as small as it was.

"FIRE!!!" ordered one of the enemy soldiers, and the musketeers responded with a line of fire at the walls defenders. Thankfully, they were all quick enough to duck behind the wall they were defending.

Sigvald quickly looked over the wall to see the enemy reloading their firearms. With the siege towers creeping ever closer. It was at that moment that an idea came to mind. "How many fire arrows do we have left?"

"Not much I reckon." said a soldier next to him.

"Well go and see!" he ordered furiously.

"Y-yes sir!" the soldier replied, quickly making his way to the store room located in one of the towers. He scrambled inside to see only one barrel remaining.

"How many do we have left?" he asked in haste, the sound the enemy chanting their battle cries sent shivers through his spine. Their voices sounding like those of demons.

The soldier ran back to him and said "We only have one barrel left, but a mighty good one!".

"How many arrows?"

"A hundred and eighty perhaps?" he said, clearly not sure of the right answer. "Why, what did you have in mind?" he asked the knight who was clearly planning something.

"If what you say is true, we might just have enough to take out one siege tower. But that is only a guess." he paused for a moment to contemplate his plan. "It's settled, we're assaulting the siege tower to our left! Spread the order! And get ready to fire on my mark!" and with that, the soldier quickly rushed to spread the word of the new order given out by the knight. The men quickly took the arrows and lit them on fire. They quickly ducked away from another volley of musket fire without any casualties. The sixty men that were on that wall each had three arrows to spare, meaning that here would be three round of volley fire.

"Get in yer' positions men!" said one of the soldiers. The men did as told, forming a firing line while also taking cover from musket fire. And soon enough, all they had to do was stick their heads out and fire. "When do we fire sir?"

"Not yet..." he waited a moment - and as he did so, another volley of musket fire assaulted their positions, not hitting a single soldier once more. "Now! While they are reloading!" the knight ordered "Prepare to fire!" the soldiers pulled back their arrows "Release arrows!" a volley of fire was laid upon their siege tower. While the enemy spent their time reloading their muskets, the soldiers managed to fire all three rounds of volley fire without interruption. Leaving the siege tower riddled with flaming arrows, making it look like a demented pin cushion. "Hahaha!" Sigvald let out a victorious laugh "Now we have to wait for it to take effect! Use your standard arrows! Fire at will!" As he gave them the order, he rushed towards the chocolate skinned woman that came with him "Shaman, is there any way for you to make the flames on that siege tower stronger?"

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The shaman looked at the knight and nodded, she looked forward to a moment, watching while the arrows were fired directly at the towers. The shaman pointed her hands at the siege towers. The towers seemed to be engulfed in a very bright, blue flame at that instant. Burning the entire thing into a quick crisp. The flames die out in just a few seconds after, leaving the burnt wood to collapse on the ground. Most of the men who were inside got badly injured. Some troops rushed in to bring the injured out of the battle area.

They seemed to stop firing at the moment to tend to the injured. Giving a wide opportunity for a counter-attack while they were distracted. The other knights looked at the second tower and immediately aimed. Awaiting the signal to fire at it.

"Just tell us when," the men said to Sigvald. While they aimed.

While there was a small retreat from the burning siege tower. An old enemy was spotted steeping very near. A man wearing a full suit of armour with red. He seemed to mainly carry a musket and a shield, but he also had a sword in a hilt. The shield had a little stand and it was designed to aid with aiming a musket.

He's no one new though. In fact, Vorsen and he had confronted each other a few times over the years. And of course, the men who Vorsen followed had also seen him. His rank or position in the army was always uncertain. He's only been in a select few battles and always heads on in the conflict. He seemed to command the common soldier but he always rushes in battle with them. Something uncommon in the army where leading officers always tended to stay back.

At the moment, he didn't seem to be concerned with the battle at the moment. The enemy walked to the burning siege to take out the injured soldiers who were still buried under the wood. The army on a whole seemed to have very strong priorities and standards as well. But of course, once the injured were eventually dragged always to safety, the attracts resumed.


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Sigvald watched as the enemy rushed for their wounded--for moral reasons he couldn't order the soldiers to target them. He noticed the figure that stood out from the rest. Their commander in red emanated a strange aura, something the black knight could only describe as something sinister and oddly professional. Yet he couldn't let himself get distracted -- not at this hour. He looked at the soldier asking for orders and grabbed his shoulder "Scrounge up any ammunition that you can find; arrows, debris from the walls and use it against the enemy. In fact--I suggest you use the debris first and use the arrows when you get an opening."

"And what of the remaining siege tower? It might have slowed down but it's still advancing." the soldier inquired.

The man was right, the remaining siege tower still posed a great threat. If left unchecked, it could easily over run the walls and leave them at a massive disadvantage. But they had to buy time. "Await further orders, keep the siege tower in check! Don't waste ammunition on it unless you scrounge up more fire arrows!".

The soldier saluted the black knight and replied with a steady "Yes, sir!" before running to his comrades to spread the new orders.

He looked out into the field once more to observe the situation. The wounded were still being dragged to safety. Yet the musketeers were prepping another volley. Just as Sigvald was about to warn about another hail of pellets. The commander in red raised his fist fist into the air and yelled something that sounded like "HALT!". Without hesitation, the musketeers hesitated, the enemy commander then raised ‚four fingers on his left arm and the soldiers began to move. They hid their muskets behind their shields--shields which they now raised to form an impregnable shield. Or so it looked. Their formation began to shift. It slowly began to thin out, instead of being a wide position, they moved until it was a long line of four columns stretching from far away from the keep, up all the way close to the gate. It didn't make sense to Sigvald. This way, the enemy sacrificed all of their offensive potential, giving him and his men free control of the situation. The black knight could now easily order his troops to assault them and the siege tower. Except he had a feeling only of the two would be harmed, and yet it was hard to tell which.

"What in hell's name are they doin'?" asked one of the soldiers.

Another soldier quickly responded with "It don't matter, they be givin' us time fer' a breather!".


Meanwhile, Vorsen and Gin still fought at the gate against the advancing infantry units. The enemy sent decently armed sword and shield infantry that posed a surprisingly lesser threat than they expected. The enemy fell before them, but they weren't pushovers either. They knew how to fight and didn't have too much trouble killing the keep's guards. The more Vorsen thought about it, the more the battle seemed to be based around attrition rather than a continuous assault.

In the midst of the chaos and the colliding of steel swords and shield, Vorsen could see the figure of the commander in red over the waves of moving helmets. His menacing aura ever present.

Out of nowhere, the unmistakable sound of a war horn blared through the battlefield. The melee infantry quickly responded to this sound, by slowly but surely giving up their positions in the gateway. The bodies of friend and foe being revealed as they did so. Before a moment longer , the enemy retreated. Giving up their position entirely, the melee infantry regrouped closer to the commander in red. What were they doing?

"Ha! We got the better of them!" Gin cheered on, and so did the others next to him. The ones who didn't were barely on their feet to begin with. Laying down in their own wounds.

Unfortunately for them, their silver leader didn't share their enthusiasm "If you truly believe that was our victory, you are utter fools!" Vorsen barked out at Gin and the other men. "Be ready for more, this battle is far from over!".


On the wall was a different situation. SIgvald and the shaman stood next to each other as they stared at the Idle enemy. "Something is brewing, and I don't like it..." he whispered "What do you think?" he asked the shaman.

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The shaman looked at the battle in silence, a bit of curiosity from the unconventional behaviour. There's still what appears to be some kind of hesitation or some kind of unknown strategy that's being used. Maybe a hidden weapon. "Don't armies prefer not to fight it out. It could be they're trying to go easy to get a surrender before things really get bad." She suggested to him immediately. It was just her guess though. But, she was able to sense something rather faint, "One of the muskets feels enchanted though. Is that normal?" she asked him.

The commander was right behind his men. His shield was down and he was aiming his musket high at the wall. The gun itself was pretty big when compared to the others. The commander himself was a very tall man as well. For a good few seconds, there was silence. The enemy didn't quite attack, just kept to the defensive positions. But then the commander's aim lowered a bit, and it pointed to someone. There was a black cloud coming from the muzzle. Then, the trigger was pulled. the gun was very loud, very powerful. It's power managed to push the commander back a few inches. Very strong recoil. Something very powerful was pasted out. It was like a black cloud wrapped around blue lightning.

Direct impact on an archer. The powerful blast seemed to fling the archer off the wall, straight down to the ground. His face and body were burnt with lightning scars across his head. The blast had dug its way into his mouth. Showing a nasty bit of jaw bone. And the surrounding armour was bent, almost melted. He's dead. The blast also had a splash effect, the men nearby weren't pushed off the wall, but their faces were badly burnt. Still, they survived well enough.

Reload wasn't an issue, just a few seconds after, and another thunderbolt was fired. This one was slightly off. It collided with the top wall, but the impact seemed to push back a group of people who were nearby. The men with the muskets were right at the back, and they began firing upon random at the wall. The men with swords rushed to battle again.

"They'll blast us from a distance!" the archers shouted. Though many of them scrambled to fire at the enemy again at random. Most tried aiming at the commander. Though the shields managed to hold up keeping the enemy safe enough. And distracting them from the siege tower that's almost upon them.


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Sigvald observed in shock -- the wall's defenders were not only losing morale, but also getting their faces burnt off by magic. "Take cover, men!" he ordered furiously. His thoughts ran wild, not knowing what the next course of action should be. The black knight realized the commander in red and his other ranged infantry were a greater threat than they had previously thought -- as far as they knew, they could have even more tricks up their sleeves.

Ignoring the ranged infantry for now, Sigvald needed to focus on getting rid of the siege tower that is so very near to the walls. Because if that tower latches on, the musketeers in the field would be the least of their worries. "Focus on the siege tower! Use everything at your disposal!" he ordered, not even knowing what good that would really do.


While Sigvald and the shaman were kept busy by the approaching siege tower, the enemy musketeers had a little surprise ready for Gin and Vorsen. The snake-like formation the musketeers adapted began to shift. To Gin it seemed like they were moving something at the very rear of the formation. Shortly after that, he noticed an odd movement. In the middle of the four rows of shielded soldiers was what seemed like a wave or a pulse. As if something was moving towards them from beneath the shields. Vorsen soon noticed it as well, and as soon as he did -- the front of the shielded formation opened, as the men inside tossed out a red barrel. It rolled towards the gate and slowly lost it's momentum. The men inside the keep looked puzzled. But soon those puzzled looks became those of stunning realization. Noticing the burning fuse on the side of the barrel.


Sigvald was still dodging pellets ans the rest of the men tried their best to assault the siege tower. "Keep at it men! We've almost-" he was cut off by a loud explosion from beneath them. "What the hell was that?" he asked bewildered.

"Explosives!!!" one of the men screamed. Yet this was one of Vorsen's soldiers.

"Damn it all! What's next? A damn dragon?" he asked sarcastically, trying his best to sound keep a sane mind. "If you have any tricks up your sleeve, I suggest you use them!" he told the shaman in an exasperated voice.