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Adventure Role Play

Lil Proton

Liàng Proton
"Yeah, I like talking to you, it's really relaxing. It can be about magic, or food or whatever is fun. Well, I think it's best to let you relax now. We need to make sure you have full strength. So get plenty of sleep, and when you wake up, I'll make sure you have a lot to eat. You like meat right? Something with pork or beef?" She said to him. And of course, Moonfall asked him a simple question. It was getting a bit late and they'll have to leave eventually so she didn't want to keep Gin speaking for too long.

Moonfall made sure to remain for Gin for a little while longer, and she prepared some tea that was designed to help people fall asleep. It was a simple tea made from tree leaves, she often drinks it herself. And once she was sure Gin was asleep, Moonfall left the tent. She needed some time to rest herself and it's really difficult to sleep while. But then she felt a disturbance.

Moonfall looked to one tent and had a feeling that someone was still awake and stressed. That doesn't seem good. So she walked over to the tent and tapped on it. "Is something wrong? I'm getting a real essence of stress and worry," she spoke out


Woosh, you have anal cancer.
Moonfall startled Sigvald, causing him to awkwardly spasm - nearly falling off his bunk. He sharply glared at her through his helmet like a child. "How are you still awake?!?" he shot a whisper "Before you say anything, the reason I'm wearing my helmet, is because it helps drown out the snores." as if on queue, a lout snore erupted from the back of the tent. The knight nodded to his friend "I'm sorry, but you were saying something?" he whispered, trying not to wake anyone.